Islamic Terrorism – It Will Never End Until We Make It End

I can hear the deafening silence of the Western Islamic communities, as murderers carry out their heinous crimes in the name of their God

When the Islamists murdered Wall Street journalist Daniel Pearl, for all the world to see; they sent a message civilized humanity prefers not to recognize.

They did not kill a journalist. Nor did they kill an American. Pearl just happened to be both of those things.

Who the Islamists killed was a Jew. If the Islamists want to kill journalists, they can kill at least a dozen a day. If they want to kill Americans, there are more than 300 million potential targets.

But; it was neither a journalist nor an American that was the target of this act of terror. It was an American Jew who happened to be a journalist. Guaranteeing that they, the Islamists would receive enormous press coverage for their dirty deed. They were right.

To deny that the Islamic world absolutely hates Jews, and would prefer to see Jews eradicated from the earth, rather than live in peace with them, is akin to denying the Holocaust ever happened.

How many Jews have to die at the hands of Islamists before the world listens to what they are saying, and then believes them by what they do?

The killers of Pearl made it clear who they were killing, when they forced him to admit that he was a Jew, and that his mother was a Jew as well. They didn’t ask him to confess to being an American or a journalist; only that he was a Jew. And the son of a Jew.

It is extremely difficult for people such as ourselves, who live in a democratic Western civilization, where J-walking is considered a crime, to understand the mentality of a people who find honor in murder and torture. We can not possibly comprehend the mind-set of a religious group that is raised with a fundamental disdain for all other religions, and absolute hatred toward one or more. Especially if one of them is Judaism.

I will be as succinct, as I possibly can be with no regard to crossing that politically correct line.

Islam is a religion that preaches intolerance to other beliefs, at its very best. And downright hatred towards other religions, at its very worst.

I am no fan, whatsoever; of any fundamentalist religious belief. Fundamentalist religious belief is a disease which has poisoned the well of humanity. It has created more antipathy than anything else devised by mankind. And it has enabled the sickest of minds, and the most charismatic of leaders to wreak havoc upon humanity in the name of their perverted belief.

Until such time as we see massive street demonstrations organized by Mullahs and their followers, in outright condemnation of these religious murders, done in the name of their beloved Allah and Mohammed, how can anyone not hold the majority of Moslems culpable?

It is not enough for Moslems to attend a big multi-faith “love-in” at Yankee Stadium, because of the tremendous fear of retribution after 9/11, simply to say: “hey; look at us, we’re clean”.

If the majority of people who adhere to the beliefs of Islam won’t come out in absolute condemnation of the hatred spewed by Mullahs world-wide, and the near daily murder of Jews in the Middle East, then the only conclusion one can draw is that their silence is approval.

During the Nazi era, long before the Germans started a “Jew killing industry”, the world was well aware of what the Nazis were all about. After-all; they made no secrets of either their hatred for Jews, amongst others. And ultimately their “final solution”.

Fast forward, to not much more than half a century, and we are hearing the same echos of absolute hatred coming from the Islamic world as we heard from Nazi Europe. And what is even more disconcerting, is the same indifference from the West, as was experienced during the 1930’s and 1940’s. Even after the scope of the Holocaust was revealed.

Unlike that era however; Jews today, have the security of a very professional, well equipped and highly motivated military which is capable of self defense and outright attack.

But; just like the Nazi era, the Western world is saying to the Jews: “Don’t worry, be happy. It’s really just a passing thing. Everything is going to work out”.

One Holocaust is more than enough. However; that said: there is absolutely no security in having the biggest stick if you are unwilling to swing it. And it appears more than anything, the world; especially Europe will do and say near anything to keep the Israelis from swinging that stick.

I believe the Islamists when they say how much they hate Jews, and how much they would like to kill all of them.

I believe the Islamists when they take to the streets in celebration every time a Jew is murdered by one of their “martyrs”.

And I can hear the deafening silence of the Western Islamic majority, as murderers carry out their heinous crimes in the name of their God.

But; this is not 1930/40’s Nazi Europe, where more than 6,000,000 innocent and unarmed people placed their trust in their own government(s), and in the good will of the West.

This is 2002, where more than a handful of people within the Jewish community understand that evil did not die with Adolf Hitler. Nor did it go away with the new information technology. It has simply morphed into a different form.

Nonetheless; this fundamentalist evil, is as hateful, hurtful and harmful as it ever was. And not to stand up to it with absolutely everything we have, is nothing short of inviting disaster to befall all of us.

Basically; we have a simple choice. We can either fight them here and now on “our” terms, when we have the advantage and can survive their vile by beating them into the 21st century of humanity.

Or we can do battle with them on “their” terms, and hope we can survive.

And if you think that I am being an over-reactionary. Just tell that to the nearly 3,000 souls who perished on 9/11.

And the 6,000,000 who died at the hands of a “civilized” culture not much more than a half a century ago.

And the “tens of millions” of others who were also slaughtered because they too couldn’t believe that there could possibly be so much evil within humanity.

I for one believe the Islamists. And I take them at their word. If they can do it to all of us, they will. And that option is a non starter . . . NEVER AGAIN!

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