Sunday Round-Up

So many events, and so little time. Here are the few things I didn't write about previously, but nonetheless, are substantial and important. At least to me.

This past week, a senior UN worker died in an exchange of gunfire between Israeli forces and armed Palestinians in a “refugee camp” within Jenin. According to the Israelis, the Palestinian gunmen were firing at the Israeli troops from within the UN facility. And the UN worker was mistaken by the Israelis as being a member of the Palestinian shooters.

I have only one question. What were armed Palestinians doing in a UN facility?

I saw the funeral procession of the UN worker, whose body was carried by Palestinians draped under a UN flag, as it made its way through the streets, carried by Palestinians. Much like you see when a dead Palestinian “militant” is carried. But without the gunfire into the air. I guess they save that for their more celebrated heroes.

The UN worker was awarded the status of being a martyr by the Palestinians, in effect, making him one with them. Perhaps the Israelis first inclination, that shooting him was a case of mistaken identity, wasn’t such a mistake after-all.

A slightly wounded UN female counterpart, who survived the same exchange of gunfire, was giving interviews from her hospital bed. She was beaming. If she looked any happier and self satisfied, I would have guessed that she had discovered the cure for cancer. I guess she now feels completely at one with her Palestinian buddies. Maybe she wants to become a martyr as well?

According to the Jerusalem Post, Israeli Foreign Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, invited some 27 ambassadors from around the world to visit the Israeli victims of the last suicide murder attack on a bus in Jerusalem. The attack that killed 11, including children going to school.

It seems as though the ambassadors had an entirely different view of the Palestinian “militants” when seeing the results of terror up close and personal. All of the ambassadors, other than Victor Harel of Denmark, who still wants to find moral equivalence between Palestinian terror attacks and Israeli defense, condemned the Palestinian attack as unconscionable. This is a first.

The Saudi Arabians are being sued for 15 TRILLION dollars US, by victims of 9/11; for aiding, abetting and financing the terrorists. The latest accused Saudi Arabian is the wife of Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the USA, who wrote checks to the terrorists. The question is not: Who are the Saudi supporters of Islamic murderers? It is: Who are NOT the Saudi supporters of Islamic murderers?

The Miss World Pageant, to be held in Nigeria, where a woman is condemned to be stoned to death for having sex outside of marriage, pulled out of this Islamic/Christian country after some 200 people were murdered. The victims of this atrocity and slaughter were murdered simply because the pageant, which, in the minds of Islamists, is an insult to Islam.

I am not at all surprised that these Nigerian savages murdered people in the name of Islam, over such a misogynist issue, since that is what and whom they are. The shock to me, is why the Miss World organizers chose Nigeria in the first place?

Even though the Miss World Pageant rules state: that the next pageant, is to be held in the country of the last winner; in this case, the last winner was from Nigeria; any moron could have foreseen serious trouble from the Islamists. Since to these Islamic aberrations to humanity, murder is far less egregious than showing a little tits and ass.

The other issue concerning the murders in Nigeria is the total lack of condemnation from anyone at the UN. About 200 people were murdered at the hands of Islamists, yet, there isn’t even a whimper from the world body. If Israel shoots one terrorist in self defense, the international condemnations roll in like the waves of the Mediterranean. But when about 200 people are massacred for no reason other than Islamic fundamentalism, silence.

I have to wonder if Nigeria is on Canada’s list to receive about $800 million in annual Canadian aid to Africa?

Canada can’t afford to arm and equip our troops. We don’t have the funds to replace our antique and dangerous Sea King helicopters. We can’t maintain our healthcare services. And more than 1,000,000 Canadian children go to bed hungry every night. Yet; Canada has just committed $200 million to help rebuild Lebanon from their civil war, which ended some two decades ago.

Is this $200 million in addition to the $1.2 BILLION Canada has already committed annually to foreign aid? Or are we writing a bonus check?

This morning, on US televison, I saw two members of Congress speak about the threat of Hezbollah, as the single greatest threat facing the Free World.

Hezbollah, which is financed by Iran and Syria, has international credibility, but is also the single largest purveyor and fomenter of terrorism in the world. More so than Al Qaeda. Yet, Canada refuses to put them on the terrorist list, and still grants them charitable status.

And finally – Political Correctness: There have been a spate of murders, home invasions, and rapes carried out in Toronto. Many, if not most of them caused by members of the Black community. Albeit, more so the Black Jamaican community.

That said; major media, such as the Toronto Star, REFUSE to publish in their news coverage the race of the perpetrators of crimes. I watched, more than once, the televison coverage of bodies being loaded onto ambulances as a result of shootouts.

The news reader, or the on-the-scene reporter, NEVER identifies the victims or shooters as black. They describe their height, weight, age, type of clothing, the getaway vehicle and where the event happened. Everything but their race.

The only indication that Blacks are involved, is when the spectators at the event, who are captured on camera, are Black. Why the political correctness? If most violent crimes, specifically murders in Toronto are carried out by Blacks, even by Blacks upon Blacks, why should the media hide this fact?

If publishing this FACT, that Blacks in Toronto are so much more involved in violence, than are Whites or Asians, is an embarrassment to the whole Black community, then that is a good thing. And it must be up to the Black community, to act as a community, and deal with the issues which cause so many Blacks to conduct themselves in such an abhorrent fashion.

Hiding the truth is acceptable in a Communist, Totalitarian or Islamic culture. But not in a society which prides itself on being open and democratic. Doesn’t the media think that all of society should have the right to know? Or is the truth a selective process to be held exclusively in the hands of the media to be doled out in measured increments according to their values?

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  1. This is not about what Sterling said, in ???? private ????, but rather the moral state of this country, with it’s double standard. “You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things.” – whether private or out in the open. Sterling, most likely has been this way for years. So, why now! Who’s next? If they want a fight, then let’s give it to them.

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