Lynsey Bennett Does NOT Represent Canada.

Implying that Lynsey Bennett was ever a representative of Canada is stupidity to the maximum.

The Canadian Beauty Queen, Lynsey Bennett, is becoming a hero of some sort for what the media describe as her foresight, courage, and wisdom to leave Nigeria, when the leaving was good.

She is also referred to as a representative of Canada. BULL!

Lynsey Bennett might be a nice young woman. She certainly is beautiful. And she certainly knew enough to get the hell out of harm’s way when she had to. But, she is no hero. All she did was to have the sense to run for her pretty little life. And if she indeed had any foresight whatsoever, she would never have been in Nigeria as a Beauty Pageant contestant in the first place.

Implying that Lynsey Bennett was ever a representative of Canada is stupidity to the maximum. Let’s say there was a worldwide Bordello contest, and a Canadian girl went to the championships. Would we all of a sudden assume that she represented Canada? Not that I am comparing Lynsey Bennett to a prostitute. But the principle is the same.

This Miss World Pageant is nothing more than a “tits and ass” contest showcasing beautiful young women whose appearance is the only real talent required.

Having people ogle the “merchandise” at a beauty contest is almost as archaic to women’s rights and dignity, as are the beliefs of Islamist fundamentalists who want to kill them for it.

Lynsey Bennett has every right to strut all of her stuff. And she also has the right to do it wherever she wants. But no one, including Lynsey Bennett, has the right to pretend that she is doing it as a representative of Canada.

The only thing of any value that came out of this absolute stupidity, horror and genocide, is that once again, Islamist fundamentalists were seen for what and whom they are. And with the greatest of regrets, some 200 and more people died to prove it.

The media, and even our own government has no right making more of her, than what she really is. She is a Beauty Queen who entered a contest to strut her stuff for her own benefit. Nothing more and nothing less. I am glad she wasn’t hurt. And I am sickened by the events that preceded the pageant.

Now let’s get on with our lives, and report on important issues, like the MORON Françoise Duclos’ resignation. And even more important, the acceptance of her resignation, by her even more MORONIC boss, Jean Chrétien.

And for anyone who might have been bent out of joint with my “dumb blonde” remark in the previous editorial, don’t be too upset. Some of my best friends are blondes.

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  1. Although the words uttered by Donald Sterling are offensive, I agree that that we have a double standard today. All left of center remarks good or bad are allowed but anything the so called right of center says is not. GIVE THEM HELL !!!! Howard

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