Israel Should Hit Back, And Hit As Hard As They Must

As a secular Jew, living in a North American context, I am aghast at the level of world-wide anti-Semitism and hypocrisy.

As I am writing this, Israeli troops are fanning out in the Palestinian territories, Ramallah specifically. The reason; to do what Yasser Arafat couldn’t do, or wouldn’t do: stop the murdering of Jewish Israelis at the hands of Arab terrorists.

Also, while I am writing this, the UN, the voice of the third world and assorted despots, has once again voted against Israeli Jews. This time, their resolution demands the immediate withdrawal of Israeli troops from the Palestinian territories.

Not only the Arabs; but the Europeans with a vengeance, and even the USA voted for the Jews to leave the Palestinian territories at once.

As a secular Jew, living in a North American context, I am aghast at the level of world-wide anti-Semitism and hypocrisy. Five armed Arab fighters were killed in gun battles with the Israelis when Israel invaded Ramallah after the Passover Massacre. Several dozen Arabs were wounded, most of whom were belligerents. And a couple of buildings were either damaged or destroyed as a result of the fighting.

And because of this, the world convenes an EMERGENCY session of the UN Security Council to do something to control the Israelis.

On the first evening of Passover, 21 Jews were killed at supper by a Palestinian suicide terrorist. This is more than 4 times the dead at Ramallah. Except; these victims of violence sat at a Seder table armed with nothing more than dining cutlery. The hotel, where they were murdered, was also badly damaged. And the wounded Jews numbered more than ten times the number of Palestinians wounded in Ramallah.

There is another significant difference. The wounded Palestinians were either armed belligerents, or accidental victims who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The murdered and wounded Jews happened to be intentional targets.

Where was the call to convene a UN EMERGENCY Security Council meeting to make the Arabs stop killing Jews?

The silence of the world, when it comes to Jewish blood freely flowing in the streets; at pizza parlors, discotheques, shopping centers, bus stops and Passover Seders at the hands of murderous Arabs is deafening.

However; when Jews decide that enough Jewish blood has been spilled, and they will do whatever it takes to put a stop to this obscenity, because the rest of the world won’t lift even a finger to help, then it becomes a reason for the UN to once again condemn Israel at the Security Council.

The Americans have flown half way around the world to get at a group of terrorists who attacked the USA, even though the USA was attacked only once on American soil within the last 8 years. Yet; that was enough for Uncle Sam to unleash a humongous on-going military operation which includes carpet bombing, daisy cutter bombing and all-out assaults on the ground, and from airborne gun-ships and fighter jets. All the while, invading the sovereign country of Afghanistan.

The Americans will not take an attack on their sovereign soil lightly. And most of the Western world decided not stand idly by while America fights these terrorists. There are British, Australians, Canadians and others who are doing battle on behalf of America, all the way in Centra Asia, because America was attacked on its territory. And countries that are not directly involved in the fighting, have supported the USA in other significant ways.

But; when Jews in Israel are attacked and murdered day in and day out at the hands of Arab terrorists; not only does the world not come to Israel’s aid, they condemn Israel for fighting back. The USA was hit on one day. Israel is hit everyday.

If the UN can seriously demand the immediate withdrawal of Israeli troops from the occupied territories, then it should demand no less from the US from Afghanistan. It will be argued however, that there is a friendly government within Afghanistan which welcomes the US. But; that friendly government only came into existence after the Americans wiped out the government that was there before.

Therefore; having the USA vote for Israel’s immediate withdrawal from the territories is the height of hypocrisy.

I listened to the volumes of news media streaming from the Middle East and beyond. Virtually all of it anti-Israel. Most of which condemns Israel, as much as it does the Palestinians for the violence.

According to just about anyone who we read or listen to from the media, or from an assortment of governments, it is of course Israel’s fault that Arab suicide murderers are killing Jews. After-all; Israel is occupying “their” land. Why it is “their” land is still up in the air. But; nonetheless, the occupation of “their” land is more than enough EQUIVOCATION, for the on-going murder, maiming and terror of Israeli Jews,

I contend: if Israel was a non Jewish country, the world wouldn’t give a damn about the Palestinians or anything else that is happening there. Just like the world didn’t give a damn when the Iraqis and Iranians were slaughtering each other in the hundreds of thousands during their war. Or when Saddam Hussein murdered as many as 5,000 Kurds with poison gas. Or when Hafez al Assad of Syria murdered as many as 30,000, and maybe even more of his own countrymen in Hamas. Or when King Hussein of Jordan killed thousands of Palestinians as he drove out more than 100,000 in September of 1970. Or when the Lebanese were murdering each other during the near total destruction of Beirut.

But; let the Israel’s fight for their very existence and survival in a sea of Jew haters, who exhort their populations and children, to know, that killing Jews is a wonderful and noble enterprise; the world can’t find enough ways to condemn Israel.

I heard Connie Cheung blame Ariel Sharon for this violence on CNN, saying that since he became Prime Minister, the tit for tat violence is ever escalating. Connie Cheung should have stuck to doing fluff interviews.

The reason why Ariel Sharon became Prime Minister of Israel is because the suicide bombers, and murderous terrorists began escalating their war against Israel after Yasser Arafat walked out of the Camp David peace talks, when Ehud Barak, Israel’s most dovish Prime Minister offered the Palestinian people more than they ever dreamed possible.

Sharon was elected Prime Minister of beleaguered Israel because of the relentless terrorist attacks against Israel, at a time when Israel was in the process of trading land for peace. Including a shared capital within Jerusalem. To suggest anything else is either an outright lie, or extreme ignorance from “journalists” who should know better.

The world body, including the USA, cares about the Arabs for one reason and one reason alone. Wealth through oil. Take away the oil, and the world would not give a rat’s ass about the vile people who surround the democracy of Israel.

Before the Israeli Knesset decided to invade Ramallah and take Arafat out of the action, in order to either kill or capture the people responsible for the torrent of terror against Israel, it was open season on Jews. Now perhaps, if the price for killing Jews becomes so extreme, maybe the Arabs will think twice before they murder Jews at will.

Israel is not secure in the Middle East because the Israelis have shown weakness to their Arab neighbors. But; just the opposite. Every Arab nation understands what the consequences are of attacking Israel. Therefore; no one attacks. Now is time for the Palestinians to understand the same thing.

And when the Palestinian Arabs finally get the message, that killing Jews is going to bring them extreme misery, eventually they will stop. And if they don’t stop. Israel would then be well justified to keep the land they want, and cut off the Arabs from even coming close to entering Israel with a huge no-go zone.

And even with that, when the Arabs decide to hit Israel, Israel should hit back with at least ten times the response until the Arabs either figure it out or have nothing left with which to attack Israel.

And as far as the condemnation from the rest from world is concerned against Israel, including from much of Europe. Up theirs. They still haven’t come to terms with their complicity in the Holocaust. And another Holocaust wouldn’t be any big deal to most of the rest of the world anyway. After-all: the Israelis – they’re only Middle Eastern Jews with no oil.

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  1. Howard, I, too, have bonded with an opposite in many ways. She is doctor’s daughter, I am a coal miners daughter. She is Jewish, I am Catholic. She is adopted, I am not. Etc. We have been soul sisters for about 20 years. After the death of her parents she became a member of our household. My point is–we all have the same color blood in our veins, we all hurt alike, and the only thing that really matters is that we were both raised with the same set of VALUES. Thanks for the reminder.

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