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Who gets our money and what they do with it doesn't usually get a lot of our time or attention.

Hi Howard:

Sometimes it’s really tough NOT to sound like a hard-hearted, cold-blooded Bastard when giving a real opinion. Some of that has to do with the nature of the audience, and here in Canada where everyone is so pre-occupied with above all being “nice” first, it’s a challenge to cut through the facade and go to the heart of an issue.

No human being anywhere enjoys the thought of fellow humans living and dying in abject misery, particularly here in a Western democracy, where life, by and large is pretty darn good. We like to think that any problem can be solved by throwing money at it, so we open the vaults and send off boatloads of money to problem spots around the world, then sit back and congratulate ourselves on having done “the right thing”.

Since Sept. 11th, we’ve begun to pay a tiny bit more attention to those who receive donations from ourselves and other sources, and to what they do with the funds, but not nearly the detailed attention these enormous sums deserve.

I’d like to think that our vigilance will increase over time, but I’m not at all sure it will. It’s people like you along with other unafraid, plain-speaking observers that challenge the complacent majority. It’s not a pleasant task, but it is vital to our collective future and security.

Keep up the good work my friend.


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  1. Howard Sir ,Sometimes your writings ARE genius . I love this editorial . Its so correct , thoughtful ,informative And very interesting for any number of reasons . Your good at this , very good, I believe you’ve seen so much that this picture fits the place we are in today . Although , I do believe Canada stupidly self destructed ,Its just that the US was invaded with the help of some of THE stupidest & dangerously sick Communist Democrats . I do believe your so right, we WILL overcome .

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