Where Are The Freedom Fighters Now?

The terrorist pukes aren't nearly as tough as they try to appear to be, when they have to shoot at men and women who are only too obliging to be shooting back.

Where are all the gun toting hooded Palestinian “freedom fighters”, who routinely show up at Palestinian funerals to shoot their AK 47’s into the air when no one is there to shoot back?

These hooded thugs have been strutting their stuff for the longest time in the safety of their territories and narrow winding alley-ways. And at every event where they were safe from reprisal, they shot off their mouths as much as their Kalashnikov machine guns, daring the Israelis to come out and fight.

And now that the Israelis have finally told the rest of the world where to get off, and have answered the call of the Palestinian “tough guys”, where the hell have these “oh so brave freedom fighters” gotten to?

If you watch any of the network news broadcasts, you’ll see them hiding in the alley-ways and homes of civilians, or holed up in the Church of the Nativity. You’ll see them anywhere but facing the Israelis mano a mano.

And instead of hearing these murdering crud challenging the Israelis, as they are wont to do from the safety of a Palestinian funeral, now all we hear are the pleas of their leadership for the big bad Israelis to cease and desist.

The terrorist pukes aren’t nearly as tough as they try to appear to be, when they have to shoot at men and women who are only too obliging to be shooting back.

This reminds me of the bravado we heard from Saddam Hussein who promised the “mother” of all battles if the Americans attacked. What we saw instead, was the “mother” of all defeats. Yet; Hussein managed to twist his enormous humiliating loss into a victory.

And when the Israelis finally decide to leave the territories and the cowering Palestinian “freedom fighters” behind them, these same yellowbellies will come out from under their rocks and once again shoot off their AK 47’s into the air while they claim a huge victory.

Even president, chairman, general Arafat the weasel, will come forward after the dust begins to settle down, as a “HUGE” Arab hero, simply because he survived. This seems to be the Middle Eastern Arab’s way. Pick a fight, cower when it comes, crawl out from under your rock when the threat has passed and declare voctory.

I also find it interesting how the entire Palestinian population has been cowed into living like roaches in their homes as Israeli troops make their way through their towns.

Where are the street jubilees with the defiant singing, dancing and throwing of candies in celebration because a Jew got killed? Plenty of Jewish soldiers are dying in this Israeli offensive. How come the Palestinians aren’t out in the streets celebrating as they do when there is no one to take them to task?

I actually feel guilty, only because I don’t give a damn about these Palestinian “victims”. They have had more chances to make something of themselves than any other community in the “third world”. The USA pours in financial support to these people, as does Europe and some Arab countries. But; somehow, beyond explanation, they just fritter it all away.

It’s hard to feel any sympathy for people who dance in the streets at the deaths of innocents. It is impossible to feel regret for the plight of people who teach their children, form birth, to hate another culture. It is hard to feel any remorse for people who send their children to murder others, and extol gratuitous violence.

But; more than all of that, it is absolutely impossible to feel anything but absolute derision for people who send their children out to die, as they themselves hide like terrified rats, as they do whatever they possibly can to stay out of harm’s way.

Israel’s invasion of the territories has had many positive effects, with the most positive being, that I am no longer worried that the Arabs can do anything more than kill “some” Jews from the shadows. This offensive has once again proven that the Middle Eastern Arabs are nothing more than blowhards and cowards.

And if nothing else, the Palestinians have paid a significant price for acting like savages, with the clear knowledge that there will be far more to come if they do not change their ways. Maybe, just maybe, one of them will come forward as a real leader and find an alternative. For them, there might never be a better time.

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  1. Howard——Ditto to Linda Gommel’s comments above. She is right on target!

    Pauline M. Demers, Woonsocket, RI

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