If The USA Goes Down, The Rest Of The World Will Go Down With It.

In a poll released September 7, 2002, 84% of Canadians seem to believe that the USA somehow deserved what happened to them on 9/11.

Why isn’t the world circling the wagons in order to stand shoulder to shoulder with the USA, especially when it is in everyone’s best interest to see a strong and vibrant America?

In a poll released September 7, 2002, 84% of Canadians seem to believe that the USA somehow deserved what happened to them on 9/11. Many within that 84% actually think that what the Americans received was REALLY deserved.

If this result wasn’t so utterly obscene and absurd, it would be laughable. Were 84% of the respondents to this poll Islamists? Or somehow brain-dead? One has to ask.

Given the number of the respondents who seem to be so anti-USA, this is no laughing matter. If 84% of Canadians, whose population in general, consider itself to be America’s best friend think that the USA got what they deserved on 9/11, what then does the rest of the world think?

The United States of America is in very serious trouble. And because the USA is in so much trouble, so is the entire world. America is under attack. And not just in the figurative sense. America is really under attack. Especially when you get poll results such as these.

For the USA, it has become a 0ne-Two punch. First the Islamist attack, and then the financial Wall Street nightmare.

The overheated US economy was in serious trouble prior to 9/11. And what happened to firms such as Enron and Worldcom was inevitable. They were corporate scams, just waiting to be found out. But more than that, these companies and thousands of others like them, but to a lesser degree, have caused several irreversible unintended consequences.

Trillions of dollars (at last guess, more than $7 trillion) have been forever lost from the US and international economy, and not just what many people tend to think of as “paper” money; but in realistic terms: hard cold cash.

There is not a retirement fund in the USA (and Canada) that has been unaffected and not seriously damaged and compromised by the economic disaster brought about by corporate greed, stock market dishonesty and a laissez-faire government attitude. This disaster is akin to seeing a bobbing iceberg in the ocean, knowing full well, that what we see above the waves, is only a fraction of what we can’t see beneath them. But inevitably, the closer we come to the visible iceberg, the closer we come to disaster.

In specifics; I believe the US economy is not only in inextricable decline, but could very well be ready to bring the US population into depression. If this happens, this economic disaster will bring the rest of the world right along with it.

Back to the physical/psychological assault on the USA. America is under attack from the Islamic world, where modernity is the single greatest challenge to a religion seeking world dominion.

The freedoms and excesses of America, are anathema to the rigidity of Islam. And are subsequently Islam’s most insurmountable obstacle. Therefore; before Islam can conquer the world, it must first conquer the USA. What happened on 9/11 wasn’t anecdotal. It was part of a worldwide Islamic conspiracy to take down the “Great Satan”. And not only did it work as the Towers were collapsing under their own weight, and the Pentagon was ablaze caused by the Arab Islamic terrorist hell-fire . . . it is working still.

The USA dispatched tens of thousands of troops to Afghanistan to take on the Taliban and Al Qaeda, and in spite of their very best efforts, they are no closer to winning a real and telling battle against the Islamists today, than they were the moment the attack on the USA took place on 9/11.

And instead of weakening the Islamists, America has in fact strengthened them, by not being able to bring them down.

Remember Saddam? Because he survived the Gulf War, his credibility in the Arab psyche rose. And even after the Syrians and Egyptians took a shit-kicking from the Israelis in the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Egypt claimed a huge victory because all they had to do was inflict “some” damage on Israeli troops and survive the counter attack. This is the Middle Eastern, Arab, Islamic mind-set.

And now – the rest of the world, including Europe and Canada, with the exception of Britain’s Tony Blair, have turned their back on America, the world’s greatest single defense to the Islamic worldwide threat. And not only has the world walked away from America, it appears that they have chosen to side somewhat with the enemy.

The world “moderates” don’t really want to pursue the Islamists; at least not publicly. They don’t want to take down Saddam Hussein, at least not publicly. And they don’t want America to be the world’s policeman. Unless of course, the rest of the world decides where the USA should exert its money and muscle. Otherwise; in the rest of the world’s less than humble opinion, the USA should be just like any other do-nothing country.

But America is not just like any other country. It is totally unique. It is the only nation on this planet which is indeed a true melting pot; where virtually every race, religion, and independent thought is allowed to flourish in a sea of people who have chosen to become “Americans”, rather than remain what they were when their families first arrived on the shores of this incredible country. Unlike Canada, where everyone is a hyphenated Canadian.

America is a vast experience of people coming together, to celebrate their national unity, rather than their previous cultural uniqueness. Americans, regardless of race, creed and color are Americans. Period. And this might be the only country, where this openness and national solidarity, opposed to race, religious and past cultural solidarity is celebrated and encouraged. This bothers much of the rest of the world. And not just the Islamists.

America will sacrifice, bleed and die while they take down the Islamists, with or without the aid of other nations. America will be called all kinds of names, and will be publicly and privately condemned for whatever they do or don’t do. But; nonetheless, America will continue to be the envy of the world; while the rest of the world continues to ride on the coattails of the Red, White and Blue.

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