Much To Do While In The Promised Land.

I am extremely pleased at the response I am receiving from yesterday's editorial concerning the Galganov Memorial Solidarity Grove.

I don’t intend to waste any opportunity while I plant my trees in Israel. I will visit as much of the country as I possibly can. Including those areas considered most contentious. And I will report back live.

Stirling Faux, of CKNW Radio in Vancouver, is syndicated live across Western Canada every Saturday and Sunday. And while I am in Israel, I will be speaking with him live on-air, Sunday the 28th of April for at least one hour.

I am more than somewhat fed up with the slanted, inaccurate and incomplete news reports we hear and read from the “journalists” who are on the scene.

Too many of them portray the Israelis as the big bad military machine that is destroying whole cities. Which they are. But; what did Yasser Arafat and his cheering minions expect, when every day passed with yet another slaughter of innocent Jews; with no end in sight?

Now the terrorists, and the supporters of terrorism, and the people who cheered on the terrorists every time they successfully murdered innocents in Israel finally understand the price they have paid for their obscenity to humanity. And they don’t like it. And from what I can see on television, I don’t blame them.

I hope they will now come to their senses and work towards peace and stability for everyone, as soon as the dust settles, without using terror and murder as a negotiating tactic.

But until then, and now that Israel is finally fighting back, the whole world, save a few nations, can hardly restrain their disdain for Israel.

Europe speaks about national boycotts. And through the UN, much of Europe endorsed terrorism as a “legitimate” means of the Palestinian people to “win” their territory.

I want people to know the truth. To “see” beyond the violence, and know the differences between the two cultures. I promise to tell it like it is, and paint a verbal picture of what Israel looks like; from its heart to its soul.

It is interesting that one network asked me if I would mind doing a story from a Palestinian perspective. I told them to watch CNN and BBC.


I am extremely pleased at the response I am receiving from yesterday’s editorial concerning the Galganov Memorial Solidarity Grove.

I have no idea how many trees will ultimately be purchased in this show of Solidarity with Israel’s right to exist in peace and security. But; regardless of the number of trees planted, just doing something is tremendously gratifying.

When you purchase your tree(s), remember, you also get a certificate sent to you, or to whomever you dedicate your tree or trees; and a Canadian tax receipt as well.

To give you an idea of how your certificate can read:

Anne & Howard Galganov

Have Planted 2 Trees

In Fond Memory Of The Late Bernice And Israel (Eddy) Galganov

I have received several e-mails asking me how to order the trees. It’s easy. Call the Montreal JNF office at (514) 934-0313 and order the number of trees you want, in the name of the Galganov Memorial Solidarity Grove. This will guarantee that the planting will be properly accredited.

The JNF accepts credit cards over the telephone, and will also accept cheques in the mail.

I am hopeful, that once I get to Israel, I will be able to communicate to the Israeli people, that North Americans care. And in their moment of concern and support, they have planted many trees, to grow strong and tall in the land of Israel.

And while broadcasting as a guest on Stirling Faux’s syndicated radio show, which is heard throughout Western Canada, I will make this appeal once again, to plant trees in Israel.

As much as I am looking forward to this trip to Israel, I am looking far more forward to my next trip, when everyone could be living in peace, and the Palestinians could be spending as much energy building their new country, as they have been in trying to destroy Israel.

Who knows; maybe one day, the Palestinians will want to plant some trees of their own?

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  1. Tracy, Howard did NOT omit that Israel spies on the US. He actually said so at the end of the fifth (5) paragraph. 🙂
    One must read and understand what one reads instead of having a closed mind.

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