The Root Cause

The Root Cause is applied to everything by the "Do-Gooders". People are starving in Africa because of the West. Why? Because the West is too prosperous and doesn't share the wealth.

One of the favorite terms used by the ineffectual do-nothing “Do-Gooders”, who in fact do very little good, is “Root Cause”. Whenever there is something that embarrasses their perfect little world, they come up with the “Root Cause”.

For example: An Arabic Moslem teenager is convinced by a murdering thug, too scared shitless to take his own life, that the teenager must commit murder/suicide against innocents because of some demented religious belief. And in-so-doing, he/she blows the crap out of dozens of people; murdering some, maiming others for life, and emotionally scarring an entire country.

And instead of the do nothing “Do-Gooders” condemning the act of gratuitous and terrorist violence, they seek out the root cause, and usually find the victim(s) to be the guilty party. Talk about spin. In other words, the murderer becomes the victim because he/she was “forced” to murder due to whatever indignity (“Root Cause”), imagined or true, which was foisted upon the murderer.

Of course I am writing about the Middle East. However; this is not anecdotal between the Palestinian Arabs and the Israeli Jews. We see the same nonsense over and over again wherever we look. Particularly in our “enlightened” society.

A reprobate rapes a woman. Instead of the rapist getting his balls cut off for what he did, the “Do-Gooders” want to understand what motivated the “poor rapist” to act in such a manner. Was it his childhood? Did his mother treat him in any special way to trigger his desire to rape women? Was it a female teacher who inadvertently set his sexual sickness in motion? Or is it as simple as a chemical imbalance in his brain?

Or was it that the victim of his rape, was dressed provocatively? Or perhaps she shouldn’t have been where she was when the rape took place? Or more compelling yet. Was it that she might have known the rapist and “encouraged” his advances by not saying no forcefully enough?

As stupid as all of this sounds. And to me it sounds absolutely stupid, the “Do-Gooders” will find a reason to make the rapist into a victim, and either forget about the real victim of the rape, or find reasons to lay “some” of the blame with her. In “Do-Gooder” speak: they will find some moral equivalence.

The Root Cause is applied to everything by the “Do-Gooders”.

People are starving in Africa because of the West. Why? Because the West is too prosperous and doesn’t share the wealth.

Some religious groups are busy murdering other religious groups. Why? Because one of the religious groups is more successful than the other. And to them that’s bad. And if you listen to what the “Do-Gooders” have to say, they too, far too often see that disparity as being too bad. Regardless of the “real” reasons why one culture does so much better than another.

The Root Cause is a phenomenal and fundamental load of bull shit. It is used by the do nothing “Do-Gooders” to avoid the truth and the real cause(s). Instead of facing the weakness and depravity of thugs and their victims, the “Do-Gooders” much rather prefer to intellectualize to find mutual fault. Especially if their perceived fault lies within a prosperous Western style nation.

I loved it when the former mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani told the Saudi Arab prince where to go with his $10 million check, because the Arab tied equivalence to the money. In other words. “I feel real bad about the Twin Towers and all, but you have to accept some of the blame for the way the USA deals in the Middle East”. The Root Cause and all.

Being a “Do-Gooder” is a great profession. Business is never lacking, since there are so many causes to champion, and so much money available from politically correct countries who find it somehow profitable not to call national aberrant behavior for what it is.

In my most humble opinion; it is the “Do-Gooders” who are the Root Cause. Get rid of them. Shut off the money tap to their useless travail. Make them as irrelevant as they really are. And while at it, close the tap to the UN.

What will happen if the West took this tact? Will some third world impoverished do nothing country get pissed off and declare war against the West? Let them.

I would have no problem if the secular democratized nations of the world, would establish a whole new standard of world behavior. Just shut the door to any nation that is not like us. And support every movement in every country that wants to become like us.

Just as ridiculous as it is to find fault with the victim of a rape; it is just as stupid to look for a Root Cause where people are starving: especially when the real causes include over population, civil war, ignorance, religious fundamentalism, racial intolerance and despotic rule. But for the “Do-Gooders”, it’s easier to blame successful countries.

Isn’t it easier for us to say stop? No one needs to have a dozen babies? Especially in countries that can not feed the babies they already have. Shouldn’t we be telling countries to stop buying guns and start buying farm equipment? Stop teaching their children about racial hatred and religious dogma, and start teaching them about professions and trades. Stop treating some people within one society as equals, and others as dirt. Shouldn’t we, in the secular democratic and successful West, just say stop?

I see far more wrong with closing our eyes to international obscenities, or pretending they are not our problem, because the problem has not yet arrived on our shores, than I do with using whatever force is necessary to impose a Western based secular democracy upon these countries; with the inclusion of individual civil rights and liberties.

We don’t have the right to pretend that there is nothing wrong with countries that behave as savages, based upon their old world cultural or religious principles. We don’t have the right to seek out moral equivalence between a country that is trying to survive as a democracy, and a country wishing to murder democracy because they feel slighted; any more than we can blame a victim of rape who decides to fight back. Or who was raped because she looked good. Or because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It is time to do whatever we can to move the world forward into a secular, democratic culture where the rule of law and respect for individual rights becomes the norm.

When that happens, there will no longer be a Root Cause, and the “Do-Gooders” will no longer have a reason to exist. And that in itself would make this endeavor well worth the effort and sacrifice.

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  1. Hi Howard,
    I never thought that the situation in Canada and America could stoop to such a low point. Your affluent Liberal Left have caused the situation similar to the situation in South Africa. The government and their sycophantic, illiterate, uneducated and bombastic followers have brought the “powerhouse of Africa” {South Africa}, to a third world status. Even Nigeria has overtaken South Africa as a country that motor manufacturers would like to invest in, rather than in South Africa.

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