It Is In The Knowledge That Disaster Lurks Around The Corner That Separates The Good From The Great.

I wept out of a profound feeling of loss and gratitude.

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7 magnificent human beings perished in a BLAZE OF GLORY this past Saturday at about 9am Eastern time, just 16 minutes away from ending the ride of their lives.

As I write this, I look out onto the front of our property in Alexandria Ontario, where our flagpole flies the Canadian, American and Israeli flags at half mast. And until Wednesday, when America’s flags will once again rise to the top of their poles, ours too, will remain at half mast.

Like just about the whole world, I sat glued to our television set watching the plume of smoke cascade towards earth at 12,000 miles an hour, as the Space Shuttle Columbia began to break apart.

I sat in silence with tears falling form my eyes, for this was not just a terrible technological tragedy, it was a human tragedy of the greatest proportion. What we all witnessed was the greatest sacrifice mankind can make in the hopes of discovering more and better ways to improve the human condition.

Not since the time of the great ocean discoverers have we been so enthralled with the thrill of reaching beyond our grasp whenever an Astronaut suits up and blasts into space. We might not live to see deep space exploration. But we are seeing the beginning.

We as a generation have been blessed to have seen the Sputnik, the first man to orbit the earth, the splash-downs, the first man to walk on the moon, the first of many Shuttle launches, the magnificence of the Hubble Telescope, and now the creation of the International Space Station.

We will NEVER see the end, because there will NEVER be an end.

There will always be a new adventure. There will always be a new frontier to explore. And just as we knew that the first rocket we witnessed that traveled beyond our gravitational pull was just the first of a countless number of others to follow. We also know that this disaster is just another step, in a never ending progression of steps to adventure and discovery without end.

I wept out of a profound feeling of loss and gratitude. Loss of life of those MAGNIFICENT SEVEN. And gratitude to the MAGNIFICENT SEVEN for taking us once again towards the stars.

This terrible accident will not stop the exploration of space. It will not even slow it down. Mankind is far too curious and brave to be daunted by a failure. Failures are what make us even more determined. And more resolute to reach beyond our grasp.

The United States of America will reach the stars and bring the rest of the world along in her glorious, proud and brave journey.

And for that too, we have to show great appreciation, admiration and gratitude to the MAGNIFICENT SEVEN, for like all the others who have traveled before them in the direction of discovery, they too have shown us the way.

God Bless America. And God Bless The Seven Brave Souls On Board The Space Ship Discovery.

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  1. Mazeltov Howard. good health and happiness for 41 years more

    We are all with you in your fights.

    Viviane, Italy.

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