What The World Needs Is Clarity. Not Nebulous Theories. By Ralph Peters.

What is there to address when the threat to world peace is caused by vicious hatred of secular nations like the US, racism (anti-Semitism), or sadistic political leaders that would receive Stalin's approval if he were still alive.

Ralph Peters wrote to me the other day, and in his communication, he stated the following:

But before you read it, you should know that Ralph Peters is someone who reads my editorials and occasionally sends me some of his own thoughts. Just like you and many other people who read and refer this web-site to others.

In this particular case, Ralph Peters was able to sum up the real threat to world peace. And in just a few paragraphs, he said what the “professional” media elite seem unable to say in reams of newsprint . . . Howard Galganov.

By Ralph Peters: The 25 “experts” that make up the Trends Research Institute in the United States, printed a warning to readers of their summer issue of the Trends Journal. One of the sentences reads: “If current socioeconomic policy does not change course to address, rather than attack the problems underlying seething unrest, large chunks of the world could go up in smoke and down in flames.”

Also, they say that 2002 is shaping up to look like 1932 (old trends leading to new world war). I agree that 2002 is looking like events in 1932, when one looks at Pakistan, North Korea, and Iraq, remembering what developed in Germany, Italy and Japan in the 1930s. However, these “experts” seem to think that its possible to address the problems underlying the nations threatening world peace like North Korea, Iraq, and Pakistan.

What is there to address when the threat to world peace is caused by vicious hatred of secular nations like the US, racism (anti-Semitism), or sadistic political leaders that would receive Stalin’s approval if he were still alive.

Poverty and human suffering in North Korea or Iraq are caused by their political leaders, not by any nation considered to be their enemy. Iraqi “foreign policy” includes the annihilation of Israel, a country that set up its own field hospital in Macedonia, TO PROVIDE MEDICAL ASSISTANCE TO MUSLIMS FLEEING SERBIAN ATROCITIES IN 2000.

Poverty, famine, etcetera, are not even an issue in the case of Pakistan. Islamic fundamentalists, and their support of the Taliban is based on an issue that secular nations cannot change: Converting their democracies to Islamic states.

It is disturbing that these “experts”, which includes the well-known Gerald Celente, are listened to by many large corporations when planning their long-range business strategies. The serious threats to world peace need to be confronted with clarity, not nebulous theories that confuse the real issues.

Please Note: I never interfere with the practical context of any missive sent to me without the permission of the sender. However; I will from time to time make subtle changes to spelling and punctuation . . . HG.

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  1. I’m with your 100% Howard. Feeling quite strong that branding a person Stirling a racist for no other reason than he expressed an opinion to his girl friend, in private, I have asked several people a very simple question. Am I expected, or supposed to love everyone on the planet? Of course not, that is absurd. Some people don’t know how to respond because if you say, “No there are some people I don’t like”, then surely you would be called racist if you are white.

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