Anti-Semitism Is The Order Of The Day From Countries Which Should Know Better

Israel's greatest threat is coming from an increasingly and overtly anti-Semitic world. Especially from countries who should know better.

It is very unfashionable to even whisper the words anti-Semitism when describing a Western democracy’s policy concerning Israel. However; sometimes, that seems to be the only explanation.

Israel’s greatest threat is coming from an increasingly and overtly anti-Semitic world. Especially from countries which should know better.

Had the Americans been repeatedly “hit” by an enemy like the Palestinians, as the Israelis have been, there would be no negotiations, no restraint and no mercy. The Palestinian territories, for all practical reasons would have ceased to exist as an autonomous or even semi autonomous region, after the USA would have finished with them.

And it would not have taken the Americans 18 months to finally decide that enough was enough. Just look how the Americans dealt with Waco Texas, Ruby Ridge and the Taliban/Al Qaeda.

Canada, sent in tanks and troops to Oka Quebec, as a result of a short gun battle between the Mohawk Indians and Quebec’s police force, instigated by the Quebec Provincial Police. One cop was shot dead. By whom? No one has ever discerned. He might even have been felled by “friendly” fire for all we know.

This crisis began when a small band of lightly armed Mohawk Indians, whose great crime was to occupy land they felt was sacred, and belonged to them. They decided to stop a land promoter from building a golf course on their ancient burial ground. And instead of working things out, the Quebec Provincial Police attacked with all guns blazing.

Canada didn’t hesitate from sending in the big guns to wage war against men, women and children holed up on that pathetically small spit of land. There were no negotiations, no cease fires, nothing until the Indians totally surrendered. Canada would not negotiate under the threat of violence. But; that is exactly what Canada wants the Israelis to do. Yet, the Mohawks were not going out to kill non Native Canadians wherever they could find them.

The British have also been anything but kind and gentle with IRA members and IRA suspects and supporters.

I listen as hard as I can. But; I can not hear anyone in the West; from either Europe or North America saying boo to the Chinese, who routinely imprison, torture and murder their own for political purposes. Not to mention China’s death-hold on Tibet.

So, why Israel? Why has the world come out swinging at Israel when they close their eyes to regimes that are brutal and despotic to the core? Certainly, it would be no stretch for Canada to come out in total condemnation of the way the Arab Islamists treat their women. But; heaven forbid that Canada should say anything negative about a misogynist system that is equal to slavery in the 21st century.

Why have we not heard Canada’s newest Foreign Affair’s Idiot, Bill Graham, come out in condemnation of the cold blooded murder of at least 11 Palestinians, at the hands of Yasser Arafat’s thugs, for “purportedly” cooperating with the Israelis? Yet, we hear no end about the big bad Israelis killing Palestinians in running gun battles.

How come it is no big deal for Arabs to slaughter Arabs in cold blood; but it is the crime of the century for Israelis to kill Palestinian murders in the heat of battle?

Where is Canada’s indignation concerning our own troops in Afghanistan, who by their own words are seeking out Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters in order to KILL them? What the hell did these people ever do to Canada for us to hunt them down like animals? Not to suggest that I think the USA is wrong in their pursuit of these savages, nor Canada’s support of the USA. I am just amazed at the double standard.

There is just one conclusion that I can come to. During the periods of pre World War Two, during World War Two, and Post World War Two: Canada’s OFFICIAL policy regarding Jews; NONE ARE TOO MANY, hasn’t really changed all that much.

I fear that Canada’s Middle East position is nothing short of a continuation of this policy, with variations from more than 60 years ago. And if you look at what is happening throughout Europe, especially within France, where Jewish institutions are coming under violent attacks, nothing much seems to have changed in the world mind-set since the Holocaust.

To be Jewish in much of the world, and particularly, to be Jewish in the Middle East, seems to be in itself a raison d’être for double standards, and the most unfair of treatment from most of the world at large.

I suggest that Canada, and other countries such as Canada, who turn their collective back on the most beleaguered democracy in the entire world is practicing nothing short of anti-Semitism.

It is clear that the world’s Jewish population has done remarkably well since the Holocaust. We, as a religious and cultural community have excelled in the arts, sciences, humanities and business. We are also politically active and influential beyond our numbers. But; we have also made enormous contributions to the world in all of the aforementioned categories which equally exceeds our numbers.

If it is due to our success, or to the impression that we are over-achievers as an identifiable people, that so much of the world treats us with different standards, it is wrong.

The world should apply the same standards to the Jewish, yet secular democratic state of Israel, as it does to all other nations. Anything less can only be construed as anti-Semitic. Canada should clearly rethink where it stands on defending a fellow democracy compared to a Palestinian thugocracy.

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful article. I too am a born again Christian with a love for the U.S.A and Canada and Israel a modern working of the Hand and Will and Love of God our Creator. No greater love has a man than to lay down his life for his friends As we give to others the Love of God is present here in this world and we make the world a little better by each act of love and random kindness no matter how seemingly insignificant.

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