Bonjour Quebec!

My apologies to Reed Scowen and Tommy Schnurmacher. They were both right. And it is far past the time for Canada to say bonjour to Quebec. And as long as the rest of Canada panders to Quebec, Canada is indeed not a real country.

Now that I have been living within Ontario for slightly longer than two years, I have successfully gone through the psychological stages of Quebec withdrawal. And where I was once blinded by the importance of Quebec, now I can finally see.

After a substantial absence from Distinctland, with regular visits to Montreal, one eventually realizes that all the fuss about Quebec was (is) not worth the aggravation. Not even a little bit of it. Whether Quebec stays within Confederation, and accepts, or does not accept its inclusion as part of the Canadian Constitution, is relevant ONLY to Quebec.

Several years ago, a former member of the Quebec legislature, Reed Scowen, wrote a book which stated that it was time to say goodbye to Quebec. How dare he say such a thing? And where was his Canadian pride? These were my thoughts of indignation concerning his conclusion.

At about the same time of Reed Scowen’s book, Tommy Schnurmacher, of Montreal radio statio CJAD, wrote a book which parroted former Quebec Premier, and “sometimes” Separatist “par excellence”, Lucien Bouchard, that Canada was NOT a real country.

Bull! Canada is a real country. It’s just the way we behave as Canadians, which sort of makes us a little surreal. So I thought.

And now that I am no longer a lobster trapped in a cage named Quebec, according to a quote from yet another former Quebec Premier, but still Separatist and racist, Jacques Parizeau; I have seen the light.

My apologies to Reed Scowen and Tommy Schnurmacher. They were both right. And it is far past the time for Canada to say bonjour to Quebec. And as long as the rest of Canada panders to Quebec, Canada is indeed NOT a real country.

As an Ontario taxpayer, I no longer want to continue paying taxes for the benefit of Quebec.

I don’t ever want to vote for a Prime Minister from Quebec. I never again want a Prime Minister who is from Quebec. I don’t want to hear how Canada must be bilingual, when in fact, Canada is NOT bilingual. I don’t want to have to hear Quebec moan and groan about all of their many shortcomings, being the fault of Canada.

I don’t ever want to hear about ethnocentric language laws which cripple and strangle Quebec’s society, as if it is my problem. Speaking of Quebec’s society: I never want to hear about DISTINCT SOCIETY. Not ever again.

I don’t care if the Montreal Gazette wants to suck up to the Québécois ethnocentric nationalists. And I never want to hear how it is important, that the rest of Canada should be “generous” and understanding to Quebec.

I don’t want the Supreme Court of Canada passing judgments which fly in the face of Constitutional rights, simply because they too believe that they have to be “generous” to Quebec.

And I am still trying to figure out why 5/9ths of the Supreme Court of Canada Judges are French Canadians, when only 25% of Canada’s population is French Canadian.

Quebec is a disaster for Canada. Quebec is like an anchor, it weights down the rest of the country. Let Quebec go! And if they won’t go, and if they won’t change their Québécois ethnocentric, xenophobic, whining ways; kick the Bastards out.

Enough is enough. Let Quebec be as Québécois as it wants to be. Let them pass all the racist language laws that make them feel happy and superior. And let them do whatever they want with themselves. But; let them stop dragging the rest of the country along with them.

I know that this is somewhat extreme. Especially coming from someone such as myself, who has spent so many years, and so much money and energy fighting to preserve Quebec within Canada, and trying so hard to make Quebec an equitable place for everyone to live. But; now that I am not living within the sickness, I see that pandering to Quebec is a useless, draining and losing battle.

Quebec will never change. It will always be an ethnocentric backwater pretending to be oh so sophisticated, much like their just as useless cousins in France.

And the elitists in the “Anglo/Ethnic” Quebec minorities, will always try to invent new ways to appease and comply with racist language laws. Laws that make them and their children second class citizens.

And like always, the majority of “Anglo/Ethnic” second class citizens, will continue to keep their mouths shut, and vote for the Quebec Liberals who are just as ethnocentric as the Parti Québécois.

Fighting for truth, justice and equality in Quebec, is like pissing into a hurricane, in the hollow hope that it won’t come back and splash you in the face.

Here is my recipe for people who live in Quebec, and are not pleased with what I have just written.

If you don’t like high taxes, diminishing services, an incompetent civil service, corruption, racist language laws, educational and workplace discrimination, and a government constantly pushing an exclusively French Québécois agenda, do what Anne and I did: pay the price, and get the hell out. Otherwise, don’t complain.

If personal freedom is not worth sacrificing and fighting for, it’s not worth having. The Quebec minorities have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they are not prepared to fight and or sacrifice for their personal freedom and equal rights.

Anne and I, along with an ENORMOUS number of others, have made our choice. We lost a great deal of money in the transition of moving from Quebec to Ontario. However; the breath of fresh air, in living without the constant burden of ethnocentric stress has made it all worth it. The only regret: we should have done it sooner.

Therefore; in the long and short of it; in my opinion, and in the opinion of many others, Quebec has to go in order for the rest of Canada to move forward.

And if there was another referendum on Quebec separation, such as was held on October 30, 1995, instead of fighting to keep Quebec within Canada, I would be campaigning for the OUI side, just to say Bonjour Quebec. It’s been a slice.

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  1. Right on brother. It is all about $$$. The NBA did not want to lose the revenue from the playoffs. They made a deal with DS,go along with this and then after, or if the Clippers lose, you are on your own. Legally they cannot do anything other than a fine. All the “Sharptons” want is for the Cash flow to continue, they are in on his side. The Players, play of no pay. I am sure they will be at practice. You see, it is all about the $$$$

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