Hans Blix – The 24th Man.

Hans Blix is the man in charge of the UN weapons' inspection team in Iraq. No one else could possibly be MORE appropriate for the job.

The only reason the Iraqi leader doesn’t have a Cruise Missile shoved up his ass as of yet, is simply because the Americans aren’t quite ready to put one there. And when they are: good night Irene. Because; that’s all she will have wrote.

And the way the FORCES OF EVIL are aligning themselves; the sooner the better.

Hans Blix is the man in charge of the UN weapons’ inspection team in Iraq. No one else could possibly be MORE appropriate for the job.

Blix was chosen 24th overall to head the team. The fact that he was the 24th choice shouts volumes in terms of his credibility. Or lack thereof.

Blix had a previous high level international appointment as the man in charge of protecting the world from nuclear proliferation. And guess who certified North Korea to be nuclear safe? If you guessed Hans Blix, you get to move to the head of the class.

After watching and listening to Hans Blix speak about his UN inspection task and how he is planning to succeed at it, I see a man who is totally overwhelmed with himself and with the work at hand. He is the perfect techno-bureaucrat. He loves the rules, formats, methodology, and the protocol of his work.

But in the REAL world outside of academia, he is a virgin in a whorehouse. Hans Blix wants to play by the rules of the “Marquis of Queensberry”, while engaged in a back alley street fight. And he wants to show how good he is at what he is doing, opposed to how bad the Iraqis are at what they are doing.

So why did the Americans go along with his appointment?

For the purposes of the United States, Blix is the perfect choice to inspect Iraq’s supposed non weapons of mass destruction as he plods along his way. An honest to goodness “take no prisoner” kind of inspector might force the issue too soon.

The US military is not yet ready to deliver a US style load of hurt to Hussein and anyone else who is sufficiently stupid to be standing at his side when the time is right. The Americans need more time. And Blix’s pondering style will buy the Americans whatever amount of time they feel comfortable with.

But things are starting to coalesce NOT to the favor of the FREE WORLD. Iran is now in the process of kick-starting a nuclear weapons program. North Korea is re-opening a banned reactor capable of producing weapon’s grade plutonium, and is ordering the International Atomic Energy Agency monitoring cameras removed from all of their nuclear facilities.

Egypt just told the USA that their military facilities are NOT available for the movement of US troops in the event of war with Iraq. The fine Kuwaiti citizens are thanking the US for liberating their country 11 years ago by telling the Americans to get lost. The Saudis are having an ever increasingly tough time convincing the world, especially the Americans that they aren’t the Islamist pukes which they really are.

And perhaps an even more unsettling development is the near collapse of the Venezuelan petroleum industry, due to a national union led shutdown. This has enormously HUGE consequences for the energy requirements of the USA, since the Venezuelans satisfy about 15% of the US petroleum needs.

This becomes especially poignant if the Arabs decide to use oil as a weapon, as they did in the early 1970’s.

BACK TO BLIX: When the time is right, whatever Hans Blix has to say about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction will be irrelevant, and he nor the ineffectual UN will be able to stop the trouble headed for Bagdad. Blix is strictly the side show and warmup act for the main event coming to a “News Network” soon.

The USA has invested far too much in manpower, money and international prestige to give a rat’s ass about what Blix or the pitiful UN might have to say. Bagdad is going to fall. And Saddam is no candidate for long term whole life insurance.

But the real problem, is who is going to be going down with Saddam? How many rogue nations run by thugs and religious tyrants are now willing to step up to the plate to play the intimidation game, in the hopes that America will blink, given the chances of substantial US casualties in the process of changing the leadership of Iraq?

Is Bush prepared to take on all comers and fight a World War against thugocracies and Islam if need be?

Can the world afford to back down and NOT fight this war?

In a single answer to all of the preceding questions. NO!

It matters not at all how the thugocracies align themselves, nor does it matter that there are going to pacifists everywhere, who will do and say whatever they can to halt the inevitable.

Like the old “Fram Oil Filter” television commercial used to say: “Pay me now or pay me later”.

It is the exact same thing with these thugs. We will either have to fight them now, while the fighting will hopefully be on our terms. Or we can fight them later, when the terms might be theirs.

For me, the choice is simple.

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  1. Congrats on 41 years together…looks to me like you both “married up.”
    Thank you for keeping up the struggle for freedom of speech. I cannot believe how far Canada and the U.S. have gone toward eliminating that God given right.

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