It’s Time To Throw Out The Dirty Landry.

And now that Montreal seems to be finding its feet once more, here comes this PRICK Landry, all over again.

In a speech just delivered to the Montreal Board of Trade; Separatist, ethnocentric, xenophobic and racist Quebec Premier, Bernard Landry made a not so veiled threat to the Montreal business community; that Montreal is slipping back into becoming a bilingual city, where it should be a FRENCH city.

In the fewest words possible. SCREW HIM!

Montreal has survived IN SPITE of racist BASTARDS like Bernard Landry, Lucien Bouchard, Jacques Parizeau, Rene Levesque and all of their cohorts. Montreal survived only because the English speaking and Ethnic communities still contributed enormously, in the face of mountains of debilitating racist obstacles.

And now that Montreal seems to be finding its feet once more, here comes this PRICK Landry, all over again.

When the Anglo/Ethnic communities held their April 18, 1996 demonstration under the umbrella of QPAC, the Quebec Political Action Committee, at Fairview, which attracted more than 5,000 people, who were mad as hell and weren’t going to take it anymore, Landry THREATENED the English speaking community; that, if they took advantage of the law which allowed for bilingual signs (Bill 86), he would change the law.

And now this pea brained idiot is at it again. When is enough, ever going to be enough? When is this political parasite ever going to be put in his place? When are the Quebec minorities (and majority) going to tell him and his racist buddies where to get off?

Bernard Landry is a pathetic, ethnocentric, Québécois joke who should be relegated to the trash bin of history. His racist and xenophobic attitude might play well in some third world country somewhere. But in Canada, it has no place.

If Montreal has the opportunity to dig itself out of the hole which Québécois ethnocentric nationalism has dug, the time is probably now. Otherwise; Montreal will continue to be a backwater in a world of great cities.

If it’s too hard for Montrealers to say “NON” to Bernard Landry and his ilk, than it will too hard for Montreal to ever reach its potential as a great city of the world, which once upon a time, it was.

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  1. Howard, you are absolutely AWESOME!! Biggy Rat Al will probably go on for weeks about the botched execution. You know, that poor black man who buried the girl alive? CNN’s still talking about the missing plane. You know “it has to be somewhere”. What a profound statement. Sounds like something a 5-year-old would say.

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