The US Needs Canada’s Military Help Like They Need Another Hand Grenade.

Here is a news flash for Canada. The USA does NOT need Canada's piddling contribution to take on the Iraqis. Or anyone else for that matter.

If I sat on the fence as long as does Canada, given Ottawa’s response to international terrorism, my ass would be so sore, that I would probably never want to sit again.

Canada’s answer to the rapidly unfolding drama in the Middle East, predominantly with Iraq, and to the world body’s MODERATE response to a brutal dictator is painful to witness.

Canada will send in troops to support the USA once Chrétien has seen the proof. He was asked: what is the proof he has to see? “Well – da proof, is da proof, is da proof, is da proof – was his answer”. No kidding . . . it really was his answer.

Canada wants to wait and see what the UN has to say on the matter. And if necessary, will also wait for another UN resolution even though the current UN resolution empowers the USA to take military action. But; obviously to the UN, their OWN resolution is insufficient.

Canada is delaying a decision to back our BEST friend, LARGEST trading partner and MOST important nation on this planet, to wait and see what the UN will decide.

Need I remind you that the UN is the world body which just celebrated the appointment of a world-class thug and terrorist supporter, Moammar Ghadafi of Lybia, to be the head of the Human Rights Commission. UNBELIEVABLE.

Here is a news flash for Canada. The USA does NOT need Canada’s piddling military contribution to take on the Iraqis. Or anyone else for that matter.

After the dust settles; which will be far faster than most people believe, just as it was in Afghanistan, the USA WILL remember who was front and center with them. And who was NOT.

As for Europe, they mean absolutely NOTHING whatsoever to Canada’s well being. Our trade ratio with Europe is non existent when compared to what the Americans buy from us. And if ever we were to really need help? To whom do you think we would turn? And who would be there for us? I can guarantee you that it would not be the elitist, mine-doesn’t-stink Europe.

Yesterday morning, while watching CNN, Jack Cafferty of their Morning show replied to France’s veiled threat to invoke its veto to stop the USA from attacking Iraq. He said:

“No American should ever go to France. But; if for whatever reason you might really have to go to France, find the first Frenchman you see, identify yourself as an American, ask him if he speaks German, and when he says no. Say Your welcome”.

I can only imagine; on one fine day, an American visiting Canada will approach the first Canadian he sees and says: “Hi, I’m an American, do you have a nice secure lifestyle? Your welcome.

And just as this hypothetical exchange could be true between an American and Frenchman. It could be just as true between an American and a Canadian.

Something for us to be proud of eh?

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  1. Howard, you are a lucky man with Ann at your side. We are also lucky to have you as our mouthpiece and advocate for our continued freedoms which are being diluted day by day by Leftists who hate America and Canada. We have lots to do to take back our country from the Marxists/Communists who occupy our White House and Congress. I’m a naturalized US citizen and I love this country and consider myself an American who will fight to preserve the wishes of our Founders.
    Frank Scarfone, Miramar, FL

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