The Western Media Is As Anti-Semitic As They Can Get Away With

As a Jew living within Canada, I have been quite sheltered from anti-Semitism. But; I can not ignore what I see, read and hear from the rest of the world.

“IT’S open season for Jew-bashing in the West at the moment. As the Middle East’s only democracy is subjected to wave after wave of vicious terrorist attacks by Palestinian gunmen and suicide bombers the pious West and the sanctimoniously ‘liberal’ Western media lay the blame firmly where it has always lain with the Jews”

“Sunday Irish Independent Newspaper – March 10, 2002”

As a Jew, I am really beginning to feel the insecurity and angst my co-religionists must have felt throughout Judaism’s history of anti-Semitic violence.

As a Jew living within Canada, I have been quite sheltered from this reality. But, I can not ignore what I see, read and hear from the rest of the world.

If I have one passion, greater than virtually any other, it is following the news. With the two recent technological advancements of the Internet and Satellite television, I can instantaneously know what people are thinking and saying worldwide.

That’s one of the reasons why I have included MEDIA LINKS on So you too can have easy access to the media worldwide.

What I am reading, hearing and seeing from the Western media; Europe in particular, is nauseating. Especially from the BBC, where the smug, condescending, sanctimonious and patronizing “journalists” roll their eyes and sigh at the appropriate time during their story delivery, as they explain the equivalence of Middle East violence.

They can not say that the Palestinians are murdering Jews in Israel, and leave it at that. What they do say, is that Israel must ratchet down the violence. That both sides must reign in their extremists and get back to the negotiating table.

They conveniently forget, while Israel was negotiating in good faith, Palestinians were murdering Israeli Jews, as Arafat shrugged his shoulders, as if to say: What can I possibly do?

And if the Palestinians would immediately stop murdering Jews in Israel, Israel would stop going after the Palestinians responsible, on the West Bank and in Gaza.

And why do the Western media think that Israel’s Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, was asking too much by requiring 7 days of peace from Palestinian killers, before he was willing to go back to the peace talks. A requirement for “quiet” that he has just dismissed.

The Western media is constantly in search of ways to offer balance of culpability for the violence in the Middle East. And in doing so, completely trivializes the fact, that Israeli civilians are being targeted for murder by Palestinians.

Ariel Sharon has said it very clearly. If Israel makes the price of Palestinian terror so high, perhaps the Palestinian terrorists will either stop killing Jews by their own volition, or the Palestinian Authority will finally say enough is enough, and force the Palestinian murderers to cease and desist.

An entire Jewish family gets blown to smithereens while enjoying a night out. And the Western press report it, as yet another attack in Israel. Ho-hum.

Meanwhile; Israeli soldiers kill a civilian in the heat of battle, or shoot up an ambulance in the middle of a firefight; and the whole Western media world can’t wait to showcase how utterly horrible the Israelis are.

Not to mention that the Palestinians use ambulances to move terrorists and transport arms. Or, that Palestinian terrorists locate themselves and their munition dumps within heavily populated civilian areas.

If I had just one “evil” wish for the people who are so critical of Israel’s right to survive. I would wish for them to have to deal with this type of violence, Israel faces 24 hours per day.

Imagine if British citizens were routinely blown up while they enjoyed an evening out at a restaurant, or stroll on a mall, or stand at a bus stop. I wonder how sanctimonious these Western media Bastards would be then?

Would the Western Media be so quick to be seeking equivalence between their civilized society, and the animals who would be targeting their children, parents, siblings and friends; to be murdered and maimed, day in and day out?

Would the Western media labor to find justification for the ruthless murderers, who are willing to die in the name of their sick religious values, just to take others with them on their way to their own cultural hell?

Some of them would. But most would be screaming at their government to do WHATEVER is necessary to defend the population. ANYTHING!

If the shoe was on the other foot; and it was England being attacked everyday by the IRA or a Scottish Liberation Movement, the Western media hypocrites would want to pound the perpetrators into dust. It is not as if Britain was ever kind, gentle and understanding to the IRA.

After the Nazis were well on their way to being defeated, the British bombed Dresden relentlessly, to the point that very little survived in that city. The bombing was aimed specifically at civilians; for no other reason than to punish the German people in retribution for the Nazi bombings of London. This was Churchill’s revenge.

This might be old history. But; the fact that it was “only” a few years ago, that the British decided to erect a statue in honor of Air Chief Marshal “Bomber Harris”, for carrying out the carnage, says a great deal about British and Western sentiments to “innocent” casualties of war.

The bombing was conducted on February 13, 1945, not long before the unconditional surrender of Germany. Even though this was 57 years ago, from the date of this editorial, and in spite of pleas from Germany not to honor a man with so much blood on his hands, the pleas fell on deaf British ears.

It is estimated that more than 50,000 non combatants were killed during this attack. Some estimates have it as high as several hundred thousand. And who knows how many people were wounded, maimed and orphaned.

So; it’s quite alright for the British hypocrites to “recently” honor a man responsible for the “needless” but intentional genocidal murder of so many people. But; not for the Israelis to target legitimate killers of jews who hide amongst their own civilians.

It is strange, that I have never heard any reference made by the Western media to the fact that there are more than one million Palestinian Israeli citizens. And that these Israeli Arabs are NOT being killed by Israeli Jews.

In fact, the Arab Israelis are free to live as any Israeli citizen, even though their Arab brethren are busy killing as many Israeli Jews as they possibly can.

I wonder if the Western media could possible guess how long the life expectancy would be of a visible Jew living peacefully anywhere in the West Bank or Gaza?

This is a very unfair world, where bigots and Jew haters specifically, seem to never really go away. They only become more sophisticated and politically correct.

A week or so ago, I was in a general store near where I live, when an old geezer wanting to make conversation with the owner of the store and myself, asked if we heard the one about the constipated Jew? I looked at him and said: “I was Jewish, and would like to hear the joke”.

I thought he was going to crawl into a crack in the floor, where I am certain he belonged. He said: “Oh, never mind, it’s not that funny anyway”.

“No”. I insisted. “I could use a laugh. Let’s hear it”.

“Some other time” he said. And walked away.

I didn’t say anything to the owner of the general store who was visibly embarrassed by the incident. I didn’t have to. His friend had said it all.

One of the two differences between this old bigot, and many within the Western media, is that he lacked their sophistication.

The other difference during this exchange, was that I didn’t smile graciously as if his remarks were no big deal, as many do in the face of an anti-Semitic western press.

It is a big deal. And people who think otherwise, are either anti-Semites themselves, ignorant of what anti-Semitism is, or just plain ignorant of the truth.

Mean-spirited racial, religious, cultural jokes and biased reporting are nothing to laugh at or passively ignore.

Israel is not a lily-white, pure as the wind-driven snow country. No country is. But, it is certainly not deserving of the biased media-bashing it receives either. Especially as its people are being targeted for murder. Day in and day out.

The Western media bias against Israel is nothing more than a veneer of anti-Semitism. And in some ways is far more frightening to me, than the Islamic and Palestinian enemy, which are far easier to identify and combat.

More blood drips from the fingers of the elitist, polite and politically correct anti-Semites, than from the fingertips of the thugs who respond to their subliminal bidding.

The good news, is that there are far more people in the non Jewish world, predominantly amongst Christians, living in secular nations, who more than ever before, are not anti-Semites. The world is indeed changing. Slowly perhaps. But; changing nonetheless.

The Western media, specifically in Europe, would do well to catch up.

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  1. As I recall, Ann Coulter had a great (and fitting) line that went something like “Liberalism is a mental disorder” … how very true, and how applicable to the POTUS!!

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