The BBC’s Coverage Of The Chechen Islamist Take-Down Reveals More About The BBC Than The Assault.

Why else would people who blow up other people in places like Russia, Bali, Indonesia and the Philippines be called TERRORISTS, yet; when Jews are blown up by Islamists, the murderers are referred to as MILITANTS?

I watched the BBC last night at 11:30, as they broadcast their live coverage of the Russian assault on the Chechen Islamists, who were holding some 700 people hostage in the Russian theater.

The on-camera BBC journalist spoke with angry conviction, and a poorly disguised deficit of objectivity, when he continuously referred to the Chechens as TERRORISTS. He spoke of the hostage situation and the terrorist acts of the Chechens as murder. While at the same time, he spoke in condoning terms of the Russian assault.

The BBC journalist also condemned the taking of civilians as hostages in a conflict between ideologies.

I believe that all the Chechen terrorist Islamists should have been taken down hard by the Russians. There is never reason for targeted assaults on civilians. NEVER!

That said; I am absolutely livid over the tone of the BBC coverage. Here, this sanctimonious peace of BBC work, has no problem in calling the murdering Islamists for what they are: TERRORISTS. And he has no problem stating unequivocally that civilian targets are never acceptable . . . BUT!

Here’s the BUT. How come, when Islamist Palestinians or neighboring Islamist Arabs murder Israeli citizens; to the BBC, the murderers are militants or activists? Anything but TERRORISTS. How come, when the Islamists blow up Israeli (Jewish) innocents, the suicide murderers are shown by the BBC to be just as much the victims, as are the innocent people (Jews) they had murdered?

How come the BBC finds a mountain of fault and responsibility with the Israelis for the attacks that are visited upon themselves, for the way Israel “treats” the Palestinians? Yet, after the deaths of more than 100,000 Chechens at the hands of the Russian military, there seems to be no mention of the infamous “Root Cause”.

The ONLY reason I can discern for this vile double standard is anti-Semitism. And not to stop there; anti Americanism as well; even amongst much of the morally and ethically conflicted North American media.

Why else would people who blow up other people in places like Russia, Bali, Indonesia and the Philippines be called TERRORISTS. Yet; when Jews are blown up by Islamists, the murderers are referred to as MILITANTS?

Why else would the world-wide media seek to find a “Root Cause” with the attacks on the USA, including, and especially 9/11, if it wasn’t for an anti-American bent?

BBC is not the only media in the world with this horrible and unacceptable bias. CNN North America and CNN World, CBC and Sky News Europe are all guilty.

The Russians were more than right to assault and kill the Islamist Chechen terrorists for what they had done. And the media was right to report it the way they did.

However; the media is not right to pick and choose which murdering Islamic group has justification in their acts. And which murdering Islamic group does not.

The media has no right to declare that some victims of the victims of terror are just that; victims. While at the same time, they create some sort of equivalence between the murderers and their victims, as they do in their never ending condemnation of Israel.

For me; it’s as black and white as it can be. Anyone who specifically targets civilians for fear, pain or death, is a TERRORIST; regardless of whose cause he/she is championing.

To, too many within the international journalistic world, this truth and obvious distinction is lost.

I am happy that the Russians prevailed. And I am happy that the BBC were once more exposed for their biased and anti-Semitic reporting. Maybe one day, there will be some real journalistic balance. But I doubt if it will be any day soon.

If you want to read more about the Russian assault, straight form the Russians. Simply go to the “Media Links” section found on the menu bar directly to the left, and go to the Russian Media which is published in English. You will have three English written Russian newspapers to choose from.

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  1. Howard, You just said exactly what I had said to my husband when this all came out. No one can punish or silence anyone for their thoughts and private conversations in America (so far). And like you said, how many of the players have made racist comments about whites?!!

    Thank you for always standing for and with the truth and for our Constitutional Rights.

    God Bless You & Your Family.

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