Quebec Is A Mess, And A Liberal Election Victory Will Change Nothing

If the English and Ethnics are "never" made to feel equal and completely welcome, they will not participate to their fullest potential in building Quebec. And they won't stick around.

Anyone who believes that a Quebec Liberal Party election victory against the PQ will change anything, is dreaming in color. Quebec nationalist blue.

The only thing I have heard of any consequence uttered from the lips of Jean, “Distinct Society” Charest, is that Canada must recognize the “Specificity” of Quebec.

Does Charest, or you, truly believe that Quebec’s “eventual” recognition as a “Distinct Society” within Canada will change anything for the better? Will this type of ethnocentric recognition improve Quebec’s general bricks and mortar infrastructure, social services, education and healthcare? Not on a bet.

I would like to believe that my thoughts and opinions are not being read by the “stupid brigade”. Therefore; I am certain that whomever is reading this editorial will remember that it was the Quebec Liberals who presented Quebec with Bill 22, its first racist language law.

Then with Bill 178, its second language law which abrogated Quebecers’ Constitutional rights and freedoms.

And finally, Bill 86, the language law that declared “Anglos” and “Ethnics” to be visibly second class citizens within Quebec.

These were not Separatist Party Québécois language laws. These racist laws were foisted upon Quebec’s population by those “loyal”, “egalitarian”, Québécois so-called federalist provincial Liberals.

Not to mention, that the last referendum (October 30, 1995), was set in motion by that great Québécois-Canadian premier, Robert Bourassa, before he died.

As I write this; a friend of mine is languishing in a corridor at the Lakeshore General Hospital, because there are no rooms available. He is supposed to be transferred to the Royal Vic. However; for whatever reason, the transfer is taking a few days to work out. The Royal Victoria, like all of Quebec’s hospitals is also under the gun. Overworked, understaffed and underfunded.

You would think that my friend’s medical problem is nothing more perhaps, than an infected hangnail. After-all; more than that would merit him some kind of a room.

But; it is not a hangnail. The man has had a heart attack. And he is spending his days and evenings in a crowded hall-way with other people who are sick, in pain and demeaned as human beings. How is Charest’s “Specificity” going to fix this?

Prior to the downfall of Napoleon, the French drove everyone out of France who didn’t fit “their” mold. The Jews, Protestants and others.

And guess what else they drove out with the minorities who were forced to leave? It doesn’t take a genius to know the answer. As a matter of fact, it was Rothchild’s money that financed the defeat of Napoleon and the construction of the British military.

And you guessed it, if you didn’t already know. The fabulously wealthy Rothchild family was one amongst the many groups of minorities forced to flee ethnocentric France. And to this day, France has not recovered. And never will.

Anne and I live a hop, step and jump from the Quebec/Ontario border. And I am never ceased to be amazed at how many Montrealers are “streaming” to this part of the world. Including French speaking Montrealers who have also said enough is enough.

Last weekend, I ran into an articulate couple of French Canadians, perhaps in their mid fifties, from Montreal, who too have recently crossed the border for tax relief and better social services.

What absolutely blew me away about this couple, was that the Husband commands a senior position working for Quebec’s Caisse de Depot. If that is not a message. Nothing ever will be.

I might move back to “Montreal” if the conditions were ever right. No more language laws. No more referendums. And no more high taxes. But; until those three issues are completely dealt with to my satisfaction, I will never move back. Besides; I am getting kind of used to the less stressful and more personally productive Ontario life.

So: until Jean “Specificity” Charest, promises to get rid of racist language laws, nothing will get fixed in Quebec.

If the English and Ethnics are “never” made to feel equal and completely welcome, they will not participate to their fullest potential in building Quebec. And they won’t stick around.

And if they do stick around, it will be because their roots are too deep, and the price to leave is too high.

I have friends who would dearly love to see highway 40 in their rearview mirror as their front tires hit the 401. But; some of them have elderly parents who they will not leave behind. And some are waiting for their children to graduate form school.

But; whether Quebec’s English/Ethnic adults choose to stay or not, their children won’t stay. And anyone who says different, is either an idiot or a liar.

It can’t possibly be just the children of my family and friends who have hit the road out of Quebec in search of greener pastures. There is no question in my mind that there is far more than a simple brain drain trickle leaving Quebec. It is a hemorrhage.

Without all the productive tax payers pulling in the same direction. Without the province building its future on the shoulders of the youth. People like my friend at the Lake Shore General Hospital, will continue to languish in Quebec hospital corridors.

And all the Jean Charest platitudes won’t do a damn thing to change it. “Quebec sait faire”.

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  1. Howard, I have observed that liberal progressives have no standards. It is what they want. 30 years ago they called it situational ethics but now we know that it is what ever the loudest liberal wants. As they have no standards (the USA and Canada were founded on Judao / Christian philosophy) anything goes and as their leadership are liberal eletes who fully believe that they are smarter than any one else (especially those yokals in the fly over states) they fully believe that they should rule.

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