Canadian Hypocrisy Is Stunning – Bill Graham – Canada’s Newest Buffoon

"Canada was not attacked by anyone from Afghanistan. Nor was Canada threatened by anyone from Afghanistan. So why do we have more than 1,000 combat troops trying to kill people in Afghanistan"?

Bill Graham; Canada’s new Minister for Foreign Affairs taught his Jewish audience a lesson the other day, as he lectured them concerning Israel’s “aggressive” response to Palestinian “militancy”.

After-all, thugs who kill people in America for political purposes are terrorists, while the same family of thugs who kill Jews in Israel are “militants”. At least according to his predecessor, John Manley, who presently sits as Canada’s number two man in Parliament, as Deputy Prime Minister.

If I could ask this new buffoon, Graham, just one question. It would be this.

“Canada was not attacked by anyone from Afghanistan. Nor was Canada threatened by anyone from Afghanistan. So why do we have more than 1,000 combat troops trying to kill people in Afghanistan”?

The men who crashed the airplanes on 9/11 were terrorists. But; by what criteria, does Bill Graham define the Afghani people, who we as Canadians are trying to kill, as terrorists?

Because people support the philosophy of the Taliban or Al Qaeda, does not summarily make them terrorists. If it does, we better paint the Entire Arab Middle East as terrorists. And much of the Islamic world as well.

Since we have no direct knowledge whatsoever, that they are terrorists, we should be politically correct and refer to them as “militants”. Just as Canada does for the people who are murdering Jews in Israel.

Even though Canada was never directly threatened by anyone from Afghanistan, where innocent men, women and children are being killed as part of “collateral” damage, we are nonetheless there as combatants. And as combatants, we are just as culpable for the deaths of innocents and Islamic “militants”, as are the Americans and any other belligerent countries participating in the war.

Don’t get me wrong. I think we should be there. I think we should be beating the crap out of them, and all the others who are like them: including Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and probably Egypt as well. To mention just a few.

And if you don’t agree, just think back to the Egyptians dancing in the streets at the news of the slaughter of 9/11.

But; as usual, I digress.

If Canada can participate in the intentional killing of “militants”, and the accidental killing of innocents, half way around the world in a country that never meant us harm; where does Canada get off criticizing the Israelis, who are defending themselves against the same “militants”, who we are helping to kill in central Asia?

Except. The “militants” Israel is fighting, murder Jews everyday. And not a few thousand miles away. But on Israeli soil. Can anyone square this circle for me?

In the perverse mind of our newest Minister for Foreign Affairs, Bill Graham, it is alright for Canada to authorize the killing of thousands of people who have done nothing to us. But; it is not alright for Israel to defend itself against an army of close to one billion Islamists, who want the Jews driven out of the Middle East. Preferably in caskets.

Why did Canada join the Gulf War in 1980? The Iraqis did nothing to us. They never threatened us. Actually, they never even threatened the Americans. Yet; we sent over ships, men and fighter jets to help kick the crap out of one Arab country that kicked the crap out of another. Why? After-all; weren’t the Iraqis once our big Middle Eastern allies during their war with Iran?

Why didn’t we attack Syria, when the Syrians slaughtered as many, and maybe even more than 30,000 of their own people in Hama. As a matter of record. Canada never whispered a word of derision about this event. Why not? Where was Canada’s voice of condemnation in the UN? Did we get laryngitis that day? Or were we afraid to offend murderers?

Canada joined NATO in beating up on the Serbs as the Western world went to war against Milosovic. Why”? What did Serbia ever do to Canada? As a matter of history: the Serbs played a major role in defeating the Nazis. And than under the leadership of Tito, they did a tremendous part in controlling Moscow.

Nonetheless, alongside so many other nations, we were there killing Serbs. Many of whom, I am quite certain were innocents. Collateral damage you know.

Not that many years ago, Canada sat on its ass under UN orders not to get involved, as more than 800,000 people were slaughtered in Rwanda.

We were armed to the teeth, and could have made a difference. Instead, we watched the horror show as human beings hacked other human beings to death with machetes. Men, women and children. Why?

If we were there NOT to stop the slaughter? Why then, were we there at all? Were we there to give the impression that we cared? We were nothing more than UN window-dressing and Canadian PR. Go know we would have to do something.

By doing nothing, were we as culpable, in one form or another, as the people who committed the genocide? I think so.

Robert Mugabe is a thug and a murderer. The Western world, especially Great Britain wants him and his Zimbabwe regime sanctioned in the harshest of ways. But; not Canada.

We would rather wait and see how far he can go in his quest to destroy the lives of his people, before we aggravate other African countries who are resisting Western sanctions. It is remarkable how Canada picks and chooses who they are going to admonish. And for whom we are willing to look the other way.

Canada is all for the rehashed Saudi Peace Plan. Why should we care what the Saudis have to say about anything? They are a country of misogynists who treat women like cattle. They make billions of dollars from just one product which needs no expertise to produce. Yet; their people wallow in poverty and ignorance.

The Royal Family is as Royal as my dog is a cat. Yet; we accord The “king” and his thousands of useless “princes” such respect.

The Saudis are holding the smoking gun which the “terrorists” used to make war on the West and Israel, yet we want the financiers of terror to propose a peace plan. Why?

Don’t you think, if the Saudis really want peace with Israel, all they would have to do is say we’re at peace, and where do we locate the Embassy and trade missions? What’s stopping them? Certainly not the welfare of the “poor” Palestinians who they have shown they don’t give a damn about.

Canada, is amongst the most hypocritical of all nations. We pretend to be the good guy while we feed off of weak countries, and turn to our strong allies for protection.

It is utterly amazing how we have been able to fool the world for so long. Utterly amazing. But; one day, this kind of strategy might come right back, and bite us in the ass.

And when it does, maybe we won’t be so proud to be wearing our Roots jackets while we chant: Ca-Na-Da, just as we did in Salt Lake City.

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