When You Shine A Bright Light – The Critters Scurry – Even In Ottawa.

We're Taking On The Canadian Customs and Revenue Agency. Not Everyone In Canada Is Anti-Israel. Only The Liberal Government.

The issue of Canada’s Middle Eastern double standard in dealing with Israel is heating up. The responses to my editorials concerning the CCRA’s (Canadian Customs and Revenue Agency’s) determination to revoke the CMDA’s (Canadian Mogen David Adom’s) charitable status have been stunning.

If you are not aware of what I am writing, please refer to the Archives of October 3, and October 7, 2002.

As a result of the many letters, articles, columns and editorials from the grass roots, the big media players are starting to take notice. So is Parliament Hill.

The National Post just published an excellent opinion piece on their op-ed page today (October 10, 2002). And yesterday late afternoon in Ottawa, I had a meeting with Stockwell Day’s executive assistant, who was quite au courant concerning the issue.

For those who might not know, Stockwell Day is the official opposition critic for Foreign Affairs, and as such, he wields an enormous amount of prestige and influence in the House and on the Floor.

This morning, I spoke with Stockwell Day, and talk-show host Stirling Faux of CKNW Radio. And all has been arranged to air a one hour show on the Corus Network, which is Canada’s talk-show juggernaut.

The three of us will be discussing Canada’s horrible Middle Eastern double standard on Stirling Faux’s show, from 6pm to 7pm Western time. 9pm to 10pm Eastern time.

In addition to this specific Middle Eastern issue, a great many other Canadian double standards concerning Israel’s right to live as a normal country will be discussed.

Stockwell Day has assured me that he will be bringing this CCRA outrage to the Floor of the House of Commons one way or the other. And sooner rather than later.

It is interesting that Hezbollah, a self admitted terrorist organization responsible for murdering men, women and children is still accepted in Canada as a charitable operation. Yet, a Jewish group which assembles and ships ambulances to Israel, is considered by the same CCRA, as being unworthy to enjoy charitable status.

This is a broadcast that will be well worth listening to. And it will be open to callers from across Canada.

You can hear this broadcast if you are within antenna distance to CKNW or one of its participating affiliates. Or, if you subscribe to either Star Choice or Bell Express Vu, or have an enhanced televison Cable service, or have access to the Internet. The program will be broadcast from CKNW Vancouver.

If you want to contact Stirling Faux before the show, or learn more about CKNW and its affiliates, you can find out all about them at www.cknw.com. It is important that our government knows that not all the people of Canada are asleep at the switch; nor accept this double standard.

An interesting side-note: It is assumed of course that much of the pro-Israel and pro Canadian Magen David Adom would come from the Jewish community. But; to read as many pro letters from the Christian community in support of the Middle East’s only democracy is nothing short of remarkable.

Mostly, the world does stay the same. But sometimes, there are changes that give us all a little bit of hope. There would never have been a Holocaust if the non Jewish European world of the 1930’s, would have been even remotely like the non Jewish North American world of 2002.

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  1. In reading this editorial, it renews in my mind the conflicting criteria that is practiced in matters of freedom of rights expected in this country (USA) and other countries (Muslim predominant). Christians, and Jews, are prosecuted in those countries to the point of torture and murder and it is condoned, and even honored. While at the same time, here, one is not to even utter an opinion, let alone any facts of their practices.

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