Palestinians Murdering Their Own Seems To Be Alright With The Western News Media And The UN

Imagine how the world, and the international news media would have been all over the Israelis if a Palestinian was publicly murdered at the hands of Israeli troops.

I saw images on my television screen of a Palestinian man being dragged through the street by a rope tied to his ankles. He was reported to be dead, and was visibly quite bloodied. The news announcer described it as a public execution of a Palestinian, who was found out to be an informer to the Israelis.

Several aspects of what I saw were terribly curious.

First: This was not an isolated incident. The Palestinians have been beating, torturing and murdering their own for the longest time. Those of course who are suspected of siding with Israel. But; it has never been a very big issue. Not with the Western Media, nor with the UN.

Second: Why did I see this report just once? Shouldn’t this image have been a lead news item everywhere? And often.

Third: Imagine how the world, and the international news media would have been all over the Israelis if a Palestinian was publicly murdered at the hands of Israeli troops. The world body would have had a major collision getting through the doors of the UN building, in their mad scramble to condemn Israel in a vote probably led by Canada.

Fourth: How come the Western news media reporting this incident made the unequivocal statement that the dead man was an informer to the Israelis? How come the media didn’t use the word “alleged”? After-all; even a known hit-man found standing over the corpse, with a smoking gun in the “suspects” hand, surrounded by dozens of witnesses, is accorded the status “alleged”, until proven otherwise.

Fifth: In Israel; there are humongous anti-war, anti-occupation and ant-government movements. Yet; there is no violence against dissenters. Even some members of Israel’s military are refusing to serve in the “territories”. But; no one is killing them. Privately or publicly.

Sixth: The only Israeli, of whom I am aware in recent memory, who was killed for his political beliefs by another Israeli, was Yitzhak Rabin, who was gunned down from behind, by a Jewish fundamentalist, who is now behind bars. And will most probably remain there until the end of his life. As it should be.

Israelis were not out cheering in the streets at the death of Rabin. A man loved by many, disliked by many, and hated by some. Virtually; all of Israel looked upon this patricide as a horrible thing, and a scandal which rocked the very foundation of Israeli culture, society and humanity.

Seventh: Why is it, that the world news media hide these Arab Palestinian atrocities? Or worse yet; tolerate them as if they are an acceptable price for fraternizing with the Israelis.

Eighth: How can Israel make peace with people who openly murder their own for having dissenting views, or wanting to speak with Israelis? Is this how a “civilized” society conducts itself?

Ninth: This brings me back to the Western news media and the UN’s bias. If Jews were to behave anything like the Arab Palestinians, there wouldn’t be enough news time to focus on the “ugly” Israelis, and there would not be enough paper at the UN to create all the documents of condemnation.

But; since its only Palestinian Arab’s beating, torturing and murdering other Palestinian Arabs: no problem.

Tenth: If you were Israel, would you be keen to trust those who could so wantonly murder their own? Something to think about – Eh?

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  1. Howard, thanks, again for such a powerful message. You are so right — values are the base upon which all our actions are taken; good or bad, and it is important that we all recognize that fact.

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