The Democratic West And The Creators Of Wealth Are Always Wrong.

I figure it this way. If Thabo Mbeki, the president of the impoverished country of South Africa has enough money to razzle and dazzle them at his opening, then he doesn't need any money from me.

Have you ever found yourself angered, not in a seething way, but in a slow burn that sort of gives you that over the top feeling of just being totally fed up? That’s where I am in my view towards much of the so-called “Third World” and “Developing Nations”, and especially towards the Western World’s apologists for them.

Being a do-nothing bleeding heart like the professional bemoaning Canadian “social activist” Maude Barlow, is indeed a great gig. She gets to travel all over the world and rub shoulders with thousands of others, who just like her also share the view that virtually everything associated with free enterprise is evil, and the West is ALWAYS wrong. Even though it is the tax dollars created by the free enterprisers, and the democratic largesse of the West that finances her never ending quest to find fault and lay blame at the feet of everyone but the “oppressed”.

What has Maude Barlow ever done to make a positive difference in the world, other than to attend conferences, march in protests, and debate on television and radio? Did she herself, ever create wealth with which to feed hungry people? Or, has she instead, spent the length of her life living off the public purse in one way or another, simply to condemn the people who finance the purse?

The other night, I saw Barlow on television news, sitting with protestors in Johannesburg South Africa at the World Summit On Sustainable Development. She was objecting to the way the conference was being organized. But then again, Barlow objects to just about everything that she isn’t the center of.

Let me tell you what I object to. I object to the fact that this conference, which is being held to deal with many enormous world-wide social issues, but mainly poverty in the “Third World”, featured an opening extravaganza to rival the Olympics. Well not quite, but far too extravagant for a nation where the majority of the population lives in abject poverty.

I figure it this way. If Thabo Mbeki, the president of the impoverished country of South Africa has enough money to razzle and dazzle them at his opening, then he doesn’t need any money from me.

It also seems that all the nations which the likes of Maude Barlow love to defend, are nations in which no one in their right mind would want to live. Including Maude Barlow. Here are a few examples:

South Africa: A borderline democracy, which was once a prosperous country, which is still blessed in mineral and gem-stone natural resources, agriculture and high-tech industries, but now qualifies for international hand-outs. Not to mention that South Africa is the world’s worst area for the aids virus, and men who rape infant girls in the belief that they can cure themselves of aids, simply by passing the disease off to their infant victims.

Sudan: Moslems routinely murder Christians in this oil rich country which is run by the laws of Islamic Shariah, corrupt governments which have sheltered terrorists, and rule exclusively by the power of the gun.

Zimbabwe: A once wealthy agricultural society which was a net exporter of food, is now a country where white farm owners are now being driven off their farms by government supported thugs. Many of whom, who had refused to leave, have been beaten, some murdered, and are now all subject to arrest by the government. Zimbabwe is close to suffering a famine that could kill millions of people, as once fertile fields sit fallow, and prized farm equipment is left to rust.

Rwanda: The home of one of the greatest inter-racial slaughters in modern history, where as many as 800,000 people died at the behest of the government. The UN, through its Secretary General, Koffi Annan, sent its apologies for doing nothing to stop the slaughter.

Somalia: Best known for taking down an American Black Hawk helicopter, while American troops were participating in a UN mercy mission to feed starving people in this civil war torn country. The Somalis still rule by war lords.

Nigeria: Here is an impoverished country, where a young divorced woman is scheduled to be murdered by Islamic law (Shariah), for having sex outside of marriage. Once the sentence is carried out, she will be buried up to her neck, and townspeople will be invited to kill her by throwing rocks at her head.

These are just a very few examples of atrocities that are currently in the news, or have recently been in the news. Not to mention the overall misogyny of these countries, including the forced mutilation of female genitalia n of young Moslem women in many of these nations. But, if it was up to the likes of people like Maude Barlow, we would never hear about these outrages, because whether we like it or not, this is just a part of their culture in development.

Instead of People like Barlow doing everything they possibly could to defeat regimes that behave in these horrific ways, she would rather attack civilized Western democracies, and find reasons to lay the blame for these “Third World” atrocities at the feet of the West. “The Root Cause”.

The world could do something positive if it really wanted to. But, that would entail putting these regimes under a democratic trusteeship, which would govern these thugocracies until they learn and accept a better way. Until then, my only hope, is that their misery and savagery doesn’t visit any Western society as it did on 9/11 in the USA.

If I was Prime Minister for a day, or for whatever amount of time it took to get the job done. I would cancel absolutely all grants and financial support to all NGO’s. I would participate in the UN, only to the degree where the interests of democratic nations were involved. And instead of sending hundreds of millions, or billions of dollars to support Thugocracies, I would spend the money to support the people and groups whose sole determination was to destroy these horrible regimes, for the immediate purpose of creating democracies.

Canada has promised Eight Hundred Million dollars in aid to Africa. Not bad for a country that has hundreds of thousands of children who live under the poverty line.

I will never suggest that the West and the corporate world is without serious flaws, and are in fact guilty of many atrocities. But, at least the governments of the West, and their corporate institutions are answerable. To whom are the Thugocracies answerable?

The fact that people like Maude Barlow are allowed, and even supported in their quest to debate, organize and defeat Western leaders and their institutions says all that must, and could be said about the democracies of the West. I would like to see how far Maude Barlow and her ilk would get if she stood on a soap box in any of the countries she is so passionately determined to defend. You know the answer.

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