Let Them Starve III

Why is it that so much of the world's greatest social and political problems can be found in the nations where fundamentalist Islam, or ethnocentric nationalism is the order of the day?

I am overwhelmed by the response to my last two editorials; most of which was positive. Thus far, two readers have requested to be deleted from my e-mail directory. But, by and large, as painful as it was to say what I said; nonetheless, it is the truth. And most readers accepted my thoughts as an honest and justified reflection of what is the real reason for “third world” poverty and hunger.

Why is it that so much of the world’s greatest social and political problems can be found in the nations where fundamentalist Islam, or ethnocentric nationalism is the order of the day?

Think about this:

The Balkans went to war with the result of hundreds of thousands of people killed or wounded. The adversaries included Moslems.

India and Pakistan are bringing the world to the brink of nuclear war. One of the adversaries is Moslem.

The Sudan has been knee deep in a bloody civil war where Moslems are trying to either murder, or run out the Christians.

The Philippines are embroiled in a guerilla war where Moslems are trying to overthrow the elected government.

Indonesia, the worlds largest Moslem country (by population) is in constant battle, trying to put down a never-ending Moslem fundamentalist insurrection.

The late Syrian president, Hafez Al Assad, murdered more than 20,000 people in Hamas to crush the Islamic Brotherhood.

Iran is a fundamentalist Moslem state that finances and exports Moslem terror. And prior to the return of Ayatolla Khomeini, Iran was a prosperous and educated country.

Saudi Arabia finances and exports world Islamic terrorism, and bases its “modern” society on archaic religious laws which treat women like dirt.

Iraq is a secular Moslem state where the tyrant, Saddam Hussein waves the Red Crescent like a war flag as he calls for “Jihad” against the USA and Israel. Iraq is a bigger threat to peace in the Middle East, especially towards its Arab neighbors, than Israel would, or ever could be.

And between Iran, Iraq and Kuwait. They’ve killed more of each other than Israel has active troops.

Egyptian president and Nobel Peace Prize winner Anwar Sadat, who brought peace between Egypt and Israel was murdered by Islamic fundamentalists for his troubles.

Somalia, another Moslem state where the people are starving to death, are too busy killing each other in a vile civil war, to worry all that much about farming and feeding the hungry.

The same can be said about Ethiopia and Eritrea.

As for Africa that is not Moslem:

South Africa, a once economic and social powerhouse is teetering on insolvency, and is leading the world in the spread of aids, where it is not uncommon for adult men to have sex with infant girls (babies) in order to purge themselves of the disease.

Rwanda slaughtered as many, and perhaps more than 800,000 Tutsis in their ethnic civil war, as the UN ORDERED its troops to stand by and watch.

Zimbabwe, once one of the world’s great farming nations with a history of exporting food, has been turned into a nightmare, where starvation and violence against “White” owned farms is an everyday occurrence. And now does not have enough food to feed itself.

As for the Middle East in general; other than Israel, and in spite of the enormous oil wealth that lies beneath the sands of so many Arab countries; virtually all of Moslem Middle East is impoverished. Including Saudi Arabia.

It is not a fluke, or a twist of fate that the only Moslem country in the world that is not impoverished, and in fact is quite successful, is Turkey. Turkey is a Moslem country where church and state are divided, to the point, where combining them is illegal.

Even though Turkey is a Moslem state, as Israel is a Jewish state, both are governed by democratic and secular laws.

Even in Bethlehem, where Christianity finds its most revered holy site, where Christ is said to have been born in the Church of the Nativity, guess what? The Christians have become nearly non existent as Palestinian Arab Moslems push them out.

I could go on and on about the “ROOT CAUSE” of poverty, hunger and starvation in Africa, Mid Asia and the Middle East. But in a few words, these are all either Moslem or ethnocentric nations where the rule of religion, and the law of the gun is what is accepted as normal fare.

People can condemn me all they want for what I said the other day (Archives: June 11, 2002), about “Letting Them Starve”. But that will not change the reality. It isn’t even curious any longer, how the elected leaders of Western style secular democracies seem to have no problem providing for their people in successful economies, while these religious and ethnocentric fundamentalist thugs lead such failed countries.

We could pretend all we want to that their overall failure to maintain a decent society is based upon whatever excuse that can be conveniently dreamt up. We can continue to send ARMIES of the bloodsucking DO-GOODERS, who make their living off the poverty of others through the UN and NGO’s. But there is only one overriding cause to this ancient calamity. And until such time as we honestly recognize that cause, and take the military means if necessary to correct it: let them starve.

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  1. Nevada may be the first salvo in our next American Revolution. Do not think that the Government backed down. They just made a calculated retreat. The next time, whether in Nevada or somewhere else, shots will be fired. Then it will be time for law enforcement and the military to remember that the took an oath to uphold the Constitution. And for Americans to stand up and take back our country.

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