Concordia University Shames Sir George William’s Memory.

Wearing my Sir George Williams University deep burgundy jacket gave me enormous pride. Here I was, a university student at Sir George Williams, a Montreal institution.

Not only was I a student at “Sir George Williams University” in the late 1960’s, now known as Concordia, I was also one of the editors of the “Georgian Newspaper”, and a writer for the evening students’ newspaper; known as “The Paper”.

Wearing my “Sir George Williams University” deep burgundy jacket gave me enormous pride. Here I was, a university student at “Sir George Williams”, a Montreal institution; it wasn’t McGill, but nonetheless; it was just as special to me.

I never graduated. And in fact, I left the University to work full time after only a couple of years of attending during the evening. Nonetheless; the time I spent at “Sir George”, created some wonderful memories which will be a part of me forever.

This was in the late 60’s, when students were “finding” themselves worldwide. When FREE speech, FREE expression, FREE love and just about everything else that was FREE was in vogue.

Being partly a commerce university, and partly a liberal arts university, “Sir George” was quite divided. But not like it is today. Then, the division was actually interesting, flavorful and FUN.

I was part of the commerce faculty, and as such, I was interested in a more conservative atmosphere. Then there was the fine arts faculty, which was more or less interested in how much dope they could smoke, while trying to understand the philosophies of the absurd. This was the GREAT DIVIDE.

But today, at Concordia, the GREAT DIVIDE has much less to do with campus life and university philosophy, and much more to do with racism, intimidation and fear.

Arab Islamists have caused a great deal of suffering worldwide. The best two examples are the murders carried out in the name of Islam on 9/11. And the on-going murders of Jews at the hands of Arab Islamists in Israel.

And one only has to read the newspapers, or turn to any news broadcast to see and/or hear of additional near daily murders and violence caused by Arab Islamists throughout the world.

And now, this Arab Islamic hatred has permeated the very soul of Concordia. What is even more troubling than the takeover of my former university by Arab Islamists, is in how easily they are accomplishing this feat.

From the University itself, there is only trepidation and silence.

I was at “Sir George” during the race riot in the late 1960’s. I stood on the street when the university crowd cheered-on Montreal’s police force, as they went in to get the rioters. I cheered with them. But there is nothing to cheer about today.

About 30 years ago, “Sir George Williams” stood for something. It showed courage in the face of a specific threat. But some 30 years later, Concordia acts like a timid church mouse, fearing the wrath of Islamists who stand diametrically opposed to FREEDOM of speech, FREEDOM of association, and the FREEDOM not to be frightened to go to university.

The Arab Islamists, who have brought Yasser Arafat’s style of intimidation to my former campus, deserve nothing short of our greatest derision. And the university administration, which cowers in silent compliance in the face of intimidation, also deserves nothing less.

The memory of “Sir George Williams University” is being defiled by Arab Islamist thugs and administrative cowards. How utterly sad for people such as myself, who have seen much prouder days at what was once a great Montreal institution and icon.

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  1. I DVR Fox News weekdays from 4PM-8PM: Greta, O’Reilly, Megan and Hanitty. I begin watching 7PM, fast-forwarding the commercials and anything else of no interest to me. My total viewing time of this 4-hour interval is usually 2 hours. The day after the revelation about Sterling, my total viewing time was less than 30 minutes. Everything was opinions about the incident–no national or international news. This obsession with Sterling is an unfortunate diversion from the real news.

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