When Push Comes To Shove – Will The USA Abandon Israel?

Kissinger believed the Israeli Jews were getting too uppity, and decided to teach them a lesson in humility.

I just received an e-mail from a reader who wanted to know why I would suggest that the USA might screw Israel, and why I had mentioned that the USA had done so in the past.

Here’s a brief history of how the USA supported, and didn’t support Israel over the years.

The USA was not all that supportive of the initial foundation of the State of Israel. In reality, it was the USSR. And in terms of being armed to fight the Arabs in 1947, prior to Israeli Independence in 1948, and afterwards, virtually all of Israel’s weaponry came through Czechoslovakia.

As a matter of record, the American government’s “official” policy was to restrict weapons shipments and sales of weaponry to the emerging state of Israel. Whatever came through the USA in those days, was smuggled out; including a decommissioned aircraft carrier which the USA seized and would not release.

In 1973, Israel was pleading to the Americans for more jet-fighters, tanks, howitzers, and ammunition. But Kissinger believed the Israeli Jews were getting too uppity, and decided to teach them a lesson in humility, and convinced Nixon (who is on print and recorded record, as someone who despised Jews) to withhold virtually all armament shipments, even though the CIA and the NSA knew that an attack by Egypt and Syria was imminent.

When the attack finally arrived during Yom Kippur in 1973, Israel came a whisker away from falling. Nixon was so panicked by this possibility, that he ordered the single largest and fastest rearmament shipment in history. He even went over the head of his own cabinet minister, Henry Kissinger to do so.

Can you just imagine how Nixon and the USA would have looked, if there would have been yet another Holocaust, simply because the USA, and specifically, a self-hating Jew by the name of Henry Kissinger, wanted to teach the uppity Israeli Jews a lesson?

As a result of the USA “teaching Israel a lesson”, Israel was almost destroyed, thousands of Israelis were killed needlessly, and Israel opened its nuclear silos in preparation for the worst. Israel was not prepared to die without taking down its Arab enemies with it.

Israel even tried to shoot down a US spy plane which was monitoring its nuclear activities. And when Ariel Sharon saved the day by crossing the Suez Canal with his tank corp, encircling Egypt’s third army, he was ORDERED by the Americans not to obliterate them, and in fact: to let them go. Is this what the Americans did to the Iraqi army as the Iraqis retreated from Kuwait?

Even today, there are unbelievably mixed signals, double standards and massive hypocrisy emanating from the White House. It’s OK to call people, who “might” have been tied to the suicide murderers of 9/11 – terrorists, while US, British and Canadian troops hunt them down to kill them half way around the world.

But; Israelis can’t do the same with an enemy who lives on their doorstep, killing Israeli Jews, virtually day in and day out. Israel can’t even call them terrorists, because the world prefers to call them militants. How come?

Back in 1956, when France, Britain and Israel conspired to take over the Suez Canal, in order to guarantee the free and unrestricted flow of marine transportation through that vital waterway, the USA interceded on the behalf of the Arabs, forcing Israel to withdraw. This left Israel quite isolated and vulnerable.

We should all remember that not one member of the US military has ever given his/her life defending the Middle East’s only democracy. The US failed miserably trying to beat the Communists in Vietnam, Korea, Cuba and Eastern Europe. But; in the Middle East, with Israel as its proxy, the Communists were clobbered over and over again; as Soviet jet-fighters, SAM missiles, tanks and advanced radar systems were routinely defeated by Israeli troops.

It is believed that the last major war fought between Israel and Syria, during the time of the Lebanese invasion in the early 1980’s, was more or less the turning point in the beginning of the decline of the Soviet Union. Syria and Israel fought the largest tank battle ever, setting the Soviets latest technology against the latest in US technology; buttressed with Israel’s high-tech input.

The Soviet tanks were plastered. As were all the Soviet jet-fighters which faced the American jet-fighters piloted by Israelis. It is also widely believed that much of the command and control of the Syrian military was run by Soviets, as were many of the jet-fighters, which were actually piloted by Soviets.

After this altercation, two things happened. The Soviet Union commenced looking more inward, and began to leave the Middle East. From there, they took a pounding in Afghanistan, and then in Chechnya. The Wall fell, and the rest is history.

Had it not been for the many lopsided Israeli military successes, as the American government’s surrogate, against the Soviet’s Arab surrogates, who knows what might have happened. Perhaps thousands of Americans would have died fighting the Soviets or their Arab proxies in the Middle East, while doing whatever they could to keep the Soviets from cutting off the flow of oil, and/or the Suez Canal.

Nonetheless; the USA is playing footsie with Israel’s right to self defense. If it were not for enormous US pressure, Israel would have already creamed the terrorists and re-occupied all of the land from where the terrorists hail. They would have also either killed or exiled Arafat. And in my own mind’s eye, I really don’t see much difference between Arafat and Bin Laden. Both of whom are leaders of terrorist groups.

Also; remember the Gulf War; as Iraqi missiles were falling upon Israeli soil, the Americans ORDERED Israel not to respond. More than that, every country in the world was invited to participate in the phony coalition. Every country but Israel.

And to further slight Israel, every allied country was given the electronic transponder codes which identified an aircraft as a “friendly”. Every country other than Israel. Therefore; if Israeli jets were to be scrambled to retaliate against Iraq for bombing its cities; there was a better than good chance that the Israeli fighter-jets would have been shot down by “friendly” fire. Some great friend huh?

Even today, when the USA begged the world to form a coalition to fight terror and terrorist groups after 9/11, Israel was studiously invited not to join. Even though nations that support and harbor terrorists were invited.

We can not ignore the unquestionable fact that the people who are currently running the White House have an unhealthy personal interest in the oil industry. And that includes the President himself. And if push ever came to shove; these men would screw Israel over in a Texas heart beat.

I have never believed that George W Bush was anything more than a figure-head president, selected to front some very powerful and possibly evil people. And the more I see and hear him stumbling all over the board, the more I fear for the worst of total abandonment of Israel over the flow and access to oil.

I am also terrified to believe that there is no real central command through an honest to goodness Commander In Chief. The world needs unbelievable leadership from the top, more today than at any time in my personal memory. Maybe even more so, than the Bay of Pigs fiasco in 1962.

I firmly believe that the people of the USA are generally better than their government as a whole, very much like the Canadian people and our government. But; it is the government, the lobbies, the PACs and the special interests which choose the marching songs. Right now, the USA is marching along with Israel. But who knows what’s going to happen – not if; but rather when, they change the tune.

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  1. Howard,

    I’m busy preparing for a Seder, and told my FB friends I was off till tomorrow. After reading your commentary, I am sending it out immediately cannot wait till tomorrow, as you are so forthcoming, and explicit and truthful, I cannot wait. Thank you friend for a Stellar commentary I have said it many times and will repeat again “i don’t know what we would do without you”!

    Shirley Friedman -California

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