Shehada The Terrorist, And Some Innocents Were Killed. Ain’t That Too Bad.

I saw a Washington Post Bureau Chief being interviewed on CNN (Crescent News Network), the evening of the fatal attack. And what she said was incredible. She described this event as an equal to the Passover Massacre.

I won’t debate the deaths of the “innocents” in the Israeli Fighter-Bomber attack against Sheik Salah Shehada in Gaza. Anytime innocent people die as a result of nothing they did, it is indeed a tragedy. However; that said: Sheik Salah Shehada and murdering animals like him surround themselves with “innocents” in order to protect themselves from just retribution for their acts of murder and terror.

And on the other hand, aside from the children who perished, how innocent were the rest of the “victims”? Did they jump for joy and celebrate in the streets every time an Israeli Jew was blown to pieces, or maimed for life, at the hands of the vile terrorist Shehada and his followers? I bet they did. Just like all the others who took to the streets throughout the Arab world to celebrate the murders at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 9/11.

It is no longer amazing to see how fast the world leaps to condemn Israel for anything, as if they are just waiting for the slightest excuse to stick it to the uppity Israeli Jews. And this . . . Well this is just too good to pass. Images of a furious heartbroken mourner lifting an infant above his head as if he held a trophy to display, in a funeral procession that included thousands. Look! Look what the Israelis have done! Look! They kill babies!

And it is true. The Israelis did kill a baby. Children perished as an unintended consequence of this attack, only because a savage like Sheik Salah Shehada, who made a point out of INTENTIONALLY murdering Jewish babies amongst others, chose to hide amongst “innocents”. But this is something the world seems to forget.

A very short time ago, an American Fighter-Bomber pilot killed a slew of “innocents” at a wedding in Afghanistan. I didn’t hear one peep of condemnation from the International community. Not France. Not England. Not Canada. Not the UN. Not the EU. No one! No one took the time to slam the USA for this bombing “accident”, or intentional bombing, since it has never been made clear whether it was an accident or intentional. Either way, there was no condemnation.

But. Those horrible Israeli Jews. Look what they did. They intentionally killed a man who was personally responsible for murdering hundreds of Israeli Jews, while wounding and maiming a thousand or more as they went upon their “normal” daily lives, shopping, eating, entertaining themselves, riding on a bus or just waiting on the curb for the bus to arrive.

I couldn’t give a rat’s ass that this guy was blown away by the Israelis. It was long overdue. Not only did he have it coming. The Israeli government had an absolute duty to get him and stop him before he could murder more Israelis. And if it meant that others were going to die as a result, because he chose to hide amongst them, tough luck. Maybe now the “innocent” Palestinians will think twice before harboring and celebrating murderers. But I doubt it. They love martyrs.

I saw a Washington Post Bureau Chief being interviewed on the CNN (Crescent News Network), the evening of the fatal attack. And what she said was incredible. She described this event as an equal to the Passover Massacre.

It’s as if she would describe the unintended deaths of supporters, and some of the family of America’s most wanted murderer, at the hands of the police, akin to what the murderer had done. Especially if that murderer was responsible for hundreds of American deaths, and perhaps more than a thousand Americans wounded and maimed.

She went on to say that Israel has finally gone too far. That the Palestinians have now been pushed beyond the pale, and their retribution will be serious. As I listened to this nonsense, I asked myself, what the hell are the Arab terrorists going to do now?

Will they now blow people up at restaurants, bus stops, markets and discos? If so, what will be new? Will they sneak into settlements and kill Jewish Israeli infants, their mothers, fathers and older siblings in their cribs and beds? They already do that.

So, what did she mean when she said that Israel has finally gone too far, and the Arabs will now “really” respond? Since they already murder Jews at every available opportunity. What more can they do?

The world streaked at the speed of light to condemn Israel for defending itself, by eliminating a vicious murderer. But one day, the world’s anti-Semites, especially within Europe, will have to face the same enemy Israel is currently fighting; either abroad, or on their own soil. And frankly, that will be just too bad for them.

In the meantime, let the world continue to condemn Israel. Because as long as much of the world, especially Europe, the home of the Holocaust condemns Israel, it means that Israel is still alive and standing up for itself. The day the world will stop bashing Israel, is the day that Israel no longer exists.

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