It’s Christmas – STUPID!

HERE'S SOME CHRISTMAS ADVICE TO THE POLITICALLY CORRECT. When the whole world needs a little more Christmas instead of less, just get in the spirit, and enjoy the feeling Christmas can bring.

I strongly support the GREATEST separation of church and government possible. Including NOT teaching any specific religion in school.

That said: children SHOULD learn the history of religious philosophies; covering the various disciplines of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shintoism, etcetera. But not as religious instruction.

I am Jewish. I was educated in the Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal. And I also went to Jewish school after public school. And I even attended a Lubovitch Yeshiva.

In public school, I remember reciting the Lord’s Prayer every morning, the singing of God Save The Queen, and Hymns. And come Christmas time; the singing of the Carols. AND IT DIDN’T KILL ME!

As a matter of fact, I probably know more Christmas Carols than most of my Christian friends. And I certainly know more of the words.

Growing up; we always had Christian neighbors, which always meant there was a Christmas supper for us to go to. And more than that, my sisters and I even got to give and receive Christmas presents with the Christian kids.

And no memory in my memory bank is any more vivid, warm and fuzzy, than the Christmas parties we shared with the neighbors.

Christmas is a PHENOMENAL time of the year. People are busy buying, shopping, and looking, and talking about where they’re going to go for the Christmas holidays. People anticipate the Christmas parties, the gifts, and it seems that everyone takes a little more time to think about their relationships.

And even though Christmas has no religious significance to me whatsoever. I love the Christmas music. I love the Christmas lights. I love the Christmas decorations.


And for all the POLITICALLY CORRECT STOOGES, with their Christmas spirit shoved so far up their ass that they can hardly walk straight; let them get a life, and let them leave a MAGNIFICENT holiday and celebration alone.

If the world can’t embrace a couple of weeks of feeling GREAT by being in the Christmas Spirit, then we have significantly bigger problems than being just a little bit TOO politically correct.

HERE’S SOME CHRISTMAS ADVICE TO THE POLITICALLY CORRECT. When the whole world needs a little more Christmas instead of less, just get in the spirit and enjoy the feeling Christmas can bring.

And if you can not, then at least have the decency to let the rest of us enjoy a holiday that makes an awful lot of us all feel a whole lot better. You do it your way, and let the rest of us do it our way!

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  1. I am glad to see I am not the only one that was more offended by the “holier than thou” attitude of talking heads than by the idiotic comments of a racist. Who gives a crap about what some guy says in the privacy of his home? If he acted on any of his prejudices, that’s another matter. Another quote comes to mind: “Me thinks ye protests to much”. One wonders why it is necessary for so many people to try to distance themselves from someone else’s prejudices.

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