Will The UN Demand An On-The-Scene Inquiry Into The Latest Middle East Massacre?

This is the real thing. Just look at CNN and every other televison news service, and you'll see the carnage, the blood and guts, and the twisted wreck that used to be a bus.

I will be scanning as many on-line newspapers, television news sites and news services to see which one will report on the MASSACRE at Meggido, better known to most of us as the Valley of Armageddon, which left 17 Israelis dead, and dozens torn to pieces.

This isn’t like the bullshit Jenin MASSACRE that never happened, when the whole world couldn’t wait to jump down Israel’s throat, simply on the word of a group of lying Palestinian Arab Moslems, who shouted for all to hear, that as many as 500 people were massacred by Israeli troops, and then buried in secret mass graves.

There were no secret graves, no massacre, and no apology from the world press, for fanning the flames of anti-Semitism based upon this grotesque lie.

This is the real thing. Just look at CNN and every other televison news service, and you’ll see the carnage, the blood and guts, and the twisted wreck that used to be a bus.

Will the UN rush a team of “experts” onto the scene in order to lay blame and establish guilt, just as they insisted upon doing in Jenin against the big bad Israelis, who had the temerity to take on the murdering Arab Moslem terrorists who routinely MASSACRE innocents in Israel? Don’t hold your breath.

This isn’t the first such MASSACRE against Israeli Jews. To know how many MASSACRES against Israeli Jews there were prior to this one, you would have to refer to a scorecard. The count is far too high to remember off-hand.

But I do not need a scorecard to count how many times the world body, read UN, has declared a terror attack such as this one against Israeli Jews a MASSACRE. NONE!

Once again, Israel has Arafat surrounded in his compound. This time, I wish they would just finish the job. If the Arabs and Moslems want war against the Israelis, as they certainly appear to, the Israelis should just do what has to be done, and then be done with it.

No nation can be expected to live the way Israel is living.

If the USA, Britain, Germany, France, Russia, China and just about any other serious country were to be attacked; just 1% as much as Israel has been enduring for the past 2 years, they wouldn’t be showing restraint or pleading their case to a horrible institution like the UN. They would pulverize the enemy responsible, and get along with their lives afterwards.

I watched Andy Rooney on CNN’s Larry King tonight, (June 5, 2002) and heard one of his Middle Eastern editorials.

“If only the Americans would stop supplying Israel and the Palestinians with their weapons, all of this could be stopped” What a fucking idiot.

If the Americans stopped supplying Israel with weapons, Israel would cease to exist. It is as simple as that. But he, in his politically correct way, wouldn’t say that. As a matter of fact, he blamed the Arabs, Palestinians and Moslems for everything. But he never once mentioned them by name.

Whatever Israel does, short of lying down and dying, will never be good enough, or sufficient for most of the world. The Israelis should just deal with their enemies the way any sane country would, and then they might be able to live as normal a life, as one could expect in the Middle East.

Doing nothing. Retaliating with limited force. And hoping for better days are not options for Israel.

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