If Being A Blithering Incompetent Was A Crime, Jean Chrétien Would Be A Criminal.

This PIECE OF WORK who passes for Canada's Prime Minister, might have achieved what I couldn't believe possible. He might even be worse for Canada than was Brian Mulroney.

Jean Chrétien is Canada’s absolutely most effective incompetent. Yet; he has so bamboozled the Canadian public, that we seem not to be able to see the enormous hurt he is subjecting Canada to.

I won’t bore you with a litany of Chrétien disasters; rather than just a few that stand out more than most.

1) He promised to tear up the Free Trade Agreement if he was elected Prime Minister. Not only did Chrétien not tear it up. He enhanced it.

2) He would cancel the GST if he was elected Prime Minister. I’m still paying GST. What about you?

3) He would cancel the Mulroney Helicopter deal if he was elected Prime Minster. That he did. And it cost us more than half a billion dollars in penalties. And more than ten years later, Chrétien is returning to the same Helicopter deal he canceled. But at a much higher price.

4) He promised to create an Ethics Councilor to guarantee honesty and transparency in government. Unfortunately for us, HIS ethics councilor only reports to HIM.

5) Chrétien’s elected Members of Parliament who do not sit on his Cabinet, sit as silent eunuchs in the back benches, depriving their electorate and constituents from having a voice. So much for representative democracy.

6) Chrétien has single handedly destroyed Canada’s military effectiveness by starving it from necessary funds.

7) He has more or less surrendered Ottawa’s right to have a national opinion on public healthcare, since Canada’s contribution to the national healthcare pot is somewhere at around JUST 14%.

8) Chrétien has created a poisoned relationship between Canada and our very most important international relationship within the universe. He has managed to underwhelm us, and piss off the Americans every way come Sunday.

9) During a decade of unprecedented growth, wealth and taxation, Chrétien’s Liberal government squandered every opportunity to pay down the ticking financial time bomb, AKA, the National Debt, which hovers at almost $550 BILLION dollars. This in itself borders on the criminal.

Chrétien will argue that he balanced the budget and paid down some of the debt. But; he balance the budget by over-taxation, less federal participation on national social policies, and he only paid down a pittance of the national debt.

I can understand not really paying down the debt, if there were compelling reasons to spend on important social matters. However:

* Nearly $10 billion dollars of Canada’s annual budget goes to NGO’s.

* More than $1 billion dollars to foreign aid; most of which goes to Africa and Moslem countries run by thugs and murderers.

* Almost $1 billion dollars was pissed away on the absurd gun registration program.

* More than $20 billion dollars has been guaranteed through the Canada Export Development Corporation, with which to finance Canada’s biggest and most debt ridden corporations.

* And let us not forget the $100 million dollars for new Corporate Jets for the PMO, while our fighting men and women continue to fly the “Death-Trap” Sea King Helicopters.

This PIECE OF WORK who passes for Canada’s Prime Minister, might have achieved what I couldn’t believe possible. He might even be worse for Canada than was Brian Mulroney.

And for the biggest joke of all. He would probably get elected again, if he decided to run, simply because the electorate have proven consistently that they are even MORE incompetent than he is.

Where we should be running this bad actor and all of his pals out of town on a rail, tarred and feathered, we just gaze into the distance like the lazy brain dead dummies, which too many Canadians have become.

And instead of painting the whole miserable lot of them with the same brush, PAUL MARTIN included; ESPECIALLY Paul Martin, since he was a willing participant during the entire ride; we will either not show up to vote during the next election, or we will “hold our collective nose” and vote Liberal for Paul Martin.

THAT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Canada is near collapse. Our BOOMERS are ready to retire. Our workforce is under-manned. Our national debt is going to bury us. Our politics have divided the regions and linguistic groups. And Chrétien has surrendered Parliament’s law making position to an “appointed” Supreme Court.

As the world heads towards WAR, STAGNATION and DEFLATION, Canada will be left standing alone. Europe and Asia will worry more about their own position, and the Americans will pay Canada back in kind, for the way we treated them in their hour of need.

If ever, there was a time for a REGIME CHANGE, the time is now. For years, I railed against the Reform Party. I ridiculed their leadership, and chose to destroy my ballot rather than vote for them.

BUT THIS HAS ALL CHANGED. Not only will I vote for the Canadian Alliance, I will also support them financially. The Liberals have got to go. The Conservatives stand for nothing. And the NDP stands for everything that will destroy a free market economy.

Instead of voting against everyone else, I will actually be voting FOR the Canadian Alliance. What an absolutely refreshing concept in Canadian politics. Imagine; actually voting FOR a party, opposed to voting against all the other parties.

The next federal election could not be coming anytime too soon.

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  1. Thanks again, Howard, for calling it as it is! One would never be able to read your comments in an American paper.

    Proof positive… PRIVACY no longer exists in the USA – for anyone who is white, or is not one of O.B.’s stooges. This is one of the last rights that Obama has demolished… via the NBA. Hope Sterling does fight back – too bad it would have to be on American soil – will likely have a pre-decided verdict.. Geez.
    Hopefully, we don’t get quite that bad here, in Canada!

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