The Canadian Customs And Revenue Agency Just Won’t Let Go.

Not to be outdone in their quest to close down ambulance shipments, the CCRA also seized (October 3, 2002) and held literature supportive of Israel's right to exist.

Since my first editorial on the subject of the Canadian Customs and Revenue Agency’s (CCRA) decision to take away the designation of charitable status from the Canadian Magen David Adom (October 3, 2002 Editorial Archives), I have received a mountain of communications; including unrequested acknowledgment from the offices of Elinor Caplan, Minister of Revenue responsible for the CCRA.

Because the word is getting out, people are interested. So much so, that I will be doing a cross Canada radio show with Stirling Faux on the Corus network which booms into virtually every part of Western Canada. And London Ontario. Stirling also happens to be one of Canada’s best radio talk-show hosts on either side of the Rockies.

This show will be broadcast live, either Saturday October 12, or Sunday October 13. The anchor station is CKNW in Vancouver, which can be heard via Star Choice Satellite, and perhaps with Bell Express View, or on the Internet at CKNW Dot Com. When I have all the co-ordinates, I will publish them so people can listen and/or participate.

I am also in the process of setting up a meeting with prominent members of Parliament, who are also bothered by this CCRA policy.

The Canadian Customs and Revenue Agency falls under the authority of Revenue Minister Elinor Caplan. And under her leadership, this agency is in the process of stripping a Jewish Canadian organization from the right to finance and export ambulances to Israel.

I wonder if the Canadian Customs and Revenue Agency believes these ambulances slated for Israel are actually being assembled with hidden rocket launchers and turret guns.

Recently; Israel was in the news several times for organ donations. Jewish organs were going into the bodies of Arabs. I wonder if the Canadian Customs and Revenue Agency could find some way of determining whether any Canadian medical products were used in the “invasion” of Arab bodies with Jewish body parts. If so, perhaps Elinor Caplan’s department could find some way to close that down as well.

It is most interesting to think in the following terms: The CCRA wants to shut down the Canadian Jewish group which builds and ships ambulances to Israel. However; without these ambulances, at least one of the body-part donors, a young Scottish medical student who was recently murdered in the Jerusalem university blast, might not have been brought to an Israeli hospital, where his body parts were harvested, in order to save the life of an Arab. And this story is not anecdotal.

I wonder how many Arab services receiving Canadian largesse and tax free charitable dollars would do the same? I don’t have to think too hard. The answer is quite simple. NONE would be appropriate.

Not to be outdone in their quest to close down ambulance shipments, the CCRA also seized (October 3, 2002) and held literature supportive of Israel’s right to exist, in the guise that the 10 page flyers destined for the University of Toronto, constituted “hate literature”. However; within 48 hours of the seizure, the Canadian Customs and Revenue Agency released the literature. Why they seized these papers in the first place is a mystery. Other than having an opinion that is pro Israel might be suspect.

The literature in Question was part of a speech which the president of the Ayn Rand Institute was going to deliver on Sunday, at the University of Toronto on October 6, 2002.

It is interesting that pro Palestinians, and anti-Israelis are invited to speak throughout Canada, without confrontation. It is also interesting how Canadian and international university “intellectuals” have signed documents condemning Israel, and Israeli academics from participating in the democratic concept of free speech. Especially in the world of the intelligentsia.

A thought occurred to me as I was writing the preceding paragraph. I don’t know of any boycotts against Arab “intellectuals” by the world of academia – or by anyone else for that matter. This seems to me, to be very much, just a one way street. Especially when a Canadian government agency such as the Canadian Customs and Revenue Agency abets those who would stymie free speech, when that speech is in the defense of Israel.

I can not recall ONE outrage the Jewish community has ever conducted against humanity. However; in spite of this, Jewish academics are being blackballed, as is Israel and Israeli products. Yet; I can’t even begin to count how many times Middle Eastern Arabs have been responsible for airplane highjackings, bombings, shootouts, and just about every other moral obscenity one can imagine. And not just against Israel. But just as much, and in fact, far more against their very own people.

And we can not soon forget that the planes highjacked and used as weapons against the USA on 9/11, were taken by Arabs; specifically Saudi Arabs, the so-called allies and friends to America, with which to murder innocents and cause mayhem in the financial markets and on the streets,

Yet; there are no boycotts against Arab states (with the exception of Iraq for special reasons), Arab academia, Arab products, Arab literature and Arab speakers. I might not make the cut to join MENSA, but I am also not so stupid, so as not to be able to recognize a serious double standard based exclusively upon religion and culture.

As a matter of fact. Outside of Iraq, I can not think of one other country or people in the whole wide world that is so condemned and singled out for special attention and criticism than Israel and its Jewish supporters.

The worldwide Jewish population isn’t sufficiently large enough to register above a decimal point in global population statistics. Israel is so small, that it can comfortably fit into Lake Michigan with plenty of room to spare. And outside of rock, sand, desert and indigenous weeds, there is literally nothing to the land other than what the Jews have created and built since and before 1948.

However; to so much of the world, including the Canadian Customs and Revenue Agency, Israel can not be left alone to survive in peace. There always has to be something. There always has to be a reason to criticize Israel. Even the attack on 9/11 was blamed on Israel. First by the Arabs who claimed that the attack was orchestrated by Israel’s secret service, Mossad. And then by the more “civilized” world who blamed it on America’s close relationship to Israel.

It is remarkable how the world will just not give Israel a break. Especially Canada, a country which should know better than most. But next to France, behaves in a reprehensible manner when dealing with fairness issues that matter to Israel.

I guess; the more things change. The more they stay the same.

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  1. Anti-Semitism, like all forms of hate and discrimination are truly a plague on society. Perhaps education, and taking a more international view on world affairs, is the right path towards acceptance, tolerance, and co-existence.

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