Shit For Brains – Our Governments’ Political Requirement.

All of a sudden, it is now all about the Canadian coach who disciplined the swimmer, and not about the fleur de lis flag-waver.

The Canada swim team flag flap is a travesty to common sense and national unity. The issue of whether the swimmer should or should not have carried a Quebec flag to the podium at the last Commonwealth Games seems no longer to be the problem.

All of a sudden, it is now all about the Canadian coach who disciplined the swimmer, and not about the fleur de lis flag-waver.

Secretary of State for Amateur Sport, Paul De Villers wants HIM to be dealt with. And Sheila “the idiot” Copps wants the coach to be dealt with as well. These two, and every Québécois nationalist want his blood!

And lo and behold, Jennifer Carroll, the Anglo Quebecoise Queen of the fleur de lis, whom her own teammates can not stand, has become the VICTIM.

It’s a terrible pity how “understanding and benign” this Liberal government has been to murdering terrorist Hezbollah scum in their quest to defend them. But; when it comes to a swimming coach who disciplines one of his swimmers for violating the rules of protocol, our government idiots who use Shit For Brains want him crucified. That is after they tar and feather him. And after they drag his naked body through the rocks and cactus.

I have received a great deal of E-Mail concerning this affair, some of it critical of this particular coach who seems to have a bent at too much discipline. However; that does not make him wrong in what he did vis a vis disciplining the swimmer, or in his remarks concerning her actions in carrying the Quebec flag to the podium.

I used to swim competitively. And I used to compete competitively in other sports. And all of my coaches were son’s of bitches. At least the winning ones were. They pushed and pushed and pushed. Some of them were even impolite and couldn’t give a damn about the feelings of their charges. All they cared about was winning. And if I or someone else didn’t like it – TOUGH!

But we are not dealing with coaching styles. We’re dealing with an issue of protocol. The swimmer had NO reason whatsoever to carry a Quebec flag in the competition, much less to the podium. And when other athletes have done the same, they were wrong as well.

However; carrying a flag from Saskatchewan is not the same as carrying a flag from ethnocentric, nationalist, separatist QUEBEC. The fleur de lis is a flag that divides and discriminates. It is not just a provincial symbol, it is an ethnocentric nationalist symbol which represents all the accumulated sickness of Quebec.

It is easy to pretend that Quebec’s fleur de lis is nothing more than just a provincial flag. It is easy for non Quebecers, and for even appeasing Anglo Quebecers who have their heads buried so deeply into the sand that they can’t see the light of day, to pretend that the fleur de lis is a benign symbol of Quebec. But it is far more than that.

The fleur de lis represents the very heart of what drives the ethnocentric nationalism of Quebec. And to have it carried by Team Canada athletes sends yet another signal that Canada is NOT a real country, and that Quebec is somehow special and sovereign.

Just after the last referendum for Quebec’s right to separate in 1995, I noticed when coming home by plane at Dorval Airport, from a trip anywhere, that the first symbol displayed at the escalator leading down to the luggage reclamation area was a fleur de lis, and a sign that directed people to QUEBEC IMMIGRATION. And at the bottom of the escalator, was an office with large plate glass windows tinted in Quebec Blue, etched with more fleur de lis symbols.

It wasn’t after I railed against this national obscenity did someone in Ottawa finally wake up and remove the signs, the fleur de lis flags and that offensive QUEBEC IMMIGRATION office. Had I said nothing, the flags, the sign and the office would probably still be there.

For Copps and De Villers to be protesting against the coach, and defending the irresponsible, selfish and manipulative Anglo Quebec swimmer with her fleur de lis, is disgraceful.

The swimmer and the racist fleur de lis flag should both be kept out of Canada’s national teams, as well as our federal politicians who use Shit For Brains.

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  1. Congratulations to you and Anne, Mr. Galganov! Our freedoms are so vital — and the population of the U.S., at least, seems to refuse to acknowledge what is happening. We are losing our freedoms hand over fist and dancing as freedom is dying. Thanks for being there and fighting for both our countries.

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