God Save Us From The Elitists.

I used to have a lawyer friend who was at the top of his class in bashing the "privileged" class. He hated the "bourgeoisie" and claimed to be a man of the "proletariat". Unfortunately, his claim to the proletariat was a thin veneer.

It’s interesting that one never ever hears “intellectuals” or “moderates” discuss why good things are in fact good. When all we ever hear from them, is why things that are good, are not really that good, because if it is good for one party, then it must be bad for the other.

For example: If someone has earned enough money to live in a nice house, than that is bad, because there are some people who don’t live in nice houses. If someone has worked hard to own a nice car, than that is bad, because far too many people will never have a hope of owning any kind of car. And on and on it goes.

Therefore; to the “intellectuals” and “moderates”, anyone who has succeeded in life, and enjoys the rewards of his/her success is the enemy. And if not the enemy, at least someone who should feel guilt for what he/she has. And by extension, the same mind-set is argued by the “intellectuals” concerning the have, and have-not countries.

I have been giving this elitist thought process a great deal of serious consideration, since the elitists have such a profound effect upon the national and world scene.

I used to have a lawyer friend who was at the top of his class in bashing the “privileged” class. He hated the “bourgeoisie” and claimed to be a man of the “proletariat”. Unfortunately, his claim to the proletariat was a thin veneer.

My former friend lives in a nice Westmount home, near the top of the hill. He and his wife drive a late model car, and he has made absolutely certain that his children got (get) the very best education possible, regardless of what was, or was not available to the children of the proletariat.

He also “needed” several family vacations each year, mostly to Europe, and sometimes to the USA. And then at least one, or two more just for himself and his wife. And when at home in Montreal, it is essential for him to go regularly to the opera and symphony. And when it comes to food and dining, my ex-friend takes second place to no man.

I haven’t seen him for several years. The reason being is that I do not want to see him. For a few years, he was my personal lawyer and QPAC (Quebec Political Action Committee) lawyer, whom I fired live on-air during one of my radio broadcasts, primarily because he disobeyed a direct request to fight a civil rights suit the way he had agreed, and was paid to do. And as such, he lost for us a tremendous opportunity. But that’s a different story.

The other reason why I no longer wanted to see him, was due to his disdain and loathing for the state of Israel. It was impossible to have a conversation with him about anything, without his bringing into the conversation one reason or other why Israel is so evil. His objections towards Israel and supporters of Israel were so extreme, and so unfounded, that it was emotionally disturbing.

What was even more twisted is his heritage. This ex-friend of mine is Jewish by birth. But his Polish, immigrant, communist parents, so brainwashed him against his own cultural and religious heritage, that he developed an antipathy towards all things Jewish. And in his intellectual capacity, he found no problem in intellectualizing his anti-Semitism; to the point I am certain, that he believed he wasn’t an anti-Semite.

Another reason why I was pleased to no longer be his friend, was because he thought (thinks) Castro is one of the greatest living leaders in the world. And it bothered me to no end, that he could believe that Castro, a dictator and tyrant is a great leader. Never mind the greatest.

This ex-friend of mine is smart. Not just a little bit smart. But really scary smart. He can remember whole passages from virtually any Shakespearian work, as well as from many other great writers. He knows dates and places of obscure battles fought throughout history, and he has a memory, like his appetite, second to none.

I met many of his friends at cocktail parties at his Westmount home. Also brilliant academic thinkers, but in real life, very stupid people who all tended to think far too much of themselves and each other.

Of the whole bunch; perhaps 50 or more whom I met during our friendship, there was not one of them I could speak to about anything that was outside of their limited world. They didn’t build things, fix things or sell things. They think. And they talk to each other. And they try desperately to impress each other as they make the never-ending intellectual cocktail circuit.

Even though very few of them do anything other than live off of their “intellect”, they all have the strongest opinions possible; concerning what everyone else should, and should not have. And should, and should not do.

When I first started hanging around with my intellectual buddy, I was caught up in the elitist mind-set, and as a result, I strutted a bit. I felt so privileged to be with them. But as time went on, and I met more and more of these individuals, I realized just how utterly useless they were to society. They were (are) frauds. They do nothing. And they contribute less.

Their whole existence seems to be predicated upon showing the world how smart they are. And how they can see and intellectualize every argument from every perspective possible. And how they can circle their own wagons in order to protect their privileged wealth and status. And how so gloriously they can attack the real creators of wealth and prosperity.

Of the many problems with these people, here are two that I find to be the most severe. They shape national and international policies. And they teach our children.

We have always been cursed by their presence, and I guess we will always continue to be cursed by them. And after every few generations of their “intellectual prowess”, we find ourselves going to war to fix all that they have broken, only for them to intellectualize on why we went to war in the first place.

In spite of them, and because of them, the world will soon once again be going to war. And in spite of them; but NOT because of them, the world will once again become a safer and better place, only after a lot of blood has been shed. And then they will screw it up all over again.

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  1. Howard, this editorial tugged at my heart strings. I become so sad when I learn of all the stupidity in the world. Where do these people get their beliefs? Do they think anything through? Sharia law belongs nowhere in free countries–can’t believe anyone would even consider it part of one’s culture–it is torture and murder.

    Now living in Rochester Hills, Michigan no Lake Orion. Thank you. Pat

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