A New Reality The Palestinians Would Do Well Not To Ignore

What seems obvious to me, is that the rest of the Arab world in the Middle East offers a great deal of lip-service to the Palestinians. But; little else.

What’s happening in the Middle East seems to be coming to a head. One way or the other. Either the Palestinians are going to negotiate peace and stop killing Israelis. Or Israel is going to really go to war and leave the West Bank and Gaza a wasteland. The status quo is not an option for the Israelis.

What seems obvious to me, is that the rest of the Arab world in the Middle East offers a great deal of lip-service to the Palestinians. But; little else.

If Arafat is depending upon Egypt, Jordan or Syria to get involved militarily on behalf of the Palestinians. He better think again.

If the Arab World had the least bit of honest concern for the Palestinians, they, the Palestinians would not be living in such poverty and social depravation. In reality, and by action, the Arab world really seems not to want to have anything to do with the Palestinians. And why should they?

The usefulness of the “poor beleaguered” Palestinians, as an Arabic Middle East excuse for Israel’s neighbors to go to war against Israel, or attempt to force international sanctions against Israel, is long past due.

Besides knowing how to survive in “refugee” camps of their own making, and knowing how to kill Jews, what beneficial skills can the Palestinians bring to the Arabic table?

It’s not just Israel and the Jews who have had more than their share of grief with the Palestinians. Black September is all about Jordan massacring and driving them out in 1970, when Arafat tried to overthrow King Hussein. Do you think his son, King Abdullah, and the rest of Hashemite Jordanian people want them back?

The Palestinians were driven out of Lebanon by the Israelis, only after the PLO helped destroy Lebanon as a Syrian proxy of terrorist thugs, and then used Lebanon as a base from which to attack Israel. The Lebanese recently introduced a law forbidding Palestinians living in Lebanese refugee camps from ever becoming Lebanese citizens. Regardless how many generations the family has been living within Lebanon. What does that tell you?

A few Months ago, the Egyptians closed down the last of the Palestinian “refugee” camps in the Gaza Strip that is on Egyptian soil, and drove the Palestinians out. They also want nothing to do with them.

It is not as if the Arab World is waiting for the Palestinians with welcome arms. They are not. They just don’t want the Palestinian problem to become their problem.

There is also a developing new reality amongst the Arab World. Of what benefit is it for them to continue a hostile relationship with Israel? Israel has proven time and again that they are in the Middle East to stay. They have also proven that they are a viable state with an infrastructure the rest of the Middle East would give their eye teeth to emulate. Democracy aside.

Pretty soon, all the Arab states are either going to normalize relations with Israel or be content to wallow in their own backwater. But; without question, whatever they decide will not be predicated on the well-being of the Palestinians.

If Yasser Arafat is smart and really cares about his people; both attributes which I doubt he has; he would turn the energy of the Palestinian people into creating a viable society rather than a society built upon hatred and killing. But; he is not the person to do this.

Arafat is a cowardly thug who sent children out to throw rocks at armed Israeli soldiers. And after that ploy exhausted its usefulness, he publicly decried terrorist suicide bombers, as he gave his congratulations and sympathies to the families of the “martyrs”. Not to mention compensatory money.

And while Arafat orchestrated the murder of Jews and the suicide of Palestinians, he stuffed his pockets with international foreign aid money to guarantee his comfort in retirement. Which should come sooner rather than later. And preferably in a box.

Unless someone steps up to the Palestinian plate pretty soon, before Israel decides that enough is enough, and really declares war on Arafat’s Palestinian Authority; all will certainly be lost for the Palestinian people. And very few will really give a damn.

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  1. Mr. Wuench of Virginia describes the nature of the problem extremely well with his quotation. What is most disturbing, however, is that the problem is not limited to Obama and the US. We have exactly the same problem with liberal narcissism here in Ontario as she continues to drag down the economy of Ontario.

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