To Be A High Ranking UN Functionary, Should Require A Certificate Of Incompetence

So, now that this "paragon" of international virtue has declared that Israel is "illegally" occupying Palestine. What is there left for Israel to do?

Kofi Annan, the Secretary General of the United Nations has passed judgement. And has found Israel to be guilty of occupying Palestinian lands. Not bad for a guy who is supposed to sit as an impartial mediator.

If he’s so quick to be the judge and jury to rule against Israel, where the hell was he when the Hutus killed 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus? Wasn’t it the UN under Kofi Annan’s leadership which ORDERED Canadian General Romeo Dallaire, not to engage, even though Dallaire begged to intervene and stop the genocide? You bet it was.

Subsequently; General Dallaire retired from the Canadian military and had a nervous breakdown.

Based upon Annan’s track record; how secure would you feel as an Israeli, having to depend on a person who was part of an administration which ordered the world to turn its back on genocide?

So, now that this “paragon” of international virtue has declared that Israel is “illegally” occupying Palestine. What is there left for Israel to do?

Kofi Annan has said everything there is to be said about Israel’s position within the Middle East. If Israel now refuses to surrender the land they claim they legitimately possess, as a result of the “Six Day War”, they will be in flagrant disregard of the UN’s Secretary General’s edict.

So what choice does Israel have? Kofi Annan has taken away any and all negotiating assets Israel had. So, for Israel, there is nothing left, but to either walk away from the land they fought and died for, which no more belongs to the Palestinians than it does to Kofi Annan. Or to ignore the UN.

If I had a vote; I would vote for ignoring the UN. After-all; the UN has been sticking it to Israel virtually from the day Israel was created.

To the UN, Israel appears to be all things evil. It must be, since every UN Middle Eastern resolution passed, seems to condemn Israel for this or that. Yet; I am unaware of any UN resolutions passed which condemn the Arabs for killing Jews.

So, what is the UN going to do to Israel, if Israel simply ignores yet one more UN insult or condemnation? Pass another resolution to condemn Israel? Big deal.

Let the Arab world, which is so interested in killing Jews, understand that Jewish life is just as valuable as any other. And the price to pay for reigning terror and death upon Israel is a price so steep, that not killing Jews would undoubtedly be a far better alternative for them to follow.

Until then, what should Israel care what an organization like the UN has to say about the Middle East’s ONLY democracy? Especially an organization, which delivered the Durban Conference on how to express one’s hatred towards Israel and Jews. And chose to have a terrorist thugocracy such as Syria, sit on the “prestigious” Security Council.

Other than to understand the true bias of the UN’s General Assembly, and its succession of “Third World” leaders against Israel, Israel should just go about its business of protecting itself in any manner that works. At least until the Arab world understands, that they have more to lose from killing Jews, than not.

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  1. So much wisdom in few words…what a breath of sanity. Thanks

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