Once Again; Chrétien Finds A Way To Distance Canada From The USA.

Chrétien, telling the Americans, that they could go it alone in Iraq, without Canada's support, has far more consequences than the war in Iraq.

At this weekend’s APEC meeting in Mexico, Canada’s Prime Minister, Jean Chrétien took two opportunities to issue very public statements. The first: was to congratulate Prime Minister Vladimir Putin of Russia for the way he handled the Chechen terrorists.

I guess Canada’s Prime Minister, feels that it is quite alright to gas and execute Islamic terrorists who are killing innocent Russians. But it is an entirely different matter when it is Islamic terrorists who are killing innocent Israeli Jews. As is documented by the long list of condemnations Canada has signed at the UN, against Israel’s right to self defense.

Not to mention the many public castigations uttered by successive members of Jean Chrétien’s Cabinet; in the names specifically of Bill Graham, Canada’s current Minister of Foreign Affairs. And by John Manley, Canada’s current deputy Prime Minister and former Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The other public statement had to do with Chrétien’s unequivocal promise NOT to support the USA in a war against Iraq. That is, unless the UN endorses a resolution to go to war.

I clearly remember Canada’s General Romeo Dallaire suffering a very public nervous breakdown as the result of what the UN wouldn’t do in 1994.

The UN, lead by the same idiot Secretary General, Kofi Annan, who, at that time was the “Head of UN Peace Keeping”, ORDERED General Dallaire to stand down and do nothing but watch, when as many as 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus were slaughtered. He was also told to do nothing as Hutu children hacked to death Tutsi children; by the tens of thousands.

Not only did General Dallaire have the armed troops at hand to stop the massacres he also had advance information of the pending massacre. Dallaire BEGGED the UN (Kofi Annan), and he BEGGED Jean Chrétien for the right to intervene. But to no end. He was ordered to stay his troops and do nothing.

Kofi Annan’s response years later: “WE made a mistake”. Notice the emphasis on WE. Jean Chrétien’s response: “It was not up to us to make a unilateral decision. We were under the command of the UN”. Sound familiar. It should. Because here we go again.

Chrétien, telling the Americans, that they could go it alone in Iraq, without Canada’s support, has far more consequences than the war in Iraq. Canada will lose whatever benefit this and future American administrations would ever offer our way. and more than that, the Americans remember who are their friends, and who are not.

If the USA wants, they could bankrupt Canada with a stroke of a pen, and leave all of our industries in a heap, and create a made in Canada depression which would make 1929 look like a picnic.

Perhaps Chrétien should have a closer look at the hundreds of billions of dollars in trade which flow from our North to their South. And then think through his decision to stand with the useless UN – one more time.

Not only is standing with the USA in their pending war with Iraq the right thing to do. It is also the smart thing to do. Just imagine what would happen to Canada if the USA decided to close the door on more than just our soft-wood lumber.

Maybe one of Kofi Annan’s third world countries would be willing to pick up the slack. You think?

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  1. Sir:
    You are so absolutely and importantly correct!!
    There formerly was something known as the First Amendment to our Constitution, which now only prevails at the behest of those yelling the loudest and that never seems to be those of sanity in thought!

    While I may be incensed at the speech, even intent, I have to ask, “Did we yield those rights to Sharpton, Wright, even Obama, and not this foul mouthed billionaire?” Hearing powers that be are scouring emails for ‘hate’… WHOSE?

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