Bernard Ship Needs A Reality Check – A Letter To Israel National News.

What he wrote was disinformation of the worst kind, mostly because it is "ALMOST" accurate.

This letter is in response to the article written by Bernard Ship of Canada, published in Israel National News Dot Com, December 13, 2002, where he defends Canada’s position on Israel.

What he wrote was disinformation of the worst kind, mostly because it is “ALMOST” accurate.

I know something about this subject. In collaboration with the leadership of the Canadian Alliance Party, Canada’s official opposition in Parliament, we were able to FORCE the Canadian government to withdraw their suspension of the charitable status of the Canadian Mogen David Adom Ambulance Service. Does this sound like a supportive government?

In April of this year, I went to Israel specifically to broadcast live radio shows back to Canada and the USA, in order to counter an unfair depiction of Israel in the international media, specifically in the government owned Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

In terms of Canadian activism, there is no one I know who was more involved than me and mine in taking on the federal and Quebec governments in terms of individual human rights and equality.

You don’t have to take my word for it. You can read it in articles which appeared in Time Magazine, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal and just about every other national and international publication. Not to mention television news productions such as: 60 Minutes, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and others.

I know of what I write.

Bernard Ship says that French is Canada’s official SECOND language, while Spanish is America’s unofficial second language. Not so.

French is Canada’s OTHER official language. Spanish in the USA is not defined as an unofficial second language. It is simply accepted as a language spoken by many Americans, predominantly in Florida, Texas and California where special status is noted.

Ship states that Canada ceased being a French colony in 1759. Even though that might be true historically, Canada has NEVER cut its ties to France, especially French Quebec which has language laws FORBIDDING the unrestricted use of the English language in virtually every circumstance.

More than that, Canada has special cultural arrangements with France, so much so, that France repeatedly stirs the embers of French Quebec’s nationalism.

During the Second World War, Official French Quebecers sided with the Nazis through the French Vichy government, to the extent that the FBI paid more than just a little attention to what was happening in Canada.

Montreal’s French Mayor, Camille Houde, was arrested and interned for being a Nazi sympathizer, as he extolled French Canadians to run away in the bush and hide, so as not to serve in Canada’s military. Why fight the Jews’ war?

And when Adrian Arcand, an avowed Nazi supporter, Jew hater and fascist died a short while after the Second World War, it was estimated that more than 10,000 French Canadians attended his funeral and sent him off with a Nazi salute.

It must also be made absolutely clear that Canada’s Liberal Prime Ministers since the late 1960’s have been French Canadians from Quebec, who have repeatedly ridiculed the Americans and embraced the Arabs.

In terms of immigrants, Ship prides Canada on taking in more immigrants of color than do the Americans, who he claims take in more Whites.

I don’t know where he gets this type of questionable information, however; if it was true, it would be because Canada is forced by their GUARANTEE to French Quebec, that Quebec gets a disproportionate number of French speaking immigrants from the overall Canadian immigration quota.

And since Parisians have no interest in coming to Canada, even to Quebec; Canada’s immigrants, vis a vis French Quebec, tend to be French speaking Africans, Algerians, Moroccans, Lebanese, Syrians, Haitians, Vietnamese, etcetera.

Ship also goes on to talk about how great Canada’s social policies are compared to the USA. Yet he neglects to mention how more than 1 million Canadian children go to bed hungry every night. Is this a great social example?

In Montreal, Canada’s second largest city, a full 20 percent of the population lives under the poverty line. There is no major city in North America that even comes close to this dreadful number.

And in overall costs of living, The USA wins hands down in a comparison between lower costs of living and a better overall lifestyle compared to Canada.

Ship invested a great deal of effort in trying to make Canada appear to be a better country than the USA in his defense of Canada being pro-Israel. I don’t understand why he took this tangent, and what was the purpose of this correlation, but what he said about Canada in comparison to the USA was not true.

BACK TO ISRAEL. In truth, Canada has paid nothing more than lip service in its defense of Israel. As a matter of fact, Canada virtually NEVER defends Israel. And as a matter of history, Canada virtually ALWAYS votes with the Arab nations to condemn Israel at the UN.

Other than speaking of Israel in useless platitudes, Canada has never exhibited any real support for Israel.

While Bernard Ship would like your readers to believe that the Canadian government is not anti-Israel, their entire record indicates just the opposite.

Disinformation, innuendo and distortions are the friends of those who choose to either stand for nothing while they appear to stand for something, or for those who want to obfuscate their real feelings. I can not understand Ship’s intentions in writing inaccuracies.

If Bernard Ship wants to delude himself, that’s his business. But to delude others is an entirely different matter.

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  1. This semi-black president has managed to racially divide our country as never before since the civil rights movement. He, almost single highhandedly reversed all the progress spearheaded by MLK. Al,Jesse and Louis have thrived with their messiah in the white House. How pathetic that under his guidance only white peoples language are under the microscope.

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