Remember The League Of Nations?

Imagine what the world would be like right now, if the Americans withdrew their forces from EVERYWHERE around the world?

The world should be VERY careful in the way it insults and bullies the Americans. That’s right. BULLIES the Americans.

The Chinese proverb that goes: “be careful for what you wish”, is most poignant when it comes to defining the relationship and the dependence the world has with, and upon the USA.

Imagine what would happen to the world right now if the Americans said: Screw this. Let the Islamists do what they want, just as long as they don’t do it here. Let the North Koreans develop whatever weapons they want, and let the Japanese, South Koreans, Chinese, Russians and the rest of South East Asia deal with them.

Imagine what the world would be like right now, if the Americans WITHDREW ALL their forces from EVERYWHERE around the world. And deployed them instead, in a 100% security perimeter around the USA. NOT INCLUDING CANADA.

I can imagine. Can you?

After the first World War, which ended successfully for the allies solely due to the American military and economic contribution, the World, through US President Woodrow Wilson created the League of Nations: the precursor to the United Nations.

The Treaty of Versailles, which detailed the terms of the surrender of Germany and established the framework for the League of Nations was rejected out of hand by the US Senate. The reason: Europe would have control of everything; including the use of the American military in any future European conflict.

Not only was this totally unacceptable to the majority Republican US Senate; so was any real participation in a European created “old boys’ club” called the League of Nations.

The Americans turned their back on the world. And instead of being engaged globally, the Americans looked inward.

Because of European arrogance, elitism, and lack of gratitude for what America did for them during the First World War, not only did the Americans stop investing in the world; they also locked the world out of America.

This began a two decade policy of ISOLATIONISM. America cared only for America. The world be dammed.

But it didn’t work. Instead of opening its industries and borders to multinational trade and commerce, it begat huge walls of protectionism, placing substantial tariffs on imported goods. Europe responded in kind. And instead of continuing to welcome immigrants, the USA made it that much harder for people to enter American society.

Isolationism was a firm US policy, followed by successive Presidents: Wilson, Harding, Coolidge, Hoover and Roosevelt. That is, until Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

This period of history gave birth to THREE calamitous events. The worldwide economic collapse of the 1930’s. The rise to power of German nationalism in the name of Nazism. And the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor.

Without the leadership and involvement of the USA, the League of Nations, which was created SPECIFICALLY to prevent things such as this from occurring, was nothing less than a pathetic joke.

On September 29, 1938, England and France decided to appease Hitler at the Munich Conference, also attended by members of the axis, Italy and Germany. At this Conference, the four countries agreed that Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia was to be awarded to Germany as a sacrificial lamb in order to maintain “peace” in Europe.

This was the self righteous and arrogant attitude that mostly convinced the Americans 20 years earlier, not to participate in the League of Nations. Americans were not a part of this sell out. Europe did it to itself.

Less than a year later, but to the month; on September 1, 1939, Hitler’s forces invaded Poland on a trumped up excuse, and within days, the World, including Canada, but less the USA was at war.

The Americans finally came into the war after being attacked by the Japanese. And had that not happened, Europe would now be speaking German and saluting the Fuhrer.

After World War II, American policy did a 180 degree turn and embraced multilateralism. And through the Marshall Plan, America rebuilt Europe and Japan. The world has benefitted from American involvement, generosity, business investments, the sciences, technology, humanities and culture in more ways than could properly be described.

And for all of this, America is DESPISED by the beneficiaries of her largesse. No country in the world has ever curried jealousy such as the United States of America. And no countries which owe so much to the Americans are as ungrateful as are France and Germany.

It is now 2003, 85 years since the end of World War I and the creation of the doomed League of nations. It is 58 years since the end of World War II and the creation of the United Nations. And nothing much seems to have changed.

In the past few years alone; the United Nations sponsored a Jewish/Israel hate-a-thon at the Durban South Africa conference on racism, just days before America was attacked on 9/11.

Since 9/11, the UN chose the thugocracy and terrorist state Syria to head the Security Council. Today, the UN Disarmament Committee is headed by Iraq. And the UN Human Rights Commission is headed by Lybia.

And in spite of Iraq’s constant thumbing of its nose to UN resolutions, and its horrid history of inhumanity towards its own people and neighbors, the UN REFUSES to act against this pariah state. If this sounds at all reminiscent of September 29, 1938 in Munich, it is.

But some things have changed in the world. The USA will NOT retreat into isolationism. It will NOT be moved by a useless “old boys’ club” in the name of the United Nations. And it will NOT APPEASE. It will do what must be done. And it will do it regardless of the whining of the appeasers and UN hypocrites.

And after it’s all over. And the US occupies Iraq just like it occupied defeated Germany and Japan, the world will once again become a better and safer place.

There were MILLIONS of voices shouting against a US invasion of Afghanistan. “Millions of innocent people will be killed, frozen to death and starved to death. And don’t forget about the children”.

THEY WERE ALL WRONG! The Taliban disappeared like cockroaches. Al Qaeda is still running for its life. And women are free. So are children who are now able to be educated. People can listen to music and dance. And an infrastructure is in the works.

People were not murdered. No one starved or froze to death. And exclusively because of the Americans, the people of Afghanistan are now enjoying a life worth living. Had it been for the appeasers and cowards, the people of Afghanistan would still be cursed to be suffering under the thumb of despots.

America will do what has to be done in Iraq and elsewhere, in spite of the howling protests of the do-nothing countries like France and Germany. And when it’s all over, the French and the Germans, like always, will be standing on the sidelines trying to get in.

Even though Somethings do change. Somethings never change.

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  1. The human condition is naturally hypocrisy when left unbridled unless laws and a government are in place to protect individual rights. Without individual rights a man has no recourse against tyranny whether at the hands of a bureaucracy or a disenfranchised lover. Juan Williams on Fox actually said that the John Kerry ‘apartheid’ comment was not public therefore he should not be accountable. What? The Secretary of State makes an outrageous comment but it is OK in Juan’s eyes? Hypocrisy!

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