Cheap Shots At George W Bush From Another Canadian Lefty Cheap Shot Artist.

Just the other day, the "great" Nelson Mandela accused George W Bush of demeaning the United Nations because it is being led by a Black man.

In the Saturday edition (February 1, 2003) of the National Post, columnist, Patricia Pearson lampooned US President George W Bush for not being curious or well informed. And in her derision of the US President, she compared him very unfavorably to three individuals she seems to hold in high regard: Talleyrand, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela.

Like virtually everyone who reads the National Post, I have never heard of Talleyrand. But, because of my “curious” nature and desire to be “informed”, I checked him out on the Internet.

Talleyrand was born February 2, 1754, and served as a French diplomat. EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW THAT! How utterly stupid of me. I have no idea how I lived this long without knowing this immensely important part of humanity. Boy – is Patricia Pearson smart!

Martin Luther King was described by Patricia Pearson as a “humane” person. I know that Martin Luther King was a die-hard determined person. But humane?

How do we know that he was humane? And how does Pearson know that George W Bush is not humane? After all, he absolutely adores his dogs. Isn’t that humane?

And the last I looked, George W Bush wasn’t out there crushing, torturing, or murdering his detractors or opponents. Like the man in Iraq who he wishes to remove.

Patricia Pearson finishes her trilogy of her role models with Nelson Mandela. Specifically because of his “shrewdness”. As if being shrewd is a virtue.

Let me remind the National Post columnist that Nelson Mandela led by today’s standards a terrorist army in South and Southern Africa. And his now divorced wife Winnie, practiced the torture of placing burning tires (neck-lacing) around the necks of dissident black Africans. How humane was that?

And Patricia Pearson seems to have forgotten that Mandela’s’ war against White rule, was financed by one of the world’s great terrorist supporters, and now the current leader of the UN Human Right’s Commission in the name of Moammar Ghadafi of Lybia. In Mandela’s own words: “One of my best friends”.

And just the other day, the “great” Nelson Mandela accused George W Bush of demeaning the United Nations because it is being led by a Black man. A Black African man no less.

I should not have to remind Patricia Pearson that 66% of the most powerful inner Cabinet in the whole wide world is comprised of African Americans in the names of Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice.

As a matter of FACT, not only is Condoleezza Rice, President’s Bush’s Chief Security Advisor; she is also his most important political confidant and sounding board. George W Bush made two African Americans, two of the most powerful people on this planet.

Knowing this, I have to wonder why Patricia Pearson, for the life of her would choose Nelson Mandela as a role model for a US President to emulate.

True: Mandela fought a war against the evils of Apartheid. True: He spent a considerable amount of his life behind bars in a South African prison for his convictions.

But non of that makes him a great man. It only makes him an activist the world chooses to honor. Like so many others who also stood and suffered for what they believed.

Mandela has NEVER had to carry the weight of the entire world upon his shoulders. And no one ever expected Mandela to be anything other than a titular leader of relatively nothing.

On the other hand, George W Bush is the man with the weight upon HIS shoulders, and the obligation to keep this world safe from tyrants, despots, and people so evil that we can not properly understand their moral compass, if one even exists.

Yet; the privileged lefties, and professional whiners who live the good life because of men and women like George W Bush, make their living out of mocking him.

Perhaps they can point to something they have done that has made life better for others. Or safer. Anything other than giving lip service.

It is easy for Patricia Pearson to take cheap shots at the USA and President George W Bush, because it has apparently become the Canadian Way.

If nothing else, Patricia Pearson has at least contributed to the fact that we Canadians indeed do stand for something. That is; if BASHING THE STARS AND STRIPES really is standing for anything?

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