It’s The Fault Of The Organizers According To Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay.

I bet if the situation was reversed, and they were ‘Jewish' students, especially the ones wearing yarmulkas (head-coverings) who rioted, the lead stories would have been quite different.

I have just heard one of the lamest and most ignorant comments coming from any elected individual representing a major population. Montreal’s mayor, Gerald Tremblay, actually laid blame for the Concordia Riot at the feet of the organizers for not making the Netanyhou conference open to the general public.

This has got to be the idiot statement of the year. Since when, within a democracy, can someone NOT hold a conference for a specific group to attend? If this is Tremblay’s mind-set, then every conference and speech should be open to the public. How utterly absurd.

And for this mayor’s benefit, tickets were available for general sale. And guess what? They were all sold out. And guess what again? Not everyone who was pro Netanyahu had bought tickets. And guess what for the last time? The Arab rioters came to shut down the speech. Not to hear it.

More to the point, Benjamin Netenyahu, like him or hate him, is an extremely prominent and important Israeli and world politician. And just by this fact alone, he deserves to be kept at a safe distance from people such as those who rioted at Concordia. And the city of Montreal should have been better prepared for this.

The Media Is Also Culpable – As Usual.

I watched the reports of the Concordia Riot on CBC National Television, CBC Local (Montreal) Television, CTV News Net and CFCF Television Montreal; at – and around 6:00pm, and not one of them mentioned that the rioters were mostly Arabs. Many of whom wore the Arafat signature checks, and waived Palestinian flags.

So, I have to wonder: Who were those angry young men kicking in the Concordia window and throwing chairs at the police inside the building? Were they Eskimos, Lapplanders, Tibetans? I don’t think so. I think they were Arabs. But from the media reports, one would never know it. It’s just all too politically correct.

I bet if the situation was reversed, and they were ‘Jewish’ students, especially the ones wearing yarmulkas (head-coverings) who rioted, the lead stories would have been: “Several hundred Jewish students riot at Montreal’s Concordia University to keep a Palestinian speaker from being heard”. But they were Arabs, so no mention of their ethnicity was reported, which, in itself, is as important to the story as the riot.

The last display of bias and/or incompetence came from CTV News Net, when they announced that Netanyahu had decided to cancel his speech if Concordia couldn’t guarantee his safety. When in fact, Netanyahu insisted on speaking, and that it was Concordia whose wobbly knees collapsed.

So, what have we learned form the Concordia Riot?

1) The mayor of Montreal was totally unprepared for the Arab student onslaught, and laid the blame at the feet of the organizers. Just like when the Arabs killed about 3,000 innocents on 9/11, and 84% of Canadians blamed the USA, because, in their stupid minds, and for an unfathomable reason, the Americans had it coming.

2) That the media is so shameless and politically correct, that they couldn’t even report, that the rioters were Arabs.

3) That the media, in keeping with their inability to get a story straight, cast a shadow of cowardice upon one of Israel’s most prominent citizens, who has proven himself a hero, and courageous, more times in battle, than all the stay at home newscasters who relate these stories, ever will – combined.

4) And finally: intimidation is a successful tool with which to shut down a democracy. When grade “A” terror isn’t necessary, a diluted street riot will suffice.

And that is the lesson of the Concordia Riot.

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  1. Great editorial Howard. You are right on! I think the lefties have their heads buried in the sand–also it might be about the free stuff.

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