The English Speaking And Ethnic Communities Deserve Carlos Roldan.

Last week, the Montreal Gazette made this HUGE DEAL over something Carlos Roldan had stated concerning Alliance Quebec and its current leadership (Brent Tyler).

Last week, the Montreal Gazette made this HUGE DEAL over something Carlos Roldan had stated concerning Alliance Quebec and its current leadership (Brent Tyler).

In effect, Roldan accused Alliance Quebec, but specifically Brent Tyler, Quebec’s ONLY defender of minority rights, of being a waste of money. And as such, should have their federal funding canceled.

Funny thing about Carlos, is that here is a man who flirted with the unity and equality debate at all levels. However; his total REAL contribution and sacrifice to the battle for equal rights has been ZERO.

Most people in the know, will agree that the Quebec Political Action Committee, better known as QPAC, was the most prolific and successful of all the groups formed to take on the Québécois ethnocentric nationalists. Even Carlos Roldan was a QPAC groupie.

Here’s a story not well know about QPAC’s very first press conference. Unbelievably, and totally by a misfortunate coincidence, it was held on the same night Patrick Roy of the Montreal Canadiens decided to hold his own press conference to announce quitting the hockey team.

This did not bode well for any hopes that the media would attend our press conference. After-all, who had ever heard of QPAC? But Patrick Roy leaving Les Glorieux. Now that was a story.

Nonetheless, we still held our press conference which attracted about 50 people in a West Island hotel. It was most discouraging knowing that there would be no media coverage. But: lo and behold; after the Patrick Roy press conference concluded, the media showed up.

The moment the cameras started to roll, and I stood up to speak, a group of extremely rude, aggressive and hostile people started to shout. They literally charged the podium putting themselves between myself and the rolling cameras.

What they were yelling was: Who the hell do you think you are to be speaking on behalf of the English community? Where are your French signs? Why weren’t your signs and your name bilingual? And on and on it went. They got in front of my face, and instead of having a civilized press conference, it was more like extreme shouting.

The camera’s were on me for perhaps 10-15 seconds at the outset before things really got wild. However; the rest of the time, the cameras were focused on the “agents provocateurs”. And when it came time for me to speak with the media one on one amidst the shouting and insults, I simply walked away. What was the use?

Carlos Roldan was not just part of this horrible little group of cretins, he was one of its instigators and leaders. Why he and his friends did this, still remains a mystery to me.

Even after I asked him many months, or even years since that night, why he and the others attempted to destroy QPAC, even before it got going, he never answered.

I was prepared to pack it all in there and then because of what Roldan did. If this was what I would have to deal with from OUR OWN COMMUNITY, where was there any possibility of winning against the Separatists and the rest of Quebec’s other ethnocentric nationalists. It just wasn’t worth it.

Remarkably, the media ran a short piece on QPAC, stating that we were yet another small group established to take on the Separatists, with no mention whatsoever, or image of Roldan and company. So he didn’t shut us down.

When it was obvious that QPAC had become THE PLAYER in the fight against the Québécois ethnocentric nationalists, guess who came around to suck up? If you guessed Carlos Roldan, you’re right.

In my unprofessional opinion, Carlos is a delusional guy who wants terribly to be a player. He wrote a rambling book that was never properly published, if at all. It was predicated upon a terribly disjointed conspiracy based more upon his own beliefs about Quebec’s French connection which he had garnered from other people’s work, and on uncorroborated “evidence” that was more innuendo than it was evidence.

There is absolutely no question that France had a great deal to do with fostering and festering the Quebec Separatist movement from the highest of places. It was this already public knowledge that was the ONLY thing giving Roldan’s lightweight rehash of known events a shred of credibility.

Cité Libre, Trudeau’s elitist French publication, which is rarely published, and when published, it is read only by a smattering of Québécois French speaking intellectuals, held an evening for Carlos to introduce his book as a “work in progress”. This meeting was held at the Maison Egg Roll buffet restaurant made famous by Trudeau’s anti Meech Lake speech.

As a matter of fact, Trudeau, who for some absolutely mysterious reason, was in attendance as an honored guest.

Having a relationship with Carlos Roldan begs quite a few questions about Trudeau’s judgement in his choice of friends. But that’s another story.

As Carlos began to speak, he read from his transcripts and droned on and on. He aimlessly meandered for so long, and in so many different directions, that when I glanced at his friend Trudeau, what I saw, was the former Prime Minister struggling to stay awake, as were most of the polite and very bored audience.

Carlos never concluded his speech, since the moderator literally stood up while Carlos was still rambling on, and in mid sentence, said: thank you Mr Roldan, it was very informative. And mercifully, it was all of a sudden over.

Carlos needs a life. It’s as simple as that. He wants to be a player, and doesn’t have a clue as to how to go about doing it. If he wants Brent Tyler out, it is only because he’s jealous.

There is NO ONE in the entire province of Quebec, English or French speaking, who is nearly as determined and loyal to the battle for equal rights as is Brent Tyler.

There is NO ONE with the courage of conviction to carry on, in spite of all the Carlos Roldans, as is Brent Tyler.

There is NO ONE willing to sacrifice so much for the rights of others, as is Brent Tyler.

And this pisses off Carlos Roldan. Brent Tyler, as a CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVIST is EVERYTHING Carlos Roldan can NEVER EVER hope to be. And instead of supporting the ONLY person left who fights daily for people’s rights, Roldan, through his jealousy would rather tear him down, much like he tried to kill QPAC in its infancy.

I listened to CJAD’s Gang of Fools during their round table held daily just after the noon news, the day the Montreal Gazette ran this stupid story based upon what Carlos had to say. And what I heard was the same CJAD stupidity that has earned them the derision of most right thinking Montrealers.

Here was CJAD, STILL debating whether it was wrong for the Province of Quebec to discriminate against Quebec’s minority communities. AS IF THAT SHOULD EVEN BE AN ISSUE OPEN FOR DEBATE.

And here was Derek Conlon, the news director playing the devil’s advocate, but siding more with the view that there is language peace, everyone seems to be getting along, so let’s just forget about it and get on with our lives.

And as I listened to CJAD, and thought about what the Montreal Gazette had written, I came away with three very clear thoughts.

1) The majority of the people of Quebec: especially the English speaking and Ethnic communities, do NOT deserve to have Brent Tyler.

2) The majority of the people of Quebec: especially the English speaking and Ethnic communities, DO deserve to have Carlos Roldan.

3) You can’t imagine how happy I am to be out of Quebec, whenever I hear and read this nonsense coming from the English/Ethnic communities of Montreal. Some things never change.

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  1. About to watch hockey. Had to wish you both a happy anniversary. You are both so meant for each other. Very rare. True soul mates. I thought of Voltaire with your quote about defending free speech till death. Good choice and I agree. Keep doing what you do and be well.
    Warmest personal regards to both of you,

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