Just because our taxes are high does NOT mean that we are getting value for our money. It just means that our taxes are TOO high.

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It’s not that we shouldn’t be paying taxes, It’s just that we are paying FAR TOO MUCH in taxes!

I wish that Canada would adopt more of an American tax policy. And that said; I can’t understand why there is so much antipathy to George W Bush’s tax plan. Anyone who seems to think that MORE taxes are BETTER should think again.

Just because our taxes are high does NOT mean that we are getting value for our money. It just means that our taxes are TOO high.

For example. Canada squandered ONE BILLION DOLLARS on a bogus gun registry. How does that make our lives any better?

Canada pissed away BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in Jane Stewart’s Human Resource’s Ministry. Where’s the benefit to Canadians?

Canada overcharged the Employment Insurance Fund by 60 BILLION DOLLARS. That’s SIXTY THOUSAND MILLION DOLLARS. Who gave them the right? And imagine how much good that money would provide had it been properly invested in healthcare, senior aid or preparing and equipping our military?

Canada spends about TEN BILLION DOLLARS annually on Non Government Organizations (NGO’s) which use the money to pursue pet interests, including Israel bashing at the UN Durban anti-racist conference in September 2001. Where does any of this benefit the tax payer?

Canada has set aside 1.2 BILLION of your dollars in foreign aid for despotic regimes. This money can help a great many Canadians.

Canada also spends BILLIONS OF DOLLARS every year on government grants, interest free loans and sponsorships for “friends” of government. How does that help the average Canadian?

And then there’s the CBC, a BILLION DOLLAR boondoggle watched and listened to by virtually no one. Your tax dollars at work.

The debate is NOT whether we pay TOO much taxes. WE DO! The debate is how we should be paying A LOT LESS IN TAXES.

Bush wants to do precisely that. PAY LESS TAXES.

He wants to reduce the size of government. Where is it written that we should be smothered with a useless bureaucracy created to guarantee their own existence?

When you try to deal with the government; do you get GREAT service? Why not? We certainly pay top dollar. And do think that the service would improve if we doubled or tripled the bureaucracy and the taxes we pay?

If you do, may I direct your memory to the failed Communist states where everything was about taxes; except they didn’t bother to call it taxes. They were more honest. They just took all the money, even before it came to the earner.

Bush wants to end double taxation on dividends? What’s wrong with that? If I knew that I would receive a tax free allowance on dividends earned from shares I bought with my AFTER TAX dollars, perhaps I would be in that much more of a hurry to invest my money in companies and projects which WOULD create jobs. And a stronger tax base.

Bush wants to lower the amount of taxes paid by ALL Americans, INCLUDING the highest earners. Where’s the problem with that?

Who do you think buys the expensive cars, eat at the best restaurants, buys the costly clothing and fashion accessories, travels to the nicest hotels and resorts, buys tickets to the opera, theatre, and sporting events, buys expensive homes, pools, household appliances, pays for maintenance and on and on?

I can tell you that it isn’t the poor. IT ‘S THE RICH!

People with money spend it. They buy things. They travel. The eat out a lot. They hire assistants. They INVENT ways to spend and enjoy their money. And who do you think benefits?

The people who service all the needs of the rich folk benefit. And it trickles down. And the higher up you travel on the economic ladder, the more you benefit. Nonetheless, everyone who works gets something.

Even the people who can work and prefer NOT to work get something through a myriad of “social assistance” – AKA welfare. Not that there are not deserving welfare recipients. There are. Unfortunately though, there are far too many who live on the dole, who shouldn’t.

What trickles down from the government when the politicians and bureaucrats simply STEAL what’s in your wallet? WASTE, WASTE, AMD MORE WASTE! Not to mention jobs, gifts and perks for their friends and relatives. Ain’t that just swell?

The United States of America isn’t the greatest nation on this earth because of some mysterious fluke. The Americans work for it. They assume risks very few will. They’re not afraid to try and fail. And they REWARD success and wear it on their sleeve.

Americans put MORE trust in themselves and each other than they do in government. And it shows.

Bush wants to bring that YANKEE SPIRIT and AMERICAN KNOW HOW back into vogue in the 21st century. And all he is saying; is let the government spend where it NEEDS to. And let the average American spend the rest. BIG BROTHER DOES NOT KNOW BETTER.

It is true that American healthcare is a mess and their prescription drug program is unfair, especially to seniors. But that does not mean that these problems will be fixed by Tax and Spend.

These social problems WILL be fixed because the Americans are the greatest fixers in the world. And it will be fixed because that is what the American people will demand. And their government and private industries will take care of it.

I will bet that as our healthcare system continues to tank, the Americans will come up with a system that will eventually put ours to shame. And they’ll do it without taxing their people into bankruptcy. BECAUSE THAT’S THE AMERICAN WAY. And it sure isn’t ours.

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