A Letter To A Former Montrealer – Now A US Citizen.

During Clinton's administration; Israel had its arm twisted into making "peace" with a Jew hating, terrorist savage. Not as much for the good of Israel; as much, as it was for the good of Clinton.

A correspondent, who is a former Montrealer, but now lives in Florida as an American citizen sent me an article attacking American Conservatives, which recently appeared in the New York Times.

I get a substantial amount of letters from Americans and Canadians who are “confused”, or perhaps “hopeful” Democrats (Liberals), many of whom object to my personal turn towards the side of Conservatism, but who lack a counter argument in defense of their concept of Liberalism.

Mostly; the argument made by the Democrats who are clinging to their illusions center around how Bush and company are going to DOOM America. Yet, they never really explain how, in any terms other than innuendo.

And somehow; in their minds, it has ALWAYS been better when the USA had Presidents from the Democratic Party. The following is a slightly edited and enhanced response to the letter which I sent to this correspondent:

DEAR IRWIN: Like most nice Jewish boys from Montreal, I also grew up as a Liberal. But now that I am 52 years old, and see the world in a different light, I am far more Conservative in much of my thinking.

At one point, just two years ago, I supported Al Gore, and thought that Clinton was a very good President. And just like so many others, I ridiculed Bush. But not anymore.

In The final analysis, Clinton’s presidency was a disaster. He led the government during a time of unprecedented worldwide growth and profits. Yet, he did nothing with it that will be part of any future legacy.

During his two terms in office, America was hit decisively by terrorists FOUR times. The first attack on the World Trade Center. The two attacks on US embassies in Africa. And the near destruction of the USS Cole. And in retaliation for any, or all of the preceding. NOTHING!

During Clinton’s administration; Israel had its arm twisted into making “peace” with a Jew hating, terrorist savage. Not as much for the good of Israel; as much, as it was for the good of Clinton. As a result, Israel has been bloodied more often on its own soil, since Clinton’s initiative, than during Israel’s entire modern history.

The US Democrats, much like the Canadian Liberals, have proven that they more or less stand for nothing. And if you want to talk about corruption; there has never been a greater fraud perpetrated upon the people of the entire world, as was done during the Clinton administration; on Wall Street and in the Dot Com boardrooms.

Just the mention of Michael Milken’s Clinton pardon, says all that needs to be said about Clinton’s true morality. Monica Lewinsky was just a flirtation. The Milken pardon was the true fucking of America.

I am not in love or totally enamored with George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald H Rumsfeld, John Ashcroft and company. But I will take them to protect the free world, any day, over what the Democrats have to offer.

And as for the New York Times writer, Paul Krugman, who complains passionately that the media is slanted towards the “right”, by singling out Fox News and Conservative American Radio Talk Show Hosts. He should only read his own substantial newspaper, The New York Times, whose slant rivals a ski hill. Especially when it comes to screwing over Israel.

A perfect example of the New York Times slanted Middle East reporting was in its most recent coverage of yet another TERRORIST MURDER in Israel. This time, the MURDERED people lived not in the “territories” or on a “settlement”. They were not “right wing” Jewish religious zealots. They were in fact “peaceniks” who lived on an Israeli Kibbutz, and who wanted nothing more than to be the shining example of how Israeli Jews can live side by side in peace and harmony with their Arab Palestinian neighbors.

Of the five MURDER victims; two were infant brothers, shot in their bedroom after their mother tried to shield them with her own body. She fell first. Two other MURDER victims were unarmed members of the Kibbutz, who were also gunned down in cold blood. One because he happened to be in the wrong place at the right time. And the other who managed the Kibbutz, and came to see what the gunfire was all about.

How did the New York Times report this horror. NOT by calling the MURDERERS TERRORISTS, or even MURDERERS. They were the usual “militants” and “suspected” gunmen. They were anything but TERRORISTS and MURDERERS. They weren’t even “confirmed” Palestinians. At least not according to the New York Times.

If the Fox News Network is now America’s number one Television News Network, there has to be a reason, since everyone is free to view what they want to view. And if Conservative Radio Talk Show hosts are ruling the air waves, it is because that is what the people want to hear.

Just this week, CNN is doing a propaganda series on the “new” Saudi Arabian school curriculum with Christiana Annapour. She is seen posed WITHOUT a head-scarf, standing with beautifully well made-up Saudi women, with head- scarves worn loosely upon their exposed shining hair.

Since when can women be publicly seen in misogynist Saudi Arabia without a head-scarf? Even Christiana Annapour? Much less show any hair or cosmetic make-up?

This is the usual CNN propaganda, to make us believe that Saudi Arabia really isn’t all that bad, even though 85% of Saudis think that Osama Bin Laden is a hero, to be revered, almost to the status of Mohammed.

And just yesterday, Friday, November 15, TWENTY-SEVEN innocent Jews were gunned down while walking on the street from their Sabbath prayers. 12 are dead.

The first report I heard, said: “Twelve people were shot today by Palestinian militants”. What were these people? Were they soldiers? Were they door to door salespeople? Were they Jehovah Witnesses? Were they horseback riders? No. They were Jews. And that is why they were gunned down and MURDERED.

When a single Palestinian is felled by an Israeli soldier, it is always made absolutely clear in every report that a PALESTINIAN was shot, or blown up, or whatever, by an Israeli soldier. Or by an Israeli launched rocket.

The victims of Jewish violence in Israel and the Palestinian territories are ALWAYS identified by the Liberal media as being Palestinian. But Jewish victims of Palestinians or Islamists, are always nondescript people when they’re MURDERED. And ONLY described as Jews or Israelis when they are the aggressors. Even in self defense.

I too am fed up with a looser, let’s play nice, and accommodate the Bastards attitude. You know; the same attitude that drove you, me, and a half million others like us out of Quebec.


Then if we so desire, we can all go back to being good little Liberals, after it is once again safe to do so. Until then: I’m with Bush! So just screw the Liberal media, and the lies that comfort them.

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  1. What exactly was Sterling’s crime? No crime. Who exactly was harmed by Sterling? Nobody but people who were offended, as I was. Sterling is a bigot, a racist, a misogynist, and an all-around piece of garbage. But he is an American and as such he has a constitutional right to be all of those things – IN FREEDOM. Donald Sterling was punished for his reprehensible views and thoughts. They punish people for that in Saudi Arabia and Iran. Now it happens in PC America too… It USED TO BE America.

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