The Hypocrisy Of The Anti-USA Do-Nothing Do-Gooders.

The very fact that these people who demonstrate, and beat their mandatory drums, and chant their rhythmic anti-USA rhymes can do just that, should be a reason for them NOT to want to.

A great many people took to the streets around the world this past weekend for the purpose of protesting against the seemingly imminent attack on Iraq from the United States of America and their allies.

The demonstrations throughout the world were incredibly well organized and substantial in size. These were not spontaneous outbursts of support for peace, as much as they were well planned and orchestrated outbursts against the USA, which begs the question.

How do anti-globalists come to have such a global organization, since globalization is what they are most against?

It seems that the same stalwart “defenders” of the poor and downtrodden, who appear at all of the anti-globalization and World Trade Organization meetings have taken to the streets, to once again do their number on the USA; including many loopy lefty Americans.

The very fact that these people who demonstrate, and beat their mandatory drums, and chant their rhythmic anti-USA rhymes can do just that with impunity, should be a reason for them NOT to want to.

After-all, it is ONLY by the graces of the USA, and America’s utter determination to keep the Western democratized world free from despotism, that the protestors are able to vent, demonstrate and organize.

The irony, is that the Do-Nothing Do-Gooder demonstrators wouldn’t have the right to so much as mutter a peep of dissension if it wasn’t for the USA’s commitment to Rights, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

The idiot crowds in Europe would have REMAINED defeated by the Nazis had it not been for the USA.

China would have long ago steamrollered over Taiwan and the rest of Asia had it not been for the USA. And there would be no Chinese economic revolution.

Eastern Europe, including the Balkans and Central Asia would still be under the yoke of the Iron Curtain had it not been for the USA.

The Germans would still be looking at a big ugly wall in Berlin had it not been for the USA.

India and Pakistan would have already blown each other to smithereens had it not been for the USA.

And Israel would have been crushed. And the Jews drowned in the Mediterranean if it was not for the USA. But then again, to these demonstrators that would NOT necessarily be a BAD thing.

The very rights enjoyed by the demonstrators to demonstrate throughout much of the world, are permissible exclusively by the sacrifice made by Americans. A fact and a truth which the demonstrators have either conveniently forgotten, or are too stupid to have learned.

But; the greatest outrage caused by these demonstrators to decency and liberty, is in their quest to condemn the USA for doing what is not only right. But what has to be done for the freedom of others.

The Do-nothing Do-Gooders are denying the same rights they enjoy to the victims of the society they “pretend” to protect. In this case Iraq.

In simple speak. The Iraqi people would be murdered in the streets for demonstrating against their own government. But; when the Americans change the Iraqi regime, the people of Iraq will then be free to take to the streets, just like the Do-Nothing Do-Gooders.

However; if the demonstrators are successful from keeping the Americans from LIBERATING the Iraqi people, the Iraqi people will continue to be condemned to live in a violent totalitarian society where the rights of the ruling class are the only rights of importance.

One would think that the Do-Nothing Do-Gooders would be cheering on the Americans in their quest to make this a better world for everyone. But, obviously not.

What the Do-Nothing Do-Gooders are all about is screwing over free enterprise and the USA. They’re not about FREEING the downtrodden of the world, because if they were, they would be demonstrating with the same gusto for WOMEN’S rights in Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia.

They would show up with their chants, slogans, signs and drums. Female protestors would burn their bras in public. And they would wear short skirts and even shorter shorts to show their right to self determination and expression.

But this will NEVER happen. The protestors will NEVER EVER attack the regimes which are the violators and abusers of civil rights and the right to real life. You never see these Do-Nothing Do-Gooders strutting their stuff in countries that will slaughter them just for thinking about civil rights, let alone demanding them.

An absolutely PERFECT example which best illustrates where these useless human beings best reveal their perverted anti-USA bent and double standard, is in their total silence regarding the appointment of Lybia as the head of the United Nations League For Human Rights.

Lybia is a country that would KILL the demonstrators if they would try just 1% of what anti-government demonstrators get away with in Western societies. Yet, when named the Fox in the Hen House by the UN: nothing but silence from the Do-Nothing Do-Gooders.

This silence about Lybia says more about the anti-USA protestors and their agenda, than do all the chants, placards, drum beating, slogans, whimsical dancing in the streets, impassioned speeches and intellectual elitism than anything else.

The Do-Nothing Do-Gooders don’t want people to be free. They just want to hurt America in the belief that everyone else will then play nice, so they can continue to dance whimsically in the streets.

Perhaps forced exile to life in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria or any other country from this genre would give them something a little less whimsical to think about. After-all, why would they want to live in a country such as the USA, where everything American is so bad? At least in their minds, voice and action.

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