The European Media’s Middle East Spin – Now that Israel Is On The Offensive

This is not a new story. There is hardly a country in Europe which does not have Jewish blood on its hands in one way or another.

I have been following the European view of what is happening in the Middle East, vis a vis the violence between the Palestinians and the Israelis. And from everything I can discern, the Europeans are quite sympathetic to the Arabs, and substantially critical of the Israelis. So what else is new?

In some respects, the Europeans are saying to the Israelis what the Moslems said to the Americans following 9/11. You’re being “hit” because you’ve asked for it, and you’ve left us no choice. Therefore; it’s your fault that your people were murdered.

This is not a new story. There is hardly a country in Europe which does not have Jewish blood on its hands in one way or another.

However; European criticism of Israel, since Israel recently decided to go on the offensive, has become far more aggressive. And what I hear, read and see from the Media within Europe: “is how Israel must pull back. And how Israeli aggression is the cause of the violence in the Middle East”.

Any half talented debater can take any issue, and more or less successfully argue its merits from either side. I have heard Holocaust deniers convincingly present an argument in favor of the Nazis, and against world claims that the Holocaust indeed even happened.

And even now, we are witnessing the rewriting of history before our very eyes, as Arab and Moslem “journalists”, mullahs, and educators lay the blame of 9/11 at the feet of the Americans; because of the so-called “root cause”.

We are told by “respectable” Arab Media, that it was Mossad, Israel’s spy agency that was responsible for the outrage of 9/11. And that the Arabs are “too stupid” to plan and executed such an incredible attack.

The Arab and Western Media released reports of Israeli troops recently wounding a pregnant Palestinian woman at a check-point. This is truly too bad. And I don’t mean it facetiously. Every time someone gets hurt, it really is too bad.

But; what would a women look like if she had 10 pounds or more of explosives strapped to the front of her waist under her dress? Would she look pregnant? And after she gets to a crowded restaurant, bus stop or shopping center, and she pushes the button; what then?

If I was an Israeli, I too would suspect everyone, and be more likely to shoot first and ask questions later. Especially, since it has now become fashionable for Arabic women to commit murder through suicide.

To me, there is no debating at the end of a gun. There is only war. If the Palestinians really and truly want to end the violence, here is the easiest and most productive way to do it. Stop Killing Israelis.

If the Palestinians didn’t kill Israeli Jews, the Israelis would have nothing to retaliate for, and the violence would come to an immediate end.

Even the very slanted European Media can not find any other way to describe the Israeli military actions as anything but “retaliation”. And the very definition of the word retaliation, demands that an action must first be committed to invite a reaction; which is retaliation. No action. No reaction. No retaliation.

If the Palestinians really want peace, security and statehood as they claim. Ending the violence would put them on the fast track to achieving all of the above. The Western world would fall over itself to pressure Israel into make enormous concessions to fill the vacuum created by the absence of violence.

But; I don’t believe for a second, that the multitude of Arabic factions in the Palestinian and Israeli dispute want peace. I think they just want it all. They don’t want Israel to exist. And peace of any kind, recognized by the free world would end their sham and make it difficult, to impossible, for them to continue their war.

And face it. Without war and hatred. What else do these violent jerks have?

Ariel Sharon has made his position absolutely clear. Give the region (Israel) seven days without violence, and he will come to the peace table. Is that too much to ask? Perhaps it is for the European Media.

But; then again, what can one expect from a Media that can’t even bring themselves to describe men and women who blow themselves, and other people up as terrorists? To the European Media, these suicide bombers, ambushers and snipers are “militants”.

Come to think of it, it’s pretty much the same way many of our North American Media describe them as well.

I guess in the end, what the Media has to say about who the players are, and in whose court the responsibility for the violence rests is irrelevant. The only relevance, will be who is left standing, and in what condition – after all the reporting is done.

In this context, if I was a Palestinian living in squalor and ignorance, I would be rethinking whether or not I really want the violence to continue; regardless of what the European Media has to say.

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  1. As always, a concise, fact-based, riveting read. My only wish is; find the technology to make these editorials go viral.

    In retrospect, the Liberals exploited the prevailing social condition; shockingly, most Americans placed “What’s cool” over track record. Regrettably, that concept clearly impacts negatively on the democratic process.

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