The Iraqi Affair – Maybe It’s More Than Meets The Eye.

France and Germany have been advocating an all European Defense Alliance opposed to the 1949 NATO agreement.

There is far more at play than a “simple” invasion of Iraq. And that is becoming more evident everyday.

It should be no surprise, that after the fall of the Soviet Union, Europe would change significantly. After-all; without a Communist threat, and competing cultural and economic ideologies, European countries all of a sudden are at liberty to pursue other directions and interests. All of this thanks to the USA and NATO.

And this is the rub. Without the NEED to be protected from the Soviet bullies, Western Europe no longer NEEDS the USA and NATO. Therefore; a whole new continental strategy is in the works. One that pushes out the USA and creates a pan-European nationalism.

It must be remembered that France isn’t a “real” member of NATO which they quit many years ago in order to stand as an independent of sorts. However; that is not to say that France is entirely out of the mix, since they have engineered some sort of bizarre association which carries no great deal of influence, but enough to be the sand in the gears.

Also; France and Germany have been advocating an all European Defense Alliance opposed to the 1949 agreement provided by NATO.

The first step in ousting the USA, and becoming the two leaders of the new European Community, is to create a modern European Free Trade Zone. This was achieved by the advent of the (European Economic Community) EEC.

The next step was to create a “supra-national” government. This was done through the creation of the “European Parliament”.

And finally: the creation and minting of ONE COMMON European Currency; the Euro, gives the new United European Community a currency that can actually compete with the US dollar.

With all that accomplished, the only thing left is a common foreign policy. Hence; let’s screw NATO.

The burgeoning European Community is comprised of an ever growing number of Eastern and Western European nations, all of which are minuscule in terms of population, GDP and technology compared to France, Germany and England.

However; within this group of economically and technologically diminutive nations, two of its more prominent members (France and Germany) seem to have formed an alliance in their mutual pursuit of controlling the emerging “European Nation”. For them to accomplish this feat, requires muscle flexing and an obvious separation of Europe from its past mentor, the USA.

This is where Iraq comes in. There is no question that France and Germany, along with others have sold their souls to Iraq for oil and wealth. But that’s no big deal since they are doing nothing that other countries haven’t done.

But more than that; France and Germany are USING the Iraqi crisis and the dupes of the United Nations to finish the “Europeanization” of their continent by squeezing out the USA.

Part of the strategy incorporated by France and Germany to succeed in their collective goal of becoming the rulers of Europe, is in their refusal to support the USA in a justifiable war against Iraq.

The other part is in their REFUSAL to come to the aid of a NATO member, which absolutely violates their commitment to their NATO obligation.

This incredible decision not to support Turkey places all of NATO in great jeopardy. Or perhaps not.

In spite of France and Germany, the emerging democracies from Eastern Europe and the smaller Western European countries seem hellbent to keep their interests alive in a US led NATO.

Perhaps they fear the cabal of France and Germany, so much so, that they would rather take their chances with the Americans. With good historical reason.

The decision to separate Europe from the USA vis a vis American Iraqi policy, and the refusal to back-up Turkey through their NATO obligations are not mistakes of happenstance. These are deliberate acts to further sever the links that bind Europe to the USA.

In reality; I believe that what is happening in Iraq is more or less a side show to a much bigger and more intrinsic picture. I believe that France and Germany are using Iraq as a means to further their ends to dominate a “united” Europe.

What France and Germany were unable to achieve from the times of Napoleon, the Kaiser and Adolf Hitler; they are trying to achieve through the European Union. The only serious holdout and roadblock, is as always, England.

If it was not for Iraq, I am certain that these two European allies, France and Germany would have found another way to try to do-in the USA. However; that said, perhaps what is also happening with Iraq vis a vis the world is not as straight forward as it seems.

Perhaps the Iraqi problem is MORE than just a COINCIDENCE.

Perhaps Iraq is being set up by France and Germany to be their “excuse” to separate from the USA. And the crisis, if not directly created by this duo, is being kept on a hot burner by them to force a unilateral move by the USA.

Much of the armaments Iraq has, or claims that it does not have, comes from both France and Germany. This is no secret. It was France which helped construct the Osirak nuclear reactor which the Israelis destroyed in 1981. And much of the chemicals used to develop Iraqi weapons of mass destruction came from German chemical plants.

America is going to attack Iraq. Of that I am quite certain. America will beat Iraq. Of that I am entirely certain. America will occupy Iraq. Of that too I am quite certain. But, while all of this is happening, Europe; specifically France and Germany will be formulating their own mid East and Iraqi policy as the “Good Guys” who didn’t shoot-up the poor Middle Eastern Arabs.

This claim of support for Iraq and the Arab people at best, or neutrality at the very least, will be France And Germany’s entry into Middle Eastern prominence, without having to sacrifice anything.

And more than that, France and Germany will come out of this position with strong Arab allies upon whose wealth and access to energy France and Germany will build their “NEW EUROPE”.

And once this happens, the rest of Europe will have no other choice but to play follow the leader. In this case two leaders.

It isn’t an accident that Europe has once more become overtly anti-Semitic. This plays well with the Arabs, and establishes a very significant additional separation between Europe and the United States, which is at this time totally onside with Israel.

The French and the Germans are playing a duplicitous game. On one hand they give the impression that they care greatly for world peace and security as they paint the Americans, NOT the Iraqis as the war mongers. And on the other hand, they obstruct all attempts to guarantee that which they claim to support.

The USA is a great country because of the straight-on way it deals with problems. Not that the Americans can’t play the duplicitous game. They do. But that is not in their character.

But, for the Europeans, with the exception of England, that’s an entirely different story. Duplicity, cheating and wavering allegiances is not just in their history, it is in their very soul, and the reason for their many repeated social, political and military disasters.

France and Germany will eventually get what they want. But in the end, America will persevere. And as usual, Europe will once again get it in the end. Specifically the French and the Germans.

Machiavelli would be proud.

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    I congratulate you and Ann on accomplishing that which is rare in today’s world. I wish you and Ann all happiness
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    Running in California for the 24th congressional district. He is Chris Mitchum the son of Another fine
    American Robert Mitchum. Chris ran back in 2010 and came very close to winning. Though I reside in Texas
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