Chief David Ahenakew Is An Idiot Who Only Said What He Believed.

In my opinion, Chief David Ahenakew is less a problem, and less of a threat to Jews than the "politically correct" Michael Harris of CFRA Ottawa.

Chief David Ahenakew who was once upon a time the Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, and is a Member of the Order of Canada.

He thinks that Hitler did the world a huge service by “frying six million Jews” amongst other things.

He made these comments to an assemblage of reporters after delivering a speech to a Native group in Saskatoon a couple of days ago. What he said was as racist and anti-Semitic as it gets. However; he didn’t say anything more than what many people think to themselves, or say to one another behind closed doors.

Yesterday, I tuned into CFRA to listen for a couple of minutes to Michael Harris, who is constantly bashing Israel and Jews. And who is constantly denying that he is an anti-Semite; so much so, that his denials have started to sound more like admissions.

While Harris was busy explaining to all who will listen, at how offended he was at Chief David Ahenakew’s outrageous remarks, he also gave an outright anti-Semite caller enough airtime to have his own show. And when the news was scheduled to come on, he agreed to keep this anti-Semite on hold during the break, so that after the break, he could come back on-air to finish his thoughts.

In my opinion, Chief David Ahenakew is less a problem, and less of a threat to Jews than the “politically correct” Michael Harris of CFRA Ottawa. At least Chief David Ahenakew said what he thought, opposed to allowing someone else to say it for him.

Even though the vile words of Chief David Ahenakew should not be taken lightly, and he should be admonished for every syllable he uttered, that should be it.

Ahenakew is being investigated by the RCMP for participating in a hate crime. This is wrong.

Being a racist, an anti-Semite, a big mouth, and an idiot is not a hate crime. It is just hateful and ignorant. But like everyone else, even idiots have a right to speak and to be heard.

To the very best of my knowledge, Chief David Ahenakew didn’t encourage or promote violence against Jews. He simply stated what he felt to be the truth. The moment we start to investigate and charge people for just saying what they think, the end of freedom of expression is just around the corner.

If Chief David Ahenakew is charged for speaking his mind, than I and other writers of opinion can be too. And once that happens, the end is upon us.

Chief David Ahenakew should be ridiculed and shown up for what he is in all the media. He should be stripped of his membership in the Order of Canada. And he should be kicked off of every board he occupies. But he should not be investigated or charged. There is no crime in being an uninformed idiot.

There are many other far more dangerous anti-Semites lurking around us, who wear the cloak of respectability, and fashion their words far more carefully than Chief David Ahenakew. And they too should be challenged, ridiculed and exposed at every opportunity. But to do more than that, is too much of a price for all of us to pay.

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