What Part Of: This Is War – That The UN Does Not Understand?

Peace will only come to the Middle East, only when the Arabs start loving their children as much as they hate Jews

Stop the press! . . . Stop the press! The UN has yet again condemned Israel. Now ain’t that a shockeroo?

The UN has yet again condemned Israel for fighting a WAR in self defense. This is the same “peace loving” UN which has recently given their WRITTEN approval for the Palestinian Arabs to use “whatever means” necessary to win their homeland.

Since I have not read, seen or heard anything to the contrary, I have to believe that “whatever means” are necessary, also includes suicide homicidal murders.

I won’t labor the point, that the UN is mute when it comes to condemning the Arab world for atrocities committed against Israeli Jews, since this is one of those self-evident facts. One does not have to be a genius or a foreign affairs minister to smell the stink of anti-Semitism emanating from the bowels of the UN. Especially from the UN represented by much of Europe.

Everyone is decrying the “MASSACRE” at Jenin. However; there seems to be one little problem. No one can seem to find any proof of a massacre. But that hasn’t stopped the UN, Canada’s foreign affairs minister, and our most important Parliamentarian, Svend Robinson from continuing the accusation.

“Chairman, President, General” Yasser Arafat, the murderous little prick, along with his pals such as Saed Erekat, have repeatedly said that the Palestinians were at war with the Israelis, every time Israel responded militarily to an attack on their citizens, usually by calling a half hour in advance to warn the Palestinian authority that they would be blowing up a building to express their anger, Arafat called it war.

Warring factors do not usually call up the enemy to announce, a half hour before an attack, when, where and how the attack will be waged. However; Israel’s actions, after each viscous and deadly assault on innocent Jewish Israeli non combatants were designed to send a very clear message to the Palestinian Authority. “We can get you, and hurt you, anytime, and anywhere we want. But the Palestinians were either too stupid to believe the message. Or they thought the Israelis didn’t have the balls to follow through. They were wrong.

What the Palestinians were not wrong about, was the inevitable reaction of the UN. Terror works. Kill Jews, lots of Jews. And in the process, invite a massive retaliation with the full knowledge that the UN will intervene to force the Israelis to make concessions. So far, the jury’s out. But, given past performances, the UN and their anti-Semitic supporters will try.

Any country will take just so much, until it reaches its limit. I contend, with 100 percent certainty, that no other country on this planet would have taken what Israel has had to endure, for more than two years with the kind of restraint Israel has shown. Countries have blown each other to bits for much less.

For the UN and other kiss-ass do nothing countries like France and Canada, to mercilessly criticize Israel for defending itself, is not just the height of hypocrisy, but the height of cultural bias. In plain-speak: Anti-Semitism.

There is no society I am aware of like the Middle Eastern Arabs, who prefer to lie to each other, and to themselves, rather than see and accept the truth as it is. Only the Palestinians can murder innocents in cold blood, and blame their victims. Only the Palestinians can reign terror upon a civilian population, and then scream bloody murder when they’re punished for it.

More remarkable than the Palestinians for their unmitigated chutzpah, are the Europeans and the UN who buy this crap from Arafat and his homicidal accomplices. Not that they believe it, but, like the Arabs, many Western democracies still harbor, and have never shed their enormous antipathy towards Jews.

Here’s the UN with its collective head in their hands, bemoaning the “massacre” at Jenin, along with the so-called mass destruction of the city. Where were these Bastards when Israeli children were murdered by the people who the UN and Europe are so upset over?

As it turns out, there is absolutely no proof of a massacre. The massive destruction was restricted to the center of the city where the Israelis met the most resistance from terrorist fighters. But, why should a little truth get in the way of fact, when it is considerably more fun to screw the Jews?

Here’s the way I see it. The Palestinians can count their blessings that the Israelis didn’t nuke the Bastards for what they had done to innocent Jews at a pizza parlor, discotheque, bus stops, Bat Mitzvah, Passover Seder, restaurant and in so many other public places.

The Palestinians should kiss Israel’s ass that even one building is still standing anywhere on the West Bank and Gaza. They got far less from the Israeli army than what they really deserved. And for the rest of the pathetic world, and UN who twist themselves into pretzels to find reasons to condemn Israel . . . Fuck them all.

Israel was created in spite of these European anti-Semites, and will continue to survive in spite of them as well. Israel will never measure up to their extreme double standards, no matter what Israel does. If Israel were to discover the cure for everything, these European Bastards would still find no shortage of reasons to hate Israel. So, why should Israel even try to mollify these international sad-sacks?

I took part in the enormous pro Israel demonstration in Montreal on Wednesday, April 17th. And what I saw and heard emanated from decent human beings who protested against terror and begged for peace. The only animals I saw, were the few young Arab toughs, dressed with Arafat style scarves, swinging their Palestinian flags while they chanted death to the Jews.

In a few days, I will be in Israel where I will plant trees in celebration of life, while doing my part to build a better Israel.

I want peace in the Middle East. I want the Arabs to stop killing Jews. I want the Arabs to welcome democracy. But; none of that will happen until the Arabs take notice of the message on one of the signs I saw carried at the demonstration which read:

“Peace will only come to the Middle East, only when the Arabs start loving their children as much as they hate Jews”.

Until then, Israel should do WHATEVER it takes to defend itself, and punish anyone, or any country that will attempt to do it harm. In spite of whatever the UN has to say to the contrary.

As a side note. When some of my French Canadian neighbors learned that I was on my way to plant trees in Israel, they couldn’t wait to ante up the money to plant a few of their own. Actions speak much louder than words.

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  1. Dear Howard & Anne,

    As you again celebrate Passover, may I suggest that you read Romans chapter 11, esp. vs. 26. Putting politics aside, God cannot, WILL NOT revoke or change the promise made to Israel. Keep faith.

    Shalom, John

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