Africa’s Starving Masses: Let Them Eat Cake? By Robert Sauvé

As brutal as it may sound, whether we pour money into Africa or not, the people will continue to starve. So why should we throw good money after bad?

Africa is in a mess. On that we can all agree. What we cannot agree on is what, if anything, the West can do about it.

The bottom feeders among us see no point in being concerned about blacks. Obviously, the back of our hand would be appropriate for jerks such as these who harbour such contemptible attitudes.

Then there are bleeding hearts and other loonies on the left who are convinced that if we simply pour lots of money and good wishes into Africa, all will be well. That they cannot point to a single instance where this approach has ever worked in Africa seems not to trouble them at all.

Finally, there are people of good will who are prepared to do the right thing if someone could identify what that is. In other words, show us what will work and we’ll do it. But, don’t waste our time on empty gestures that cannot work.

Consider the facts:

Until recent times, sub-Sahara, black Africa was a net exporter of food. In those days, famines were isolated incidents. Today, black Africa is a net importer of food. And since African countries are generally unable to afford much imported food, food is in short supply. Therefore, Africans now go hungry.

This sorry state of affairs came to pass because African leaders squandered their nations’ resources, destroyed their economies and fattened their personal Swiss bank accounts.

Zimbabwe, for instance, was prosperous when black rule (Robert Mugabe) displaced white rule a few decades ago. Then, Mugabe supported a ruinous and very costly war in the Congo in an attempt to get his share of the diamond trade. Moreover, he is currently in the process of destroying the economy by “discouraging” prosperous white farmers.

As a result, starvation among black Zimbabweans is on the rise. However, Mugabe’s efforts at “putting whites in their place” seem to have the support of most African leaders. That “getting even with whitey” is ruining their own people seems not to concern them very much.

So, what will happen if we pour more foreign aid into Africa? If the past is any guide, relatively little will find its way into the bellies of the poor because much of it will end up in Switzerland or in misguided military adventures. Clearly, unless and until Africans rid themselves of their dictatorial rulers, no amount of foreign aid will help them. So, unless we are prepared to help Africans get rid of their corrupt leaders, we might as well keep our money in our own bank accounts.

As brutal as it may sound, whether we pour money into Africa or not, the people will continue to starve. So why should we throw good money after bad? If their leaders are unwilling to help their own people, how can we? We probably have no choice but to watch them starve, to let them eat cake; unless we are prepared to foment rebellion and overthrow the scum who lead Africa today. Don’t hold your breath.

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  1. What is becoming apparent to us is that they created a master plan years ago that is working for them. Generation by generation they place school teachers to influence the children and it gradually changes attitudes and what is accepted over long periods of time. Actually the agenda of the American communist party, according to a long article in Barrons about 1968, was years ahead of schedule. The UN and Agenda 21 is a tremendous threat to individualism and personal responsibility.

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