A Silent Victory – The Worst Kind.

The only truth that counts, is the truth that is heard throughout the land, and a truth that doesn't fade away under the glare of very bright lights. Only losers and slime lurk in the shadows.

The worst victory of all, is a victory held in obscurity. This happened this past month when the CCRA (Canadian Customs Revenue Agency), Canada’s agency responsible for determining which groups get to enjoy charitable status, and which groups do not, quietly gave in on the CMDA’s (Canadian Mogen David Adom’s) right to retain its charitable status.

For those reading this article, who know not of what I write, you can refer to a series of editorials in the GALGANOV DOT COM ARCHIVES, dated: 10/03/02 and 10/07/02.

However, in short, the CCRA deemed that the CMDA should not retain its charitable status, because the ambulances it supplies to Israel also dispense medical emergency services to sick and/or wounded people living outside of what Canada recognizes as Israel proper. And that one ambulance was turned over to the Israeli Defense Forces to be used as a field hospital after it had been retired by the CMDA. There were a few other insignificant reasons as well.

Yet; the CCRA has absolutely no problem in allowing the terrorist group, Hezbollah’s “charitable” wing to be granted this coveted Canadian charitable status. As it is also so generous with other Islamic terrorist group supporters. It’s much like recognizing the “Nazi Benevolent Society” as a separate organization from the “Nazi SS”.

I was first informed of this obscenity via E-Mail from supporters of the CMDA, who let me know that the CMDA had lost its case to retain its charitable status in the Quebec Court of Appeal, which means, that it had to have also lost its first round in Quebec Superior Court, leaving just one option; an appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.

This issue was kept so low profile, that when I first wrote about it, I was accused by some of my readers of making the whole thing up. One of the accusers DEMANDED proof from me, that what I was writing wasn’t just a fabrication, or an overstatement of fact.

I too was blown away with the fact that this issue was being fought in the courts of law, but not even mentioned in the court of public opinion. It was nearly unfathomable to me, that the CMDA didn’t take this horrible double standard to the streets.

But in the usual manner of too many Jewish organizations, it always seems to be better, in their mind’s eye, to maintain the “courtesy” of political correctness. To make no waves. And to bring the least bit of attention to themselves as possible, while they politely negotiate in the shadows; always worried that someone will be critical.

This is not my style. It has never been my style. And it will never be my style. And that is one of the reasons why many within the MAINSTREAM Jewish community have very little time for me.

Nonetheless, fighting for your rights in silence, is not the way to fight. If your rights are not worth screaming about, then they are not worth fighting over either.

I took this battle to the Internet, to Parliament Hill, and to Radio Talk Shows. And I informed the government of what I was doing every inch of the way. And because of my original editorial, others started writing to Elinor Caplan (the minister responsible for the CCRA) and to the Prime Minister as well.

The final straw however, came when Stockwell Day of the Canadian Alliance, did a Network Radio Show with me on Stirling Faux’s Radio Broadcast, and it certainly didn’t look all that good for the governing Liberals, especially since so many Christians were calling in to express their outrage.

Step two was for Stockwell Day to bring the matter up during Question Period. Step three was for Stockwell Day to present a motion on the floor, to reverse the unfair and anti-Israel policy of the CCRA.

But it never got beyond step one. By the time the radio show went to air, and before Stockwell Day had an opportunity to rise in the House of Commons to ask the government why they were being so unfair to a Jewish charitable group, while closing their eyes to Islamic terrorist groups, the government scrambled to make a secret deal with the CMDA.

I am certain that everyone involved will deny that a secret deal was made. For CMDA, supplying the ambulances to Israel, quiet is better. They got to keep what they had. For the government and the CCRA, a quiet deal meant they didn’t have to explain their actions, and a substantial policy reversal to anyone. A political hot potato was kept off the table.

But to all the people who helped to make this happen. They didn’t even know that their efforts scored a victory. And not just a small victory. The voice of the people was heard, and it scared the crap out of the mini-brains at the CCRA, and the other mini-brains in government.

And if it wasn’t for Stockwell Day telling me that he didn’t go any further with this on Parliament Hill, simply because a deal was made, none of us would have ever known.

So, BRAVO to Stockwell Day of the Canadian Alliance, and to all the people who let their thoughts be known. And as pleased as I am that the CMDA are still in the business of sending ambulances to Israel, I am not in the least bit impressed with their decision to make a silent deal in the shadows.

The only truth that counts, is the truth that is heard throughout the land, and a truth that doesn’t fade away under the glare of very bright lights. Only losers and slime lurk in the shadows.

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